Alliance's official website reported that old-school charity tournament in Houston this week

New York Yankees busy representations "Romantic Swordsman" Cliff Lee (Cliff Lee), "the son of New York," Jeter (Derek Jeter) and the "patron saint" Rivera (Mariano Rivera) contract to, voted to send the left provided Special (Andy Pettitte) yet to decide to retire or continue to work hard next year. But the old school has made clear that, if the decision not to retire next year will be to determine the last 1 year of his career because he wanted more time with the baby stay with three sons.

According to the Alliance's official website reported that old-school charity tournament in Houston this week, when the trend next year, said he has not decided, there is no set timetable, but he stressed that if the play, then next year, it sure would be his career the last 1 year.

"I am now careful evaluation, it is important to listen to the voices from the heart, after all my 10 years in baseball all the effort, the feeling of family has been neglected too much, I hope to spend more time with them." Pettitte said.


National League winners: Catcher - Atlanta Braves McCann

That army award, the tiger old coach Li Lan said: "I think this year he was the best hitter the league, winning deserved." Cabrera hit rate of 3 percent this quarter, 28, 38 runs, 126 RBI, won the AL RBI king.

National League winners: Catcher - Atlanta Braves McCann (Brian McCann) (4), first baseman - St. Louis Cardinals "Resident person" Pujols (Albert Pujols) (6), second baseman - Marlins ugra (1), third baseman - National Xinma Man (Ryan Zimmerman) (2), shortstop - Los Angeles El Toro Wieruszewski (1), outfielder - Rocky Gonzalez (1), Milwaukee Brown Brewers (Ryan Braun) (3), Cardinals Halladay (Matt Halladay) (4), pitcher - Brewers Gula Duo (Yovani Gallardo) (1).


Olsen back on the court this year

Olsen back on the court this year, though, but the season or because of a shoulder injury and missed 2 months of the time, as Olsen other times the performance of the season is not very good, for a total of 17 games, 15 games out of the race was starting, 4 wins out of 8 vote defeat, 5.56 ERA, performance worse than the Marlins period.

As for English, another lefty, although the down to 3A, but he will become a free agent. English opening quarter of this year, had to get into the national list of 25 people, and as a cow corner, but the lefty in the game 7 game 7 of the farm owner to vote, after losing 3 points to 3A at the end of April he was sent to .

English as a cow is still in the 3A pitcher out of the race in 16 games pitched 2 wins and 1 defeat, 5.03 ERA results, but in the end of July because of left elbow during surgery, so the announcement ahead of the season for reimbursement.


MLB World Series third, back to the Texas Rangers at home

MLB World Series third, back to the Texas Rangers at home, sweeping away the haze of 2 games before the losing streak, relying on two key home runs made, defeat the San Francisco Giants, whistle pulled one back for 4-2; in 7 4 wins series race war, chasing wins, 2 to 1 defeat, which is the Rangers into the military 50 years, the first World Series victory.

Live broadcast: "American League champion Texas Rangers." This is the Rangers 50 years, conducted the first World Series at home, 2 away before the Rangers game losing streak, not the same back home, half of 2 Board, 2 out captured one, third base, turn to 9 bar rookie first baseman Mitch Moreland hit, Morerland belted three-run homer, 3-0 lead, the audience rose to applaud the fans landlords, poor first 2 games against the Rangers, Find a home seems to feel, strong rods have to attack. Slugger Josh Hamilton, 5 Council under fire again, this solo homer for the Rangers leading 4-0, the fans more excited about receiving the ball, win the American League Championship MVP, Hamilton, is also out of the fight against bad the first 2 the haze, to show fight fire. Rangers starter Colby Lewis, can effectively block a giant hit, the first 6 minutes without conceding a Council, only 7 and 8 Top of Board, were the giant's Cody Ross and Andres Torres, hit a solo full of all base hit, Lewis pitched 7.2 Bureau, only lost 2 points, win the game, the playoffs this year, record of 3 wins 0 lose. 9 Top of the Terminator Neftali Feliz bye strikeouts, and closing the Rangers to a 4-2 win over Giants, former U.S. President George W. Bush was the Rangers boss, also witnessed the first team in the history of the World Series victory, the Rangers record also level the wins, 2 lost 1.


Strong cast Pettitte New York Yankees (Andy Pettitte) whenever the last two years to end the season

Strong cast Pettitte New York Yankees (Andy Pettitte) whenever the last two years to end the season, then the message loud and clear thinking about retirement, this season is no exception. The "New York Post" columnist Xue Germain (Joel Sherman) that, while not that old school jersey hanging over the meaning of quarters, but in an interview revealing the intention to bid farewell to the number of pitches in this.

"New York Post," that, although the Yankees side said that Pettitte did not hear the news considering retirement, but yesterday's interview after the game, how many can sniff in the offseason like to bid farewell to old-school flavor of course. Xue Coleman noted that the past Pettitte topic of retirement has always been to "talk about after discussions with his family first" response to the media yesterday, but unexpectedly abnormal, "When I sat in the lounge after the exit, I began to think something I love this team, where team-mate. "

Xue Coleman said, in recent years, like old school spread the news of retirement, usually do not mind, "because I do not know the probability, Pettitte will eventually because the bonds of friendship and money, give up the idea of retirement, but after Yesterday's interview, see his face, hear his response, I'm not so sure, perhaps he really determined to not be shaken. "

Pettitte in 2008, quarters, and the conditions for renewal until the evil empire by the end of January 2009 was finalized, signed a one year 5.5 million dollar price tag (up to 450 million dollars with another incentive clauses), and then became the Yankees in the quarter World Series title won one of the key hero, so he immediately early December last year, and the evil empire 11,750,000 dollars a year to renew the contract.


American League Championship Series today (16) open play

The Yankees have several left to lay hands on the Rangers pitching staff in some adjustments to increase the two left-hander to the bullpen, to strengthen the "diamond wire," the pressing force.

American League Championship Series today (16) open play, the Rangers play special forces left for the Yankees lineup on the arrangements for the names appear in the Division Series with the list, but did not get chance to play right-hander Dustin Nippert and the infielder Esteban German out of the Championship Series list to empty out the location of the two left-hander Clay Rapada left and Michael Kirkman.

For such a schedule, the Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said: "We think this is the best arrangement. Each choice will bring different results, but these players can make up less than the remaining part of football, and to allow head coach have more flexibility in using the bullpen. "


Cliff Lee 2 games in a row at least 10K

Cliff Lee 2 games in a row at least 10K, no wins wins four dead and help the Rangers scored an unprecedented American League Championship, the Rangers next goal is the Yankees, and the 9-game losing streak to the playoffs a shame the snow.

1996,1998,1999 Rangers in the playoffs, but after winning the first battle in 1996 and subsequently lost all 9 of war, and opponents are the Yankees.

Looking at the major league playoffs, only the Twins even tragic than Rangers in 2004, after the Yankees beat the district playoff opener was out of 3 games losing streak, after which the playoffs, including 3 times this year, is fighting 9 to ink. So far a total of 4 times in 2004 playoffs, the Twins lost and 1 win in 12 straight games of 12 stages, of which 9 came from the Yankees lost.

American League Championship will be the Saturday (16) broke out, Lee will break only 3 days in the case of registration plate remains unclear, if the Rangers let Lee normal rest on his behalf until next Tuesday (19th) the first 3 war, that is, 5 days off before playing, which is really in terms of Rangers is a big variable.

Early and sweep the Twins, the Yankees do it is to Yat for the next hard-fought battle, and the old one-sided results carefully to right, starting the first 3 kit is still a CC Sabathia, Andy Pettitte, Phil Hughes, AJ Burnett 4 launch war , just made the cut are still eligible for the assessment of Rangers.


Hamels Overall the number of 119 ball with the ball

Reds full field of 44 599 fans, today (11) is a heartbreaking day for the third war Phillies starting pitcher Cole Hamels throws a shutout victory in complete, the rate of 2 to 0, the Phillies swept the Reds, become the National League's first advance to the second round of the team.

Hamels Overall the number of 119 ball with the ball, including 82 strikes, only to Reds hit five scattered hits, and the other has soared from nine strikeouts, though not with the content of Big Brother Roy Halladay in the first war-free than hits, but close enough for the Phillies.

Brilliant starting pitching, the Phillies lineup is also the first game to play, hits and Placido Polanco on second base rod, two out after Ryan Howard hit a supplemented, Jayson Werth then hit a grounder guerrilla direction, Reds had won a Gold Glove shortstop Orlando Cabrera bad happened, so Polanco easily back to the first points.


The second key battle in the Second Board under the old-school to let the Twins caught scoring opportunities

Strong career playoff wins up to vote Pettitte (Andy Pettitte) really deserved reputation, continued today in the New York Yankees led the Minnesota Twins vs. guest, pitched 7 game only to lose 2 points in eye-catching performance of the entire mad with wire knocked 12 hits in the fire, so evil empire whistle to defeat the Twins 5 to 2, 2 to 0 successfully grabbed the first round of the license to listen to advantage.

The second key battle in the Second Board under the old-school to let the Twins caught scoring opportunities, was Yonge (Delmon Young) and (Jim Thome) series of knock out hits, and then by Valencia (Danny Valencia) fired a sacrifice fly back to the runners, so the team behind the first two cities to 0 to 1. Fortunately, in four innings, the Yankees rely on Glenn Anderson (Curtis Granderson) reaching base hit open offensive, then pull Xue Tucker (Mark Teixeira) and A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) than the number of tied together at once.

The last of five, Berkman (Lance Berkman) from the "before" people bitterly Pavano (Carl Pavano) knocked the hands of a solo shot in mind, not only very happy the Yankees top, but also to help the team down to 2 to 1 ahead of the Twins. Although Pettitte in the sixth inning, the mistake was Hudson (Orlando Hudson) Hui Qiao counter was a solo shot, and being chased into a 2 to 2 tie situation.


Although he completed the task on 8 and 9 but was Kelly on the promise

Although he completed the task on 8 and 9 but was Kelly on the promise (Ryan Kalish) and Hall (Bill Hall) knock hits, and they continue to push forward with the speed, the last sacrifice fly ahead by more than a few, leading the Yankees not only lost , also become backward, Rivera was also recorded on a rescue failed.

And 9 under the ocean Jikan Nuo (Robinson Cano) then score the equalizer, but unfortunately not back again offensive. 10, the Glenn Anderson (Curtis Granderson) and Gu Dena (Brett Gardner) are on base, followed by Derek Jeter (Derek Jeter) was intentionally walked, forming the bases loaded. While the Red Sox catch a first scoreless outs, but Hideki Okajima threw goodbye Quedui Miranda walks, the Yankees avoid being swept at home, hard won victory.

Today the two sides have missed the Terminator, Rivera swallow rescue failed the 5th season, it is September the 3rd, and the Piper (Jonathan Papelbon) is the 8th season rescue failed.


St. Louis Cardinals strong cast Wainwright (Adam Wainwright) 25

St. Louis Cardinals strong cast Wainwright (Adam Wainwright) 25, Taiwan time registration plate against the Chicago Cubs force, starting 6 Board, only lost 1 points to lead the Cardinals to 7:1 victory, won 20 games Wainwright wins, but also the first three major league win this season 20 wins pitcher, grabbed the opportunity to the throne of the National League Cy Young Award.

Cardinals Craig (Allen Craig) on a Board, slamming left field three-run homer for the Cardinals the victory lay a foundation, the audience hit nine hits, but the firepower concentrated in the former Bureau grabbed all 4 Field 7 points; the Cubs offensive dispersed audience, although six hits, but only by a Manny Ramirez (Aramis Ramirez) at 2 under Board knocked from the hands of Wainwright's solo shot, scored the only points.


Torre (Joe Torre) and the New York Yankees broke up

2007 quarters, Torre (Joe Torre) and the New York Yankees broke up, but also because in 2009 a book with the general manager Cashman (Brian Cashman) reduced the relationship between the freezing point. Quarters may retire this year, Torre, Yankee Stadium today to participate in return for the late George big boss (George Steinbrenner) erected a monument in Monument Park ceremony, and Cashman embrace aside all the pains and sorrows past.

Yankees in July this year the death of the boss erected a monument ceremony held today at home as scheduled, which in addition to the fans, then the team down with opponents outside of the Tampa Bay Rays in the field, the former head coach, is Rendao Qi Zong Jiaotou Torre also in person to participate and express the gratitude George passed away the big boss, "10 years of cooperation, which is hard to avoid when the disagreement, but if not he given the chance, I do not have space to bring up the cause." As in 2009 and Cashman Center under the Department of knot, also retired on the eve of Torre has a good ending.


The win for the Yankees in the American League East

Major League Baseball MLB New York Yankees (Yankees), today Corntown stadium (Camden Yards) 11 to 3 win over the host Baltimore Orioles (Orioles), Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia) 20 wins to become the first pitcher this season.

The win for the Yankees in the American League East, continue to half-game ahead of Tampa Bay Rays (Rays).

Shabaxiya 7 strikeouts four batters in the Council, was knocked seven hits, losing 3 points, 1 walks. This is the first time he won 20 games a season.

Yankees fired a total of 13 hits today, Gelandesen (CurtisGranderson) and Cannone (Robinson Cano) were belted a 3 points and 2-run homer.


The Twins once again display its power wire at this time in taking advantage of five other pitchers for walks

The Twins once again display its power wire at this time in taking advantage of five other pitchers for walks on a fielder's fielding errors with the first to Cundall (Michael Cuddyer)'s sacrifice fly back to 1 minute, and then rely on the two sub-Yonge lay the foundation gun wins, 2 to 6 to widen the gap with the White Sox.

Unexpectedly, another Pavano situation, under the sixth inning was Boxinsiji (AJ Pierzynski) and Ramirez (Alexei Ramirez) has hit solo shot, put on "Back-to-back", was again under the bar with batters hit the base hit, so that coaches can not watch the Twins for his fate.

But taking over the rescue could not stop the bleeding and then off points in due course, making the Twin Cities and remaining 1-point lead; Fortunately, the Twins bullpen to stabilize the station even if the foot, plus the nine innings, and Cundall and Tuo Bote (Matt Tolbert) timely wave, helping the Twins swept the White Sox to win 8 to 5 nearly 12 games out of 11 race wins; and Pavano are lucky to win 17 games (11 lost), the current defense rate of 3.60.


Padres to win this crucial game

Padres to win this crucial game, bullpen also picked out with a starting pitcher Luebeck (Cory Luebke) 4.2 Board voted only to be pounded 10 hits and lost 4 points off the stage, five relief pitcher to lead to the Terminator Bell (Heath Bell), he does not live up, won 41 games this season successful rescue, the rescue were also broken for two consecutive quarters Bell 40.

Los Angeles cleric blocked the 10 game winning streak, but also for themselves in the National League West to keep the position, the current leader of the giant second half, while the third Rockies, is 2.5 games behind the Padres margin of victory.


For the first 9 points of a gap between the losing battle to the dissatisfaction

Fenway Park staged a "fireworks show," Red Sox wanton and five home runs in the audience, not only blown up by 11 to 5 light, leaving Tim Wakefield for the Red Sox won a victory in the history of the oldest pitcher to vote.

For the first 9 points of a gap between the losing battle to the dissatisfaction, the Red Sox game on in this vent them altogether, the whole 5 red to prevent gouging, which Marco Scutaro individuals to contribute to double-bang, while Adrian Beltre, David Ortiz and Victor Martinez and so also have strong long-range firepower to fight demonstration, making a guest of light was too confusing H, and fans entering the ballpark of the landlord is joy.

Continuation of the previous war crazy knock 14 points of touch, light in a start there are scores of revenue, Evan Longoria knocked in the first Board sacrifice fly that lays 1 minute, BJ Upton is swept out in two Council on 3 guns Help light shines in Boston once, but the visitors never thought about, happy hours soon past.


Lester Red Sox starting to cast 6 Board 10 strikeouts three times four or bad

Although the Bureau of the light 7, taking advantage of the Red Sox bullpen after Lester exit the confusion and put more than pinch meritorious deeds to three hits and three walks scored 3 points, it is still difficult to catch up with the Red Sox. Red Sox 7, under Board Adds 1 point, and closing on a 12 to 5 victory.

Lester Red Sox starting to cast 6 Board 10 strikeouts three times four or bad, gave up four hits and lost 2 points, scored 16 wins this season, he has voted for 3 times, starting out 10K. Starting pitcher Jeff Niemann light cast only lost 6 points to 1.2 Board exit, swallow defeat this season 10.

22-year-old Kalish played the game the number 3 hit 2 hits, plus one walks. He hit three home runs in his career, of which two are slam cannon. The previous single-season slam gun belted two Red Sox rookie, is the 1992 Bob Zupcic.


Kuo is not the first one to play with the fans

The whole process conducted more than two minutes, but the fans seemed fascinated, and just shoot the final 25 seconds of the part. In fact, pass the ball until Kuo was also the first sign for them one by one, show approachable side. Kuo performance of high-profile this season, other than race has become a focus of the movement, and he displayed such as Ichiro Suzuki as the spirit, so fans have a memorable afternoon.

9 sailors last month, the Yankees at home and war, a Long fly ball for the pick and female fans Shiqin Na (Aris Skinner) collided with and the idol out of bounds due to "accidental" touch, Shi Qinna just happy to fast crazy!

In fact, Kuo is not the first one to play with the fans, the players in transmission, 2008 Dodge Park Chan-ho still, they capriciously and the audience with music, the video was posted online.


Red hide the fast quarter ultimate weapon

"Cuban Fireball man" Aroldis Chapman really non either substance debut plate on the emission of up to 103 miles (166 kilometers) of "speed ball" to help Reds finally to 8 to 4 victory over the Brewers, leading the National League Central throne sit the more the more stable.

Red hide the fast quarter ultimate weapon, and finally today (1) debut, although home attracted only 19,218 spectators entering, but the audience is the most fortunate, because they are witnesses to the "Cuban Fireball Male "Major League debut plate, and Chapman know the importance of breaking the table with a triple-digit fastball to satisfy the fans on site, so that we see ecstatic.

8 Council on the Chapman played the first batter to face Jonathan Lucroy, career came first pitch ball to 98 miles (158 kilometers), but did not make the fans wait too long, the strength left to vote on the third ball Hurricane to 103 miles, so that the audience cheering became even greater.


People without fear or defensive line play was only 2.18 of the Cardinals ace Wright

Temporarily National League ERA champions of the St. Louis Cardinals Weienlaite (Adam Wainwright), actually in the Cardinals and Washington Nationals in a series of war last fall down! Although only the Board voted 5 Wright soared 7K, but also hit in six hits, including Moss (Michael Morse) shot a total of 2 points dropped 4 points, but the Cardinals hit line is restricted by the National pitcher only 2 points of attack, so Wright is not only Kutun defeat, but also for the defense rate Wang throne.

People without fear or defensive line play was only 2.18 of the Cardinals ace Wright, 2 Bureau in Dunn (Adam Dunn), Moss and pitcher Renan (John Lannan), under the series 3 hits and scored 2 points, while Wright After the first 3 innings by Morse to send Dunn home run attack and then fell 2 points, leaving the starting 4 5 Board lost a lost battle pitching performance.


Tony Pena 9 Bureau of ending the Orioles still let fly

Before the Battle command sweeping 11K, Jackson soared today to double-digit strikeouts, a career for the first time not only to create this initiative, is the former ace Javier Vazquez from the White Sox since the team first time the history of 3 years.

Tony Pena 9 Bureau of ending the Orioles still let fly, take over the task of reaching shutout.

Jackson not only amazing, White Sox 14, hit double Grand humiliating opponents, Alex Rios is the very highlight of playing online, 4 legs under the safety cover for fast soared back to score Juan Pierre, 8 Pierre cooperation with the Bureau has a pleasant, two-point shot icing on the cake , single-field three hits, three RBIs to create a heavy blow.

Jackson relied on strong cast, Rios hit Hao, White Sox 5 series suspension of the game losing streak. War low of 16 to 11 defeat of socks (69 wins 58 lost) to the top of the AL Central, a half games behind the Twins 3.

New York Yankees (25) to 11 to 5 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays

Yesterday, the New York Yankees (25) to 11 to 5 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays, though, and Blue Jays also fired today, 8 security, but the offensive is not consistent, with authority on good pitching and the other two home runs, including fire and closing 3 to 6 defeat, one win and 2 losses to lose this series. The Tampa Bay Rays also lost to the Los Angeles Angels 3 to 12, currently in the AL East and the Yankees shared top spot.

Wales (Vernon Wells) 4 at bats 3 hits, 4 RBIs coming down, only a thin base hit to complete the full blow, winning the team hero. Bureau of knocking his first 3 Paragraph 1 sub-base hits, 3 Bureau of H 2 min gun, 4 Bureau of the infield and then hit play, so Hill (Aaron Hill) back to home plate scoring.

Blue Jays Cecil (Brett Cecil) starting 8 7 Security Council was knocked just because Tan Musi (Marcus Thames) 2 points gun lost 2 points, and cast a 5k and two walks, but fortunately Terminator Greg (Kevin Gregg ) under the bases loaded in the 9 pm to get rid of Gelandesen (Curtis Granderson), to help Cecil hold 11 wins this season, also won his 29th save.


Run into the AL Central cellar of the Indians

Run into the AL Central cellar of the Indians, the Yankees today (27) appears to underestimate the enemy, until 8 on a stick until Curtis Granderson from the two sub-gun war situation reversed, 3 to 2 win over opponents, Lien Chan, the first three were pulled hold the event.

Began at the Yankees, Jake Westbrook but do not know, "Grateful," Diamond played line into "temporary hit line", the first fight I paid the full term expires, until the 4th Board was opened by a solo shot Nick Swisher Hu, after breaking power, Westbrook gradually "concessions", 5 on walks Jorge Posada, Granderson then knocked security, but fortunately the autumn shoulder strong character development to keep power, forward pass second base to want to steal the Granderson grief.

Indians also relied on a long break the egg, Travis Hafner 2 Board has taken the lead in the right field off firecrackers, Jason Donald 6 doubles start next is just pipe the next bar fight was assassinated due to base running mistake, so that Michael Brantley infielder choose to stay alone in first base, but supplemented Choo hit a double to escort the Indians back into a Leibao points ahead.


Gini can not wait to return to the court

St. Louis Cardinals relief pitcher Gini (Josh Kinney) Tommy John surgery in the Activity End and after rehabilitation has been prepared to participate in spring training, started his new season.

Gini in 2006, Major League, 21 games that year, voted 25 Council voted, 22 strikeouts, 3.24 ERA last year for injuries and rehabilitation, leading to the whole bathing season, and now he is still elbow bone chips But he said: "I have one hundred percent healed, bone fragments have no effect on me, now I have started receiving and passing exercises, every day will lose 150 feet away, next week I will increase to 180 feet."

Gini can not wait to return to the court, he is expected to stand in the February vote on the mound practicing in mid-March spring training exhibition game played in an official pitch. Gini in 2006 was an indispensable array Cardinals relief pitcher, if he can board the board this year, the successful season, the Cardinals bullpen could add combat capability.


New York Yankees at Tampa Bay next month to launch a new season in spring training

New York Yankees at Tampa Bay next month to launch a new season in spring training, in addition to the original list of 40 people were logged in, this year they are not invited to the list of 26 players to participate, hoping to find treasure.

The Yankees this year, new faces, new Zongjiao Tou Qiao Ladi (Joe Girardi) prepare for the big move to recruit brave fighters and look forward to leading the Yankees to play this year with new vitality.

In addition to the list of 40 players, the Yankees also invited nine pitchers, five catchers, five infielder, outfielder 7 to participate in spring training, which also includes the players the Yankees skillet Green (Nick Green) and Rui Sina (Darrell Rasner), They hope to return to the stage Yankees, spring training this year, players will compete among one another more.


Maguire accumulated 583 career home runs

Tommy Strong Hall of Fame this year, losing again break through the barrier, only got 158 votes, 29.1% of the vote obtained in the percentage of votes for all candidates ranked seventh. In addition more attention should be subject to the former Cardinals home run king Maguire, his second this year, won the candidacy, the only in the doping affair, the only off 128 votes or 23.6%, ranked ninth, did not favored by the review.

Maguire accumulated 583 career home runs, ranking ninth in major league history, in 1998 he and former Cubs home run king Sosa home run race show, all the way fierce battle to the ball end of the quarter, Maguire finally a record 70 total bases, 66 homers power Kesuo Sha, Major League history to become the most classic memories.

Unexpectedly, Maguire was the former Athletics slugger Quincey Ke (Jose Canseco) published a book named injected drugs, Maguire attended the 2005 State Reform Committee hearing to clarify he did not use steroids, even so, the image is damaged, only votes from the Hall of Fame this year, progress in the single digits over last year can be seen.


New York Yankees vice president Hank (Hank Steinbrenner) has just concluded a long holiday to return to work

New York Yankees vice president Hank (Hank Steinbrenner) has just concluded a long holiday to return to work, his first goal in the New Year is buttoned Santana (Johan Santana) in trade cases, exert its utmost determination to show.

Hank said the U.S. media today, the Yankees have made the best trading conditions, he believes the Twins will not make the final choice in the Yankees before, go to trade with another team.

Hank is still English, but with reservations, and the Yankees declined to release the ultimate bargaining chip. Yankees rumors may be from Hughes (Phil Hughes) and Kennedy (Ian Kennedy) selected from one of two rookies, plus outfielder Miguel Cabrera (Melky Cabrera) or pitcher Marquez (Jeff Marquez), and a Yankees minor league pitcher, as Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) was "not for sale."

Hank unwilling to pay more to explain, he only said: "Only the Yankees could make the Twins and Santana made the most satisfactory conditions." Media reports, two Cy Young Award pitcher Santana Lion's opening, will present six-year 100 million 20 million U.S. dollars contract, these conditions are not all teams can pay, let the rich and powerful Yankees filter out some competitors.

Yankees principal rival is none other than the greater New York area belong to the Mets, the Mets made a 5-for-1 conditions, including pitcher Peifo Rui (Mike Pelfrey), pitcher Humber (Philip Humber), Mu Victoria (Kevin Mulvey), outfielder Gomez (Carlos Gomez) and Martinez (Fernando Martinez), are young and potential players.

As for the Mets last year's rate of 2 percent against 80, to create a single-season record of 78 stolen bases shortstop Reyes, the rumor may be "coded" trading partners, but the Mets general manager Minaya (Omar Minaya) denied said that Reyes is the team "for sale", he will not trade Reyes for Santana brought.

It is reported that the Red Sox to join the ranks of Santana robbed the purpose of Tang Hunshui force the Yankees to pay a higher price, but Hank think this is nonsense. "Although this is good to get Santana De things, even if Mo Zhengqu to Ye does not matter, Yinweihenduo Bu Xiwangshiqu Hughes, Yankees fans, even with Xian situation, the next two to three years, the Yankees team will train the best pitcher Chu, Jin Nianzhe awarded young pitcher also makes people something to look forward. "


MLB Major League Baseball players today published a survey of steroid use

MLB Major League Baseball players today published a survey of steroid use, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and many other superstars have all been named, which for the baseball culture of rampant doping allegations undoubtedly sharp, the players union on to challenge this White House is also eager to learn details of the report.

Mitchell's report for two months since some of the players on the field use of drugs to enhance the performance of speculation come to an end, that baseball is widespread use of synthetic steroids have been more than a decade.

Reported that all 30 major league teams have the players to use this muscle enhancer.

Players union accused the main Xi Feier Mitchell with the report's approach and questioned the credibility of the source content, and wonder why the union has not received advance copy of the report.


U.S. Justice Department officials said today that Major League Baseball (MLB) home run king Barry Bonds used steroids as alleged in the case of the in

U.S. Justice Department officials said today that Major League Baseball (MLB) home run king Barry Bonds used steroids as alleged in the case of the investigation, lying to investigators, U.S. federal grand jury for alleged perjury and obstruction of justice charges to prosecute.
Bonds belongs in the San Francisco Giants said in a statement: "Today is a sad day for many years, Bonds is an important member of the team, but also the most gifted of his time one of baseball players."

"These are serious allegations, since the judicial process has begun, we look forward to this matter can be resolved in court."

40-year-old Bonds will be on Dec. 7 to plead, the court may in the 2008 trial.

If all were convicted, Bonds could face up to three years in prison.

Bonds's lawyer Rui Enzi, said the authorities have long tried to catch Bonds, but he was curious, what is before them now is not evidence.

Jury continues to investigate allegations of tax evasion against Bonds, but Bonds did not sue to those charges.

Federal judge today ordered the release of long-time Bonds trainer, because the Bay Area Laboratory (BALCO) case the Anderson jail.


Yankees 13, in time for the masters of catcher pshada

Torre (Joe Torre) leave the player exodus detonation wave, the Yankees have finally reached a preliminary "bleeding" action.

Yankees 13, in time for the masters of catcher pshada (Jorge Posada) into the free market prior to the four-year 52.4 million dollar cost of "interception" success, in-house under a panic situation, the stabilization factor, let pshada Beyond Tiger Luodelizi (Ivan Rodriguez) and the Red Sox Jason Varitek (Jason Varitek), to an average of 13.1 million salary to become the highest paid major league catcher.

Although the renewal message has not been confirmed Yankees baseball, but I am on the 11th pshada has hinted that the media has entered contract negotiations with the Yankees the "final stage", the U.S. media have disclosed this information, such as pshada on the New Testament through the physical examination that take effect.

Pshada, 36, 13-year professional baseball career, all dedicated to the Yankees, AL-Star team selected five times, last quarter called pshada personal records, 3 into the 38 team against the highest rate of home, 5 percent hit rate of 43 long and 4 into 26 of the base rate for both career highs.


Can not wait to return to Boston to celebrate the Red Sox in 29

Compared to a wait of 86 years to get rid of "Babe Ruth curse", this time the Red Sox are separated by only 3 years to once again dominate the World Series.

Can not wait to return to Boston to celebrate the Red Sox in 29, fourth at the World Championship battle is not dragging its feet, relying on Derek Lowe (Mike Lowell), Kai Outi (Bobby Kielty) solo shot two rounds of cheering, and the patron saint of Popper Peng ( Jonathan Papelbon) won the series 3 games, led the successful rescue to 4:3 gas to go Rocky, won the World Series four straight Gold Cup.

After sweeping the Cardinals 4-0 in 2004, the Red Sox once again the National League Championship, "winding up", down a total of four wars, the Red Sox in the scores to 29:10 Tongzai Rocky overwhelming advantage, not a little luck to win.

Also 7 wins, Rocky, Red Sox, has a different situation, Rocky to the National League wild card status, seven game winning streak reach the World Series, the first challenge of the highest momentum in team history the Red Sox poured a bucket of cold water been, Bong "Impossible is Nothing "as a standard of the Red Sox, American League Championship Series backwardness from 1:3 to open the" mission impossible ", a seven-game winning streak end with a perfect champion.

Only 22-year-old Lester Red Sox (Jon Lester) to replace the injured "Butterfly Ball Master" Weikefeide (Tim Wakefield) start registration plate, the first time in his career postseason start, Lester shows ranking officer , pitched 5.2 hit in the Council only three scattered hits and scoreless for the Red Sox victory laid the foundation.

Although the home crowd blessing, Rocky still behave like "lame", the audience all the way backward, the playoffs feel "frozen" the Atkins (Garrett Atkins) has finally returned to God, Hideki Okajima from the left hand and win outfield two points guns, Rocky chase into 3:4 only down one, unfortunately the last half Bureau Popper Pen 154 km under the speed of the ball returning empty-handed repression, helplessly watching the Red Sox to open the site in their own champagne.


Matsui has been a 5-year with his teammates loose (soil reaction) Daisuke

Matsui has been a 5-year with his teammates loose (soil reaction) Daisuke, Yokohama period is well-known college stars of tomorrow, into the Seibu after pitcher Wang, strikeout king size countless awards, most Americans impressed Mo had won the Classic last year, MVP, let the Red Sox took out more than 100 million U.S. dollars of the price, it successfully recruited.

Matsui older than the flow, and pine (soil reaction) in major league spring training stage of the blowing of the "magic ball" whirlwind rookie season pay out rate of 15 wins and 12 lost 4.40 defensive report card, the seventh American League Championship Series War steady performance, it is an important contributor to the success of the Red Sox reversed.

Four years on, this time Matsui, pine (soil reaction) is no longer wearing the blue shirt Seibu Lions, but belong to the Rocky, Red Sox, and to the World Series in their own master, clash , let sock full of variables Angeles strange atmosphere of war added.


ALCS embrace two wins and one negative edge of the Cleveland Indians

ALCS embrace two wins and one negative edge of the Cleveland Indians, home again today against the Boston Red Sox, relying on Blake's solo shot to open the fifth situation, the Indian Bureau to fight line explosion, with seven points, the final clean up of seven to three the Red Sox, just one win can qualify for Major League Baseball MLB World Series.

Two teams battle to the fifth Jushang Ban than a few still remain in the zero to zero, the first of five in the second half playing against Blake, the woman from the Red Sox starting pitcher Weikefeier the hands of bombers for the next points, followed by Ghoti Ruiz then pounded a hit to drive seven offensive.

Pei tower icing on the cake if the Indians add another home run, 44 000 spectators into a frenzied home.


Although the Yankees this season and the "performers" Scan on the nation's biggest city

Although the Yankees this season and the "performers" Scan on the nation's biggest city, crack ultra-popular topic, continuing on the 15th, according to the New York Post reported that 77-year-old Yankees owner (George Steinbrenner) wants to phase retreated behind the scenes, the two sons took over the family business.

Yankees 17, Tampa, Florida will be base camp (Tampa) meeting held in baseball, the old history of the succession of foster full participation of the two sons also will coach will decide Torre (Joe Torre) fate of, no matter how the media upon to take over candidates, the Yankees president, Lee (Randy Levine) that when the said: "The final decision on this matter is still the hands of George, who said to amount to nothing."

George Steinbrenner to 8.7 million U.S. dollars in 1973 from CBS (CBS) bought the Yankees franchise, according to Forbes magazine in 2007 the latest statistics, the Yankees reached 100 million market value of 20 million U.S. dollars, growing over 13 times, ranking the highest major league, the future succession of Hank, Hall, two brothers have been in the initial distinction, Hank will be responsible for team management services, Hall to oversee the 2009 opening of the new stadium will be the main construction.

In addition to the office and whether Torre, the Yankees starting pitcher base, Clemens (Roger Clemens), Mussina (Mike Mussina) advanced age and look how to arrange the next quarter starting pitching will also be meeting to discuss pellet The focus, "small bosses" even behind the super rookie Hank Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) transferred to start, "Joba into the rotation on the circle concerned, I am quite insistent!" Hank said.


2003 Asian Championships on the stability of South Korea's key battle start

When the Yankees series, the third war relying Damon (Johnny Damon) reverse the victory of God to a bar after the temporary decisions Torre reshuffling the fourth war, from Chien-Ming Wang has 17 years of seniority to replace veteran Mike Mussina (Mike Mussina) registration plate first issued, if the regular season record from the point of view, there is nothing wrong scheduling, and construction of earners had risen to 155 km the day fastest of the ball, only to rest three days has proved no problem, but this time kicked Torre's confidence iron, after all, Wang, Major League place a third-grader, the pressure must-win playoff experience on the people not yet mature in terms of Afghanistan, is a bit heavy, for the Yankees and the construction of earners pay a painful price.

2003 Asian Championships on the stability of South Korea's key battle start, and the 2004 Athens Olympic Games against Japan's diamond power play line, the first three quarters to a major league career, winning a total of 46 wins, Wang has been the strength of many people's endorsement But, as agent, Jia-yuan said: "The baseball is wins or loses, the construction class is doing his best." fans certainly will not abandon the Wang, but the heart even more fervently wishes that the building through the play against Indiana, Aberdeen people, "baptism", the energy in the resistance to stress and the mentality has improved, and then from the regular season's "trump card" transformed into the playoffs, "Kings", a real ACE.

Fall is the process of success is the final destination, a full quarter of Wang's dedication and efforts to bring Taiwanese fans unlimited moved, and the glory, when our "Taiwan" was returned to Taiwan, the other mean for your applause.


Have no way out of the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB) New York Yankees

Have no way out of the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB) New York Yankees, returned to the arena today, the third first-round playoff battle against fire Fortunately, the recovery team, hit 11 hits, including Damon under the lead of five The third RBI home run, and closing the Yankees beat the Indians with eight to four, the series war series at one to two behind, and tomorrow will continue to fight in the Yankees home for the fourth.

Although the fourth war, starting pitcher, the Yankees veteran Mike Mussina is still scheduled, but "no tomorrow" under the pressure, Yankees manager Joe Torre is also considering the "Taiwan Light" Wang advance registration plate, a fourth War of the starting pitcher, and Indians were scheduled to Patrizi.


Single major league record 20 wins pitcher Wang of Becket

Major League Baseball (MLB) regular season game pitcher Wang Becket, in the American League playoffs is still eye-catching performance in the first round, Boston Red Sox today for his start against the Los Angeles Angels, a non-Sisi Qiu, the audience was only scattered four hits and hit the spectacular performance of the four zero shutout Angels, Red Sox grabbed the playoffs for the first win.

Single major league record 20 wins pitcher Wang of Becket, the last appearance in the playoffs was in 2003, when the effect of the Florida Marlins in the World Series final, he also assisted the team in a shutout win over the New York Yankees , won the championship.

Angel of the audience captive Becket power, although the first bar Figgins on the first Board first fight I hit a base hit, then relying on advancing to third on two ground balls, but it is also the only time the audience captured three angels base. Becket then hold its ground, with 19 seats to solve Angels batters hit, which I first played with 15 balls strike, the audience threw 108 balls, with 83 is the strike, whirlwind out of eight strikeouts, no 4 bad.

20-year-old Becket career start four times previously on the Angels, two wins without defeat, defense rate = 点 16.


Home of the Rockies in the 13 Bureau of the big counter-offensive

National League wild card students struggle, to fight in Los Angeles with the Padres Council under section 13, 2 points behind to start a large counterattack force, Harold Day (Matt Holliday) shot tied points, and then back to winning points to help Rockies 9 ︰ reverse the air walking Padres 8, made the National League wild card status, and advanced to the playoffs.

Life in this game, two teams trying to make itself, aroused and so after the 9 regular Board 6 for the two sides tied at 6, to 13 Jushang Ban, the first priest to break the deadlock, the first name of batter Gilles ( Brian Giles) was recommended for admission, and then play the Harston (Scott Hairston), either from the Rocky 9 pitcher Julio (Jorge Julio) and win their two home runs and RBIs, 6 for 8 to obtain a leading cleric.

Home of the Rockies in the 13 Bureau of the big counter-offensive, the first hitter Kazuo Matsui hit a two-base hits in the middle of direction, then Troy Tulowitzki also hit a two-base hits, helping the team recovered a sub- , Harold Day (Matt Holliday) hit a 3-base hits in right field direction, the number of recovery than an 8 ︰ 8 tie, in the absence of out, third base was the case, Halton (Todd Helton) four balls have been deliberately send the turn of Carlow (Jamey Carroll) hit his first ball hit the right side of the fly balls, 3 bases on the red back to home plate wearing Kazakh music score, the end of this 13 Board, up to four and a half hours The life and death struggle, the clergy eliminated.


This is Bonds (Barry Bonds) in the home's testimonial

The Pavey Padres (Jake Peavy) Recent good, to help teams to 11:3 Giants win, he plays on the Giants 11, have 10 wins, 19 wins won smoothly.

27, Taipei time, the U.S. post a total of three pitchers to reach the milestone of 19 wins, were the Yankees of fans, the Indians ComforSpin that (Fausto Carmona), and Pavey.

This is Bonds (Barry Bonds) in the home's testimonial, but the number of active home run king hit 3 0 hits, even so, the audience was warm applause for his support, 43-year-old Bonds baseball 22 season career, 15 years spent in the Giants.


This weekend belongs to Becket (Josh Beckett),

This weekend belongs to Becket (Josh Beckett), the Red Sox ace right-hander in the team most needed him to come forward, today (22) pitched six Council, sent eight strikeouts, gave up four hits, lost 1 point, to help the Red Sox beat the Devil Rays, 8-1, suspended four game losing streak, also won the individual first 20 games this season.

Becket a start, the ball problems, 2 walks, and was Young (Delmon Young) hit a two-base hits, lost 1 point, but he then stabilized strikeouts off Gomes (Jonny Gomes) successfully resolve crisis. 6 Board concluded that his number has reached 113 with the ball and the ball end break, during which he threw eight strikeouts and 10 people in the fight to solve the seats, and then rely on Conservative reliever together, and fire support team-mate, full hit nine hits, including three home runs, scored 8 points.

"A lot of different people to do a lot of hard work, and large and small in the season to win the game," won 20 games in Becket to victory thanks to all people, "If I stood here, and can take away all the glory, I can not do a lot of people, I do not even know their names, from their wearing clothes since the Boston Red Sox, both coaches, trainers or players, they are in my behind in many hard work. "


Stephen Strasburg today (10) finally got his teammates fire support

Stephen Strasburg today (10) finally got his teammates fire support, the Washington Nationals beat the San Francisco Giants pitching line from hand pounded 13 hits and scored eight points, including Adam Dunn contribution to the single market Pom and closing people to beat the Giants 8 to 1 , Strasburg won the first three wins this season.

Strasburg start the last 4 games pitched 24.1 Board, ERA 2.59, but did not get the win also Kutun 2 losses due to the lack of teammates on fire support, the first 3 games, scored only 1 point the national total, 4 field Although people scored 6 points, but four points only capture the last two Board.

Strasburg another good performance today, starting 6 Board Biao 1 out of 8 strikeouts four bad, only gave up three hits, only one start by Andres Torres blasted home runs in the first fight I lost points.

At 1 under the National Bureau of relying Roger Bernadina's base hit, tied with a giant defensive mistakes. 4, under Council, Dunn blasted solo shot ahead of the students.

Under 6 Board, Dunn hit a double, followed by national elections to the two walks in 2 out bases loaded after the capture of the last weak fly ball to right field Wil Nieves back 2 points.


A Short History of experts Hom Cui Keqiang stressed the current cast is really only 4 games starting the rookie

A Short History of experts Hom Cui Keqiang stressed the current cast is really only 4 games starting the rookie, but his strength and light is let alone, "What is Star Game? Is to meet the fans are not the visual senses, as the main activities of you, Who would not want to see him with the Kitt (Derek Jeter) and A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) and other big players duel, even I want to see, let alone the fans, so wrong with that! "Hom Patrick also suggested that if the fear of affecting other Outstanding players eligible, as he put the "2010 All-Star Game last vote" list.

But in the past 10 All-Star Game, it is against the Hall of Fame star Morgan insisted that open season to date performance of wonderful players, and now also qualify in the small historical facts, "I know he'll lose, the next most likely is a great huge investment, but we can not ignore other people. "Morgan even before the Major League strikeout king Li Chade (JR Richard) as an example," I have seen JR pitching, he is more whirlwind debut plate of 15 Old Mr. Chang K, but At that time no one has hope that his All-Star. "

Li Chade for the 1970 Houston Astros ace of strong investment, not only the speed of the ball as fast as 100 miles, sliding the ball more had risen to 98 miles, or even two consecutive years had soared out beyond the 300 strikeout performance, but in in July 1980 because of neglect arms, shoulders, back and eye discomfort, sudden stroke before the competition, the Alliance was forced from the bye. Gradually recovered in the later, Li Chade find no life but the focus was once on the streets, to find faith until after the really settle down, now in the church as a pastor's work.


Rocky 1AAsheville Tourists Guosheng An today in the South Atlantic League All-Star Game appearance cast a Board

Red Sox 2A Portland Sea Dogs Team Jiang Zhixian 3 at bats today, no hits, batting average 2 percent of 15, Lin Zhexuan 4 hit number 1 hits, batting average 2 percent 54; sailor 2A West Tenn Diamond Jaxx Team Luo Guohui four at bats without hits, batting average 2 as 38; Red Sox short-1A Lowell Spinners team playing Chan Ka-kui 4 number 1 hits, batting average 2 percent; Arizona League Athletics (AZL Athletics) Pan Zhifang three at bats did not hit.

Arizona League Cubs (AZL Cubs) beat Chen Pin-Jie 4 number 1 hits today, Exposing Security Council back-2 was shot four hits and lost 3 points, was reversed, swallow defeat to vote.

Rocky 1AAsheville Tourists Guosheng An today in the South Atlantic League All-Star Game appearance cast a Board, is not got hits do not lose points; Indians 2A Akron Aeros Li Zhenchang 0.2 Board voted two hits were hit lost 2 points, are responsible for loss, ERA 5.21; Red League Billings Mustangs advanced new son Kai Chiu relay 2.2 Board was hit three hits, did not lose points.


Dodge is just not fun winning

As Kahn has been at the 5th Buddha Board Examination (Rafael Furcal), Martin (Russell Martin), Maloney and James Blake (Casey Blake) 4 hits and attacks with loss of 3 points, Kahn start just spent 100 balls 5 Board were knocked out seven hits, while striking out 6 times though, but also threw four balls and walked three times lost 4 points to become lost investment. Although Beirui Er 9 Board under 1 minute with Yang Chunmian recovered, but the win while chasing a giant Quemei or in 2 to 4 to swallow defeat, so that home runs helplessly as "Celebration" fireworks Dodge 2 game winning streak.

Dodge is just not fun winning, because they will plummet in a Bureau of star left fielder Manny Ramirez array, Manny Council on the base running in a strained hamstring tendon when there is no return to the scene after exit on. Slugger Manny Ramirez was injured Gengrang coaches worried, "first, whether or not to participate in All-Star Game, to be concerned about the current pressing problem is he can not be a race tomorrow." Dodgers trainer Kandy (Stan Conte) said.


Lin Xikang season this year, starting from a minimum of 4.2 Board

Lin Xikang season this year, starting from a minimum of 4.2 Board, on May 26 to face the national team, only to face the Red Sox voted 3 innings, also tied the shortest start of his career innings, suspended last start three straight.

Rest brilliant performance, finished 9-for-Office are only scattered five hits and win, lose 1 point, and 9 strikeouts, won 9 of the successful win, but the catcher Martinez (Victor Martinez) was a foul tip hit batters in the foot, hurt his left thumb, is not yet determined whether a race the next race.


The first time in his career vs. the Yankees beat luxury line

The first time in his career vs. the Yankees beat luxury line, Kuo undaunted, Relay 1.2 Board scoreless, but also K swap Kit with A-Rod, Dodge City pulled one back to 9:4, Kuo 12th of the season Following the success of an income.

As asked whether he expected All-Star, Kuo said: "I do not care, I can only worry about the next day ready, if it can be wonderful."

Yankees 6, Council on the capture of one, second base, turn to captain and birthday Kit, Dodge pushed ahead Kuo, Torre said: "We put on him earlier than usual, I think the Yankees meet the anterior bar times, Guo is the most suited. "

Kitt on the left to vote against this season as high as 3 in 27, Torre said: "We dare to vote against left-Kit with the situation is not very common, but I believe Kuo, we can be so used, he showed very well."


When Jake is out of forest settlement last number

When Jake is out of forest settlement last number, performed when no-hitter, his teammates hugged him happy to celebrate; for yourself the simple "magnificent feat", Jackson said, "until the end of the game, I was Field found himself voted no-hitter, I do not particularly care, thus affecting his pitching do not want the attention. "

Jackson also sent 6 Old Mr. Chang K, and 8 walks in his personal career high; in 2001, Barnett (AJ Burnett) was effective Marlins, in a battle against priests perform no-hitter, and investment a record nine walks.

The campaign starting pitcher Ray Niemann (Jeff Niemann) performance is quite good, soared 7.1 out eight strikeouts Board only lost 1 point, lost the one point been in the 2 Board Laluo Qi (Adam LaRoche) hit a solo shot Unfortunately, Jackson erotic, only bad luck; Niemann swallow lost season 2 individuals (6 wins), ERA 2.72. Jackson is 5 wins and 6 defeat, ERA 4.63.


Following the success of the national season Strasbourg

Washington Nationals first round of this year, the same has the first pick in the draft of the case, go in early June election was only 17 years old and strong to play Harpo Strange (Bryce Harper). The national level today with Harper's agent, Porras (Scott Boras) for the first time the talks, although the owner Lerner (Mark Lerner) show full confidence, but stressed that early in August there will be no pre-determined results. MLB jersey

Following the success of the national season Strasbourg (Stephen Strasburg) into the Major League baseball this year after June 7 (U.S. time) and then back to the same new division champion Harpo, and club owner Lerner today with a total Manager Rui Zuo, (Mike Rizzo) for the first time in talks with Porras. Lerner to the "Washington Post" revealed the whole meet this very well, "the boy wanted to play, I believe there will be good results, I am confident."


Warm-up performance actually does not matter how kind

Warm-up performance actually does not matter how kind, but if like Santana (Johan Santana) such "big coffee", the standard is not the same as before the New York Mets in spring training only took 6 years 100 000 000 3, 1000 7 million left to sign the Cy Young vote.

Last year, Santana was a home run in the Twin Cities have problem of excessively high frequency, and today at home against the Metropolitan St. Louis Cardinals, a Tung-Ju Shangban was expected from the veteran Gonzalez (Juan Gonzalez ) belted 3 home runs, the Cardinals are also 5-4 win over the city wrapped up.

When the game is Santana on the mound when the station, on-site fans shouted his name, his every move could bring the fans emotions, unfortunately performance is not satisfactory to the fans.


Los Angeles Dodgers today at home against the Boston Red Sox

Los Angeles Dodgers today at home against the Boston Red Sox, Dodgers center fielder Kemp (Matt Kemp) in a second half bombardment Board Red Sox starting pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka win their winning 3-base hit, and closing Dodge Red Sox to 4-0 shutout.

As the Dodgers infielder numerous wounded soldiers, guerrilla keep the Clansmen and Villager has been replaced injured veteran today, Kent (Jeff Kent) as the starting second baseman, did not make mistakes fairly competent performance, while some also play in the fight against his In the first half of play bureau, on the hands from Daisuke Matsuzaka hit a base hit, and this is the game Dodge hits the last one, then also took the opportunity to steal the second base, Clansmen and Villager hit number 1 today, 3 hits, the current counter- rate of 2 into 11, maybe second base or third base is his primary this year in major league fielding position.

Red Sox the whole game only to hit three hits Dodgers are Daisuke Matsuzaka was knocked out and he pitched 3 innings despite sending five strikeouts but walked three times is fatal to the game and let him 3 Bureau took 70 balls and then exit, then none were hit 4 hit any pitcher.


U.S. Major League Baseball (Major League Baseball, MLB) Founded in 1896

U.S. Major League Baseball (Major League Baseball, MLB) Founded in 1896, is the first of three major U.S. sports leagues, have come from 35 countries and regions around the world that good players, League 30 teams, now including the national Union (NationalLeague) and the American League (AmericanLeague). MLB League different from other countries, it is not down-level mechanism. First set of preseason games each team warm up, then the regular season. American League and the League of Nations is not independent, but there is another race. So after the regular season after the regular season the top eight for the two alliance of five games in the playoffs, hit two League Championship Finals, Finals called World War, reached the championship called the world champion . MLB jerseys


The two-day 2008 MLB games in China on March 16

The two-day 2008 MLB games in China on March 16 at Wukesong Stadium in a successful conclusion, results for the San Diego Padres to win the Los Angeles Dodgers 6-3. Olympic Stadium - the venue Wukesong Stadium, the Dodgers and Padres players left their presence.


The Detroit Tigers center fielder Gelandesen (Curtis Granderson) today

The Detroit Tigers center fielder Gelandesen (Curtis Granderson) today face the Philadelphia Phillies in the warm-up tournament play against the fourth game was the Phillies pitcher Brakeley (Travis Blackley) fast ball hit his right hand, in order to be prudent, Gelandesen X-ray examination: "To be careful I'm going to photograph children, my reaction to them tight, but I often frown, they think that just scratches."cheap MLB jerseys

This injury should not affect Gelandesen the next warm-up match is played, Gelandesen spring training, batting 3 into 06, hit three doubles, three triples, four home runs, eight RBI, run Back to home plate by 12 points....


Torre is to fly home after the race yesterday

In addition, lefty Kuo and outfielder Young (Delwyn Young) can no longer be sent back to the minor leagues, or it will be another team picked to go, Torre had not willing to give up, to ensure they make the major leagues, but there are concerns , Kuo's ERA in spring training 235, but his elbow is vulnerable teeth from time to time bombs, may not be competent relay, while the Yang Gechun hit rate of bad training, only 1 percent of 70, the team compared hope from the inside looking Clansmen and Villager Abu Rui Du Weite worry or to temporarily keep Kent at second base.

Torre is to fly home after the race yesterday, today, Dodge truce day management in the United States before the game on Thursday night to discuss the team's lineup.


Atlanta Braves has 303 wins Cy Young lefty Glavine (Tom Glavine)

Young Award winner last year, a league of Peewee San Diego Padres (Jake Peavy), is at home against the Houston astronauts ace Oswald (Roy Olwalt).

Atlanta Braves has 303 wins Cy Young lefty Glavine (Tom Glavine), return to his former team this year, tomorrow will be at home against the Pittsburgh Pirates of the Shinai Er (Ian Snell).


Diamondbacks team today to Owens (Micah Owings) start

Arizona, Colorado Rockies 3, with Lien Chan, the first battle, the Rockies were playing the landlord without any defense force, the audience only two hits, was 11 strikeouts, not at all match the Arizona team's 13 hits and closing, the Rockies to 1:8 defeat to Arizona.

Diamondbacks team today to Owens (Micah Owings) start, Los Angeles team returned to Redman (Mark Redman) start.


Mets gain another victory and to maintain full base

Mets gain another victory and to maintain full base, left fielder to send the root (Angel Pagan) hit doubles with two RBI, third baseman Wright (David Wright) and then again by failures shortstop Bulangleite on base, the Mets get another 1 minute, then wild pitch Phillies pitcher, the Mets have to attack this half Board 6 points, to lay winning foundation. mlb jersey

Mets starting pitcher pitched five Pifei Legislative Council was beaten five hits and lost 2 points and games won, lost record 1 win 0. Phillies starting pitcher Kenderuike (Kyle Kendrick) only support 2.1 Board was cast to play four hits and walked 6 4 bad, lost 7 points, to swallow the failure to vote, record a win and 1 loss.

Mets wrapped up by 8 to 2 win over Phillies won 1 in 3 with wins and 1 loss record.


Seattle Mariners at home today against the Los Angeles Angels

Seattle Mariners at home today against the Los Angeles Angels, this is two competitors in the same district for the first time this season three, Lien Chan, the first sailor to send Hernández (Felix Hernandez) on the on the Victoria River Angels (Jered Weaver ). MLB jerseys

Top 5 Board the performance of two evenly matched, sailor outfielder Yibananzi (Raul Ibanez) a Bureau of the first half of the Buddha from the hands of Victoria knocked spring home run, Hernandez was immediately in three Jushang Ban Mai Sesi (Jeff Mathis) retaliate situation got tied spring shells, but Yibananzi next four second half hit the single-field solo shot made, leading to the sailor again.


Seattle Mariners today at home against the Los Angeles Angels

Seattle Mariners today at home against the Los Angeles Angels, which is two competitors in the same district for the first time this season three, Lien Chan, the first sailor to send Hernandez (Felix Hernandez) on the angel of the Victoria River (Jered Weaver ).

Top 5 Board the performance of two evenly matched, sailor outfielder Yibananzi (Raul Ibanez) a Bureau of the first half of the Buddha from the hands of Victoria knocked spring home run, Hernandez was immediately in three Jushang Ban Mai Sesi (Jeff Mathis) retaliate situation got tied spring shells, but Yibananzi next four second half hit the single-field solo shot made, leading to the sailor again.


Recent 9-game losing streak finally ended the Washington Nationals

Recent 9-game losing streak finally ended the Washington Nationals, tomorrow will be played in New York Mets.

Nationals starting pitcher Perez (Odalis Perez) first three starts, a total investment of 14.2 Board beaten 18 hits including two home runs, lost 8 points, struck out 10 batters, threw a bad 5 4 walks record 0 wins and 2 losses, 4.91 earned run average.


Chien-Ming Wang threw only 4 Board today more than 69 cast 37

Unfortunately, today's Wang Chien-ming and the last game at Fenway Park in Wang's minds, the five Jushang Ban sent from the first play doubles Asian Capital's start was even knocked five hits, lost 3 points, the previous Field was built lock of Ortiz and Luomanruizi Aberdeen have copies 6:7 Red Sox just 1 min into recovery, but also the bases loaded, Yankees coach Qiao Ladi (Joe Giradi) a right to see the situation and put Orlando (Ross Ohlendorf) succeed, but lost 3 points, 2 of them share the Yankees in MLB jersey the construction of Aberdeen's head count, the Yankees Fandao 7:9 behind.

Chien-Ming Wang threw only 4 Board today more than 69 cast 37 is strike the ball which was hit nine hits and three walks in 2 strikeouts, ERA and lost by 8 points, a season and the worst, ERA jumped from 1.23 to 3.81.


Oakland Athletics today is the fire in the home open

Oakland Athletics today is the fire in the home open, belted 15 hits, and closing on to 13:2 victory over visiting Kansas City Royals, but also to the Royal starting pitcher Bannister (Brian Bannister, 3 wins and 1 loss) to swallow The first defeat of the season.

Bannister starting today, more than 5 Board, was pounded nine hits and lost 5 points, the worst half of the sixth inning and was knocked four hits even after the exit, reliever went on to hit in a hit, this semi-Board lost 4 points, are Bannister's ERA, so he hoped, and the Boston Red Sox's Daisuke Matsuzaka became the only two of four wins to open season 0 crushing defeat of a pitcher's dream.


Home to face Tampa Bay Rays Toronto Blue Jays

Home to face Tampa Bay Rays Toronto Blue Jays, winning the first two Rays are hoping to sweep the series at three games the MLB jerseys Blue Jays.

3 Bureau of the Blue Jays third baseman Sugutaluo (Marco Scutaro) no one out in one case with runners on third base, hit an RBI singled, shortstop Aikesitan (David Eckstein) sacrifice bunt with 1 RBI, Blue Jays 2 to 0. 3 Bureau, the Rays out of a one-person, third base was, left fielder Crawford (Carl Crawford) with a roller to sacrifice RBI.


Washington Nationals vs. Pittsburgh Pirates team

Washington Nationals vs. Pittsburgh Pirates team, four series, the first battle.

Second Board, the National Team one out of two, with runners on third base, catcher Nevis (Wil Nieves) hit a two RBI base hit.

Fourth inning, Pirates team second baseman Sang Chevalier (freddy Sanchez) hit a home run spring.

Qi Ju, the Pirates catcher domett (Ryan Doumit) spring home run, two teams of 2 to 2 draw.


Tiger starting lefthander Robertson (Nate Robertson) pitched 6.1 inning today

Tiger starting lefthander Robertson (Nate Robertson) pitched 6.1 inning today, hit 10 hits in losing four points, two Jushang Ban Red Sox on the offensive, with three hits to victory by 3 basis points, followed by Robertson's pressing force pretty good, until seven Jushang Ban Cai Bei David Ortiz (David Ortiz) belted a solo home run 414 feet away, and then Tiger replaced rookie Dorsey (Freddy Dolsi) rescue, this is his Major League debut board, immediately accepted baptism, cast the first ball was Luomanruizi MLB jersey (Manny Ramirez) belted home runs in the center field wall, about two dozen Door God I hit the home run continuously, and all season 7 hair, Luomanruizi's or 497 career home runs, from the "500 Club" and proximity to the point.

Tiger combat sluggish, so hard to wait for fire support of Robertson to swallow losing the war (won 4 lost 1), and Wakefield (3 wins and 1 loss) is won since April 20 after the first one wins.


Brewers 3 at Marlins home series Halo Lien Chan

Brewers 3 at Marlins home series Halo Lien Chan, was the home run bombers collapse Marlins, Marlins to 7-2 win Brewers, Brewers was swept.

Destroy the Brewers home run, respectively, 3 MLB jersey baseman Cantu (Jorge Cantu) in a 2-run homer the next, and catcher Cui Na (Matt Treanor) at 5 under 3-run homer, which 2 home runs a total of five RBIs.


8, 92 Bureau of Athletics Adds scored 4 points

The key game in seven Jushang Ban, Athletics Crosby (Bobby Crosby) start with Rangers relief pitcher Ghiman (Franklyn German) hand and win their doubles, and Ellis (Mark Ellis) a base An accounting for a scoring, third base, activist style all their own to launch a successful double steal, security slid into home plate Crosby scored more than 7 points ahead of number, followed by Sweeney (Ryan Sweeney) and then knocked an RBI fly sacrifice, laid the basis for victory.

8, 92 Bureau of Athletics Adds scored 4 points, including Barton (Daric Barton) 2-run homer, the game's winning pitcher was messed up the rescue has picked a lucky win Kaxi La (Santiago Casilla 2 wins 0 lose), losing the war, was Tudjman (1 win and 1 loss).


From 17 May onwards, the annual cross-League Major League game

From 17 May onwards, the annual cross-League Major League game, the Brewers will play the Red Sox for three Lien Chan series.

Brewers to Soupanh (Jeff Suppan, 2 wins and 2 losses, 4.63 ERA) as a starting pitcher, Red Sox to Daisuke Matsuzaka cheap MLB jerseys (6 wins 0 defeat, 2.45 ERA) is starting.

Soupanh major league career in 1995 from the Red Sox, 98, was traded to the Royals in 2003, returned to the Red Sox, but years of being the Red Sox traded to the Pirates team, with the Red Sox have a deep Origin


Cleveland Indians today at home against the Texas Rangers game

Cleveland Indians today at home against the Texas Rangers game, luck back to the extreme, starting pitcher Kameng Na (Fausto Carmona) is not only off the hook, but also because of injuries early exit, when in active counter-offensive, Also confiscated was a referee's misjudgment of 3-run homer, a lot of unfortunate things together, and closing to 9:13 on Lien Chan lost the first three.

Ground ball players Kameng Na no access to a Council position on the ball wrong, 2 walks plus a doubles formation bases loaded, followed by Murphy (David Murphy) immediately hit the clear base of the base hit, two out After Sheldon (Chris Shelton) in a one-base hits, RBI, Rangers lead 4-0.
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Boston Red Sox starting lefthander Liszt (Jon Lester) threw six days before the 1st major league games this season no-hitter

Boston Red Sox starting lefthander Liszt (Jon Lester) threw six days before the 1st major league games this season no-hitter, today issued the first game on the road again on the Oakland Athletics, pitched 5 Board lost 4 points and closing athlete is 6-3 with three swept out, but also gave away seven straight Red Sox.

Cancer Warriors Liszt told ESPN interview today, said his father was diagnosed last month has been lymphoma, but Liszt refrained sadness, the pitch is still outstanding, on a vote on the Kansas City Royals also a no-hitter.
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Phillies starting pitcher Eaton (Adam Eaton) 11 games starting this season

An end, the Phillies by 6 to 1 victory over the Rockies, the three series record 2 wins 0 lose.

Phillies starting pitcher Eaton (Adam Eaton) 11 games starting this season, pitched six innings, was hit four hits lost 1 point, get the first win, record a win 3 lose.

Rockies rookie pitcher Renos (Greg Reynolds) pitched 5.2 Bureau, was hit five hits and lost six points, four bad walked eight batters, to swallow the failure to vote, record 0 wins and 2 losses.

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Of five, the Orioles two outs with runners on second base

Of five, the Orioles two outs with runners on second base, catcher Kui joze (Guilermo Quiroz) a base hit with an RBI.

The sixth inning, the Orioles captured one out bases loaded, Peyton singled with 1 RBI, center fielder Jones (Adam Jones) sacrifice fly with one RBI, Kui hereby first base if hit with an RBI, Kui joze 3 4 Number of hits and two RBI hit, the Orioles team 11 to 0 lead Cubs. cheap mlb jerseys

The sixth inning, the Cubs captured no one out, second base, pinch Blanco (Henry Blanco) a base hit with an RBI, two outs, Cubs captured one, third base, first baseman Wade (Daryle Ward ) a base hit with an RBI, left fielder Patterson (Eric Patterson) a base hit with an RBI, Cubs 3 minutes recovery.

An end, the Orioles with 11 to 3 victory over the Cubs, three with 2 race wins and 1 loss record made.

Orioles starting pitcher Leeds (Radhames Liz) the main cast of five was hit four hits and lost 2 points and games won, lost record 2 wins 0. Cubs starting pitcher Macedonia, Slovenia (Jason Marquis) pitched four-inning hit seven hits and lost 7 points, to swallow the failure to vote, record 6 wins 4 defeat.


Although both the American League championship team

Although both the American League championship team, but the Angels swept the upper hand no doubt. In fact, this series defending champion Los Angeles Angels to get a great deal of power. Boston Red Sox appeared in four turnovers, had three times in the sixth. Red Sox's eight-match winning streak on the team victory in one of the oldest, and in 1961 and 1962 tied for the eight game winning streak. Wednesday, Red Sox Josh Beckett would be good to send the mound, but not useful. Angel still has two Bureau of harvest - the fourth game 3, the sixth five minutes, almost destroyed the Red Sox defense. Messersmith. recorded in the fourth with a base hit start, then. Gerui Luo a RBI hit. Next, Tory. Hunter's base hit, Anderson made the score became 3:0. Anderson gotta play again in the sixth. His hits over the right field to send Gaussian Paul to score lead to 4 points. After Beckett was replaced. Mark Takesila no achievements in the game. mlb jerseys


Zhezhi home run was No. 16 this season

Zhezhi home run was No. 16 this season, Love in the Sai Fuke section 62, tied the sailors before the second baseman Brett. Boone records. Bluff has seven career slam home run. Blue Jays said they and the sailors explored before, intends to close the transaction in exchange for Davis before, but sailors refused the deal. "I have not thought about how that incident, but my wife has been seven months pregnant, she considered that matter." Ruff said, "She considered more than I do. She is now assured. I-year-old son said Dad, we do not have to be traded. I thought, boy, how we are trading is going on? we do not fly where to go. "sailor manager said he did not know really almost lost this score maker. "I know we all know his value, the loss of such players will be a huge loss," Rui Geman said, "as he and Bell Cui. The two men are my favorite team. Unless someone great efforts, be possible to put them away from us. "They are all in this game created a lot of scoring. Bell Choi from Twins relief pitcher hands hit doubles, and Jose Lopez hit ‧ right field after a base hit to tie the game back to home plate.


Devil Rays and the Seattle Mariners recently carried out three series of the first two games

But we have elected a person, we chose him. "Rui Yasi, 38 years old, the disabled list twice this season in 26 appearances, gaining 2 wins 2 losses, 4.37 ERA rate. Last season, he had 26 successful rescue." Zhu Devil Rays good luck, "Rui Yasi said," I hope that their arrangements are correct. I will continue to go on. We will see what happens the next two months. "

Devil Rays and the Seattle Mariners recently carried out three series of the first two games, is 1 win 1 loss record, ranking second in the AL East leading Boston Red Sox 3.5 games. This is a July 7 biggest gap since.


As a manager in his 27 year major league before his angels to New York from the city

Week Toll, the first year of teaching at the Los Angeles Angels. As a manager in his 27 year major league before his angels to New York from the city, from the city to the St. Louis Cardinals, the most recent 12 years in the New York Yankee. In the 12 years of Yankee, he won the 1173 second victory. mlb jerseys

He did not much care about this landmark moment, and even making fun of it. Now he only sixth behind the 6 games. "This result only means that you are old and are still in the dry with the matter, there are people silly enough to give you back the job," Thor said, "but I'm not tired, because I often think, when I do not do this one day, and recall also very commendable. "


Niboluota play against the Baltimore Orioles in the game out of the race because of his left hand contusion

Thursday night, strong Niboluota play against the Baltimore Orioles in the game out of the race because of his left hand contusion. The third, when he was Daniel. Cabrera's fast ball in hand, the seventh to leave the race. cheap mlb jerseys

He photographed X-rays, the situation is not good. He was placed in the daily watch list. Trainers wanted him in the end after he was injured, but the 26-year-old shortstop that has been replaced Jiemikaluo pinch after retirement. He is also in the second hit from the hands of the Moroccan Gray hits.


Wakefield is not the only one in the list of injured players affect the team arrangements

Wakefield is not the only one in the list of injured players affect the team arrangements. Kevin Cash, Wakefield's catcher long as, the race time is reduced. Kesh's role into more of a traditional back-up catcher, Fulangkena said. Kesh was placed in the Sun played the Toronto Blue Jays, but Friday's heavy rains changed the plan. Kesh this should Sundays Ceray hereby catch the ball, but the list of backward rotation delay, Fulangsike want Jason grams Josh catch the ball. "I think Kesh may be played Wednesday." Cisco said.


In the Monday of the Minnesota Twins 3-2 win back to town after the hotel

In the Monday of the Minnesota Twins 3-2 win back to town after the hotel, Justin ‧ Du the Charles and no longer as free to aspire hours before starting the next. In the three series opener, he took the right hip pain after surgery to pitch 2 2 / 3 Board. When asked about his injuries are as expected, he was tactful way upstairs to pack up ready to take flight back home. cheap mlb jerseys

"It's hard to answer," he said, "I am also working to settle this established fact. Do you think the end of surgery repaired all - let alone within a year all throughout the body feel good. But now, I only hope Athletics trainers to do the right thing, now just a little inflammation, I can overcome it back up. "


Derayc play in the major leagues for 13 years

Derayc play in the major leagues for 13 years. Friday night, a swing, so he left it for future generations a priceless property. Rookie righthander Lahanmusi in the face. Leeds pitching the first time I played, he played his first 2500 hits. It was a step in the fast straight ball 93, was Jeter hit a base hit into center field.

"I want to keep consistent," Jeter said after the match, "I want to keep that up, help the team win. If you play long enough, these are achievable."


He is very good earnings in 2004

He is very good earnings in 2004, the season for the Marlins get 18 wins 8 losses, 3.00 ERA, while Pavano just 5 June 2007 elbow ligament replacement surgery recovered, but he pitched enough to only missing three of five into Yankee meritorious. cheap mlb jerseys

"I think he did great," manager Zhou Ji Ladi said, "He pitches well tonight, obviously he won for us, that is exactly what we need. He voted in five of our Board, voted in 90 balls so, he did all that we let him do. "Among the five Council, Pavano voted 91 balls, 54 for strikes.

The second game, the top three hitters in the results are doubles, walks and a base hit, three are safe back to home plate scoring. Then, two outs, Nikemaka Guise at first base against the District of Mexico pull a good one or bad one in 2 changes of sweet potatoes, after the ball swings and misses, and does not go off the stage, but on the first base, when Yang base within the field of hand and Pavano has started walking to the rest area.


Sailors suffer injuries has recently been brought to the team's grief

Sailors suffer injuries has recently been brought to the team's grief, but there are two absent players coming back. Jeffrey. Clemens played because of left knee inflammation of the absence of line for three days, it now appears the absence was temporary.

"We want him to come back Thursday," coach Jim said, "He may be playing tonight as the designated hitter. We let him do catcher tomorrow." discount mlb jerseys


In the past, if the referee group together to discuss

In the past, if the referee group together to discuss, they will follow the decision of the majority decision, if it is 2:2 level, stick to the original decision. Now, if the 2:2 level, they will look at instant replay. "If the 2:2 level, we will look at the replay, if the replay shows the results are very clear and convincing, we have to sentence according to this." Dehms said. But if there is a referee for the decision unclear, the referee will have the right to uphold the original verdict. "If there referee, I know the ball pin in the sideline at the end, I am certain, I heard and saw, and definitely is the case, then I will believe my referee upheld," said Dehms , "out of bounds, home runs, to maintain the original sentence. This is our work. I will not let managers, coaches or players bother me, I will believe my referee. if he was sure that is no doubt that we will insist, will not even go to with the replay. " cheap mlb jerseys

Although most of Dehms believe the linesman was correct, but he also knows conviction was not perfect. "Referees are human beings like everyone else," he said, "Sometimes I could not tell. Players could not tell." Referee want 100% correct judgments, with the introduction of television, you can see them most of the time is correct. However, the erroneous ruling is a long home run problem, the referee for help no problem. "That's it, we can solve this problem, we can make use of other tools," has a 24-year career Tim referee said, "If we are wrong, can be corrected. As a referee, our goal is to make judgments are correct, and do not affect the results of the competition. This is a decision tool to help us, if it can help us to correct our mistakes, that is really great. "


The second game, Will Wenapo hands from Cook hit a right field to third base

The second game, Will Wenapo hands from Cook hit a right field to third base, and then the priest with a wild pitch by the first sub. But Rocky's fight to life. Third set, Clint. Barr Smith to a one-base hits to start, and Willie. Teweiruisi hit with a RBI base hit for the Rockies got the first points. After three bars, Jia Ruite. Atkins's two-run homer to lead Rocky 4:1.

"Is to hit the ball into the air and then score," Atkins said.

Padres pitcher Dirk Black Hurst voted only discount mlb jerseys four Council, was hit five hits, threw a quarter, won four strikeouts and four walks. Priest in the third with Adrian Gonzalez of a base hit again from Cook have a point, which is lost in the final minutes Cook.


Abreu in the 1998 season 2006 season played for the Philadelphia Phillies

Abreu in the 1998 season 2006 season played for the Philadelphia Phillies, and when the team is currently general manager of astronaut Explorer Wade. As a former working partner, Wade recent interview, "The New York Times" interview, Abreu to back out of the strength of endorsement. Wade Abreu nearly 14 years that major league career, a race of 10 season more than 151 games and batting more 5 or more per year to 2 percent, "according to his performance in this, how could it now also did not find the new home, the outside world really misjudge him. "

Abreu Grab combat capabilities are the advantages of the contract, but his fielding ability is one of many teams are not too familiar. In this regard, Wade that Abreu's defense is not bad, "he really afraid of hitting the wall type of outfield defense program, but Abreu's fielding error rate per year is not high, the outside world should not take this point to criticize him defense capabilities. " mlb jerseys


Hitler to retire because of injury this

Milwaukee Brewers right-hander in 2004, the Hitler enjoyed his most healthy season. However, play against New York Mets in Monday's game, he's doing groin injuries, left the stadium early. The pitcher took only 54 balls to solve the five Board, did not lose points, was hit two. He looked in good spirits.

Match to Hitler's ERA dropped to 2.96, also got him the first pitcher to win 13. It was the fourth career All-Star players yet another record.

In 2004, after the pain throughout the body wrapped around him, including the inner ear, back, leg tendon, groin, as well as fingers. He peaked in 2004, with rates of 2.70 ERA, strikeouts walks up to 8.25:1 ratio.


Mariner history combat is also the fourth major league complete game of the second

"I can not explain it," when asked about the results achieve this rare feeling when he said, "once seen someone else do it, too cool. Before I had this opportunity, but then all failed to do so. Today, I feel great. This is a very special thing. to become one of the players to achieve full combat is really great. I am very proud. "

Mariner history combat is also the fourth major league complete game of the second. Such things happen from the last 87 years have passed. Afternoon, Diamondbacks shortstop Stephen,. Drew also achieved full combat. This is the only Sept. 17, 1920 Tigers Baobiweiqi and New York Giants of George Burns on the same day after the first full combat.


"Yankee Time" is the Torre and the United States

"Yankee Time" is the Torre and the United States, "Sports Illustrated" columnist Tom Verducci together with for, not published before the uproar noisy, many Yankees players have also come out even behind, the major said catcher Jorge Posada , "Torre in my eyes like a dad, I do not think he has anything wrong." and stayed 8 years of huge investment Yankees Mike Mussina also think that Torre's new book will not have A- Rod, or have any impact between teammates.

In addition, the general manager Cashman said, "I have good feelings between Torre and will not be reported and misunderstood." And the tribute to Joe Torre is a legendary coach, too many contributions for the Yankees. Many former players and partners and have even behind, the Yankees showed Torre in charge to arms over the past period, and the players to create very deep feelings.


A-Rod joined spring training Tuesday

Yankees spring training to start running, Girardi face a large number of media questioning A-Rod doping controversy that, A-Rod is expected Tuesday (U.S. time) for the first time held a press conference.

Most of the players the Yankees have spring training base to train, but since the doping controversy erupted, A-Rod to the current date, not yet formally appeared before the media at all. Said head coach Joe Girardi, A-Rod is expected this week, two (U.S. time) will personally report to Tampa, will be in accordance with the form of last year, Pettitte held a press conference, and Girardi, Jorge Posada, who will be accompanied by with concrete action to show support.


Rollins this season against a low ebb

Rollins Zhezhi home run, breaking the deadlock Qiju original 5:5. Qi Ju Phillies scored six points at one go, the gap had widened to 11:5, Rollins had two RBIs this Council, after he was out in full when the second base play was inconsistent body send the ball add another 1 RBI.

Rollins this season against a low ebb, the current rate is still only 2 percent against 17, but still work today, contributed three RBI. Phillies today, a total of five players with two or more hits, Pedro Feliz had five 3, and 2 RBIs in revenue.

Chan Ho Park did not fall today, Bureau of relay 2.1 points and race wins vote (3 wins and 1 loss). His backup in 7 games this season, 6 games out only 1 minute or lose points, but as a start, the defense rate as high as 7.29.


The oldest NFL player chose to play for one year

NFL oldest abandoned and the team has signed to play hand call back a season. Thursday, 44-year-old Jeff - Feagles has accepted the New York Giants to provide a one-year contract. He and former Australian rugby player Jy Bond abandoned play competitive position of the hand.

Giants Thursday also taken two other actions, signed to play the past three seasons for the Seattle free agent safety Deon Health - Grant and revocation of the Guardian to the restricted free agent safety CC Brown to provide the contract.

"We signed Deon - Grant because he was rarely injured," general manager Jerry - Reese said. "He is an experienced player, will bring us security satellite location and depth of leadership."


Cardinals signed linebacker new trouble has been arrested in California

Associated Press, the authorities said, NFL linebacker Joe - Porter on suspicion of drunken driving and was accused of assaulting a police and arrested in the central and southern California city of Bakersfield was arrested.

California Highway Patrol said the 33-year-old player in Saturday at a fast food parking lot early on and police confrontation. Potter declined to provide his driver's license and was asked to leave the car at the time of his windows shook. Police said when the police prepared to open his door, when Porter hit the hand of the police. Porter ultimately comply with the orders of the car and the hands behind his back, he and a passenger car was arrested along with.

The 11-year veteran playing recently, and Brazil's Arizona Cardinals. He has also played for Pittsburgh and Miami.


Another NFL coach for three teams also have been identified candidate

Another NFL coach for three teams also have been identified candidate, without exception, are the assistant coach did not coach experience.

Miami Dolphins team took only 11 months, nearly hit a 0-16 record in Cam Cameron) dismissal, appointment Cowboys assistant head coach Tony Sparano as head coach. It is disclosed that the contract is four years, the annual salary at between 250-2700000 U.S. dollars. He will be the Dolphins in the history of the 7th head coach. Dolphins from 1970 to 1995 25 years, only one coach, is the famous Don Shula.

Falcons coach Bobby Petrino did not even resign, step away on one end of the season. Falcons appointment has never been a head coach of the Jaguars defensive coach Mike Smith as head coach. Contract about four years, the total value of 8 million to 10 million dollars. He is well known for tough defense of the Jaguar team hero. He was also was the 35th Super Bowl Ravens defensive forward line assistant coach.

Ravens fired head coach for winning the Super Bowl, after more than Rick, but also recruited and never worked as defensive line coach of the Hawks assistant coach after head coach John Harbaugh. Ravens originally wanted to hire Cowboys offensive coach Jason Garrett, but Garrett repeatedly weighed and decided to remain in jeans, cowboy boss by crows because the offer to their pay and upgrade him to assistant coach. Crow next best thing, the selection of Haba Ge.


Packers beat Raiders

Raiders 7, Packers 38

Although there is no suspense in this battle, but the Packers score means are unique. SWAT team members Blackman a person who twice reached the end zone (video), one was abandoned in the first quarter kick back 57 yards for touchdowns to attack, once the third quarter in the Raiders end zone to grab lose the ball, homeopathic touchdowns. The other is that the ground offensive Packers won the 179 yards, running back Grant, 29 red 156 yards and 1 touchdown sprint six yards. Packers apparently drill ground offensive, in the cold climate of the ground offensive to do exercises.

Giants 16, Eagles 13

Giants made six straight away. Each time they have played at the Hawks game inextricably, recently met four times, two extra-time, two penalty shoot-out. Lay again with Burress in accordance with the touchdown. Although the outside to take over Burress since soon after the start in September ankle injury, did not participate in team training, but still able to frequently touchdowns, has 10 touchdowns for the giant's leading scorer. Giant has almost certainly made the first National League wild card. Under the current rating may be related to the Southern District of piracy in the playoffs hit.


Philadelphia Eagles one-year agreement with the defense Jiujiang

Restricted free agent linebacker Achim - Jordan and the team signed a one-year contract next season, will return to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jordan, 10 times last season for the Hawks starting lineup, with 82 interceptions and two steals. He started in 2008, middle of the season as starting defensive team until last season because of knee injury in 4 weeks.

With the Will - Witherspoon being released, Jordan may be back in the Hawks a weak position as a starting linebacker role.

6 feet 1 inch, 230-pound Jordan in 2007 from James Madison University as rookie free agent to join the Hawks.


Jets to take over temporarily from outside the legal case

New York Jets team is to take over Bulei Long - John Edwards in the absence of training for the day Tuesday, rushed to Cleveland to participate in the trial, for "disturbing the public order act" misdemeanor has no objection to the proceedings, have applied for bail after the return to training ground.

Edwards said: "Now that things have gone, I can temporarily forget it, I can wholeheartedly into Jets training, I am happy that now I can easily play." As the accused in the October 5 beaten outside a bar in Cleveland NBA star LeBron - James, a friend of Edwards in November was charged with misdemeanor assault, pleaded not guilty when he has made. Is not to defend the judge gave him a 180-day waiting period and a fine of 1000 U.S. dollars, and his release on bail not be activated (inactive), means that he does not report to the officials, the daily whereabouts, so Edwards is no longer worry about the rest of season, he said: "The decision let me free, the case will not allow me distracted, they wait for a ruling on some, in fact, is equivalent to an end, and now I can put 100 percent into the future of the game."

NFL players will follow a code of conduct to assess the behavior of Edwards, but Edwards by the federal penalties for non-optimistic, because he had no criminal record, he said: "After 180 days of probation, if I have no other bad behavior, it will not be misdemeanor penalty, Roger - Goodell will also make corresponding decisions, no matter what he decides, I support, and now he did not say anything, so I can continue to play. "Edwards had originally thought that they can be exempt on the court, but the Monday night, suddenly received a notice, you must appear in court the next day, so he was aboard the plane at 6 am went to Cleveland, the afternoon to fly back, and finally be able to catch up with the second day of training. Since being traded to the Jets since the Edwards advance the ball 35 times 541 yards and four touchdowns in the victory over the Tigers game, he caught the ball two times only to advance 15 yards.


Seattle Seahawks defensive end with the signing tap

This week, Seattle Seahawks and defensive end Daryl - tap contract, and and the starting security Wei-De Weng - Grant termination, which is the new coach Peter - Carroll and general manager, John - Schneider on the ball team continues to transform part of it. Monday's earlier Hou, took over the Seahawks and the outer Rouville - Martin signed a one-year contract, and the front end - Chris Baker signed a multi-year contract.

Tap in the second round of 2006 draft was selected Seahawks last year, he played 16 games, 49 second intercept, 2.5 sack and one forced off the ball. Hawks in the sea the effectiveness of four seasons he was a total of 18 times sack. In his Twitter account on the tap to say "have a job I like to do really is a gift of God. Always thank my opportunity."

Seattle 3 season, Grant is starting all 48 games, and his 144 consecutive games started. Grant has 78 times last season, an interception and three steals. Grant, 31-year-old next season should be four million U.S. dollars salary.


NFL labor agreement on sensitive issues Answers

To help fans better understand the NFL labor agreement and the collective bargaining process, "Sports Illustrated" magazine published an article in the form of questions and answers explain some of the issues related to labor agreements.

Q: What time will not be renewed after the expiry of collective agreement?

A: March 2011

Q: The 2011 draft still do?

A: There are

Q: What is the current labor agreement, "last season, a year"?

A: "Last season, a year" refers to the collective agreement in the last year of non-renewal of the existing labor agreement, then the final year is 2010 season, this year, beginning March 5.
Q: The so-called "last season year" and other "season," The there and different?

A: The main difference is in the "last season," The salary cap is not, and no other additional terms and free agent players incomes.

Q: The active player's well-being "last season," The effects you?

A: The player's benefits may be reduced, the players union have agreed to the season in the final years, the club can not afford a number of welfare projects, such as re-employment guarantee, the players pensions, severance pay and performance bonuses. All the clubs last season for the above project in the total spent 300 million 25 million U.S. dollars, an average of more than 10 million U.S. dollars per team.

Q: The welfare of retired players will be affected?

A: NFL president, Roger - Goodell has written to the NFL Retired Players Association executive director, said that in the last year, will not reduce the pension and disability benefits, from the autumn of 2007 onwards, NFL bosses also promised will not reduce this part of the expenditure, but also will not reduce the 88 planned inputs.

Note: The plan refers to the 88 team owners to pay annually up to 88,000 U.S. dollars per capita, as the brain can not take care of themselves with the care costs of retired players.

Q: 2010 How will the non-restricted free agent?

A: The salary cap in a season, if a player played in four years or more after the end of the contract will automatically become non-restricted free agent, in the last years of a season, a player must be playing in six years to become non - Restricted free agent, non-restricted free agent can sign with any other team, rather than any compensation to the original effect of the team.


Cleveland Browns and Anderson termination

Cleveland Browns on trade from Seattle to substitute the day after quarterback Seneca Wallace, the team gave up on Tuesday that All-Star who had a quarterback - Derek - Anderson.

Anderson came out 29 touchdowns passes and led the team created a 10 team wins six negative history records, he was elected in 2007, the All-Star team. However, since then, his promising career into a corner. The start of last season, he lost the starting position, replaced by Brady - Quinn, which he later returned to the starting lineup once again relegated to the bench. When Quinn is injured, he returned to starting position, and the Cleveland Browns won the last two games.

Anderson, now 26-year-old played in the Cleveland Browns team five seasons, he was in 2005 Baltimore Ravens selected, then traded to the Cleveland Browns. Anderson on March 19 should be given a list of two million U.S. dollars prize money, his salary in 2010 will reach 7.45 million U.S. dollars, a heavy economic burden Cleveland Browns decided to give his reasons. "I want to thank Derek for his in the past five years, the contribution for the Cleveland Browns," coach Eric Mangini said in a statement, "We asked him to do everything he did, coaching such a a competitive player is a pleasant thing. I wish him every success in the coming days. "

In 2007, Anderson, 3,787 yards passing in his 29 passing, 17 second pass on the outside to take over Bulei Long - John Edwards, this has been taken over outside the Cleveland Browns last season was sold to New York Jets. Has the strongest arm, as one of the NFL players, Anderson never failed to repeat his 2007's success. In the last season of seven games, Anderson completed only 182 passes in 81 times (passing success rate 45%) totaled 888 yards, including three touchdowns passing, and 10 steals. October 11 last year, the Buffalo, strong winds, Anderson 17 passes, only two were successful and a total of 23 yards, but the Cleveland Browns finally to 6-3 victory over the Buffalo Bill Team . Anderson's 42.1 rating is extremely bad points, starting at the Anderson Brown race record of 3 wins 4 losses. Regardless of his own struggles and those from the Cleveland Browns fans like the constant criticism of Quinn, Anderson had never complained before, remains one of the leaders as a team inside.

Last year, December 20, Quinn leg injuries, after that, Anderson return to the starter, and have achieved victory in the final two games, Cleveland Brown, a four-game winning streak ended the final game, which also saved mandji to dump to Nepal.

Anderson is likely to soon join another team. His 6-foot 6-inch height, he was young, and his strong arm, a rare enough to make NFL general managers salivate. He also had a 34 times starting experience.

For the Cleveland Browns, their quarterback for choosing the direction is unclear. Quinn failed to meet expectations; Wallace, this with the Cleveland Browns President Mike - Holmgren worked in the Seahawks players, he has a good all-round skills, but they do not see in him to the future prospects. Holmgren said last week that the team is trying to find the one quarterback, but did not made it clear that this is where the election means that the free agent or through a trade. Cleveland Browns in April's draft, there will be 11 in options, the club is likely to pick out a good player and cultivate those.


Saints "Rodeo" and write a Super Bowl Disciples

In the soul-stirring the 44th Super Bowl, the Saints team 31-17 overwhelming Colts great advantage, in addition to MVP Brisbane, the array in a number of outstanding members of generals, let us look back on their brilliant performance.

Quarterback: Drew - Brisbane

39 passes 32 successful, distance 288 yards, two touchdowns, the data very well, taking into account his audience is very precise and stable pass, especially after the three passes are not in place only three times, did not give a small Colts defensive team a second chance with Peyton - Manning the right place honors gained the upper hand.

Kick player: Garrett - Hartley

The three kicks three field kick, but also from 46 yards, respectively, 44 yards and 47 yards, and he scored in the regular season, the longest free-kick just 38 yards, showing that the Super Bowl for the second year of him, is indeed a milestone of success.

Kok Wei: Tracy - Porter

The second-graders will certainly be able to enter All-Star Game, he was the ball has a special sense of smell, one eye on the insight into Manning's intention, after running away with backcourt steals completely locked the Saints victory.

Running back: Pierre - Thomas

To reach double-digit this year, all of his ball games, Saints have not lost, today is no exception, he ran 15 times with the ball in 85 yards, as in the final performance of the League of Nations, as he used a beautiful The counterattack began to dive touchdowns declared.

Linebacker: Jonathan - Verma

His line of defense in the Saints play the role of the fire brigade, where the need arises where the foreign take over of harassment is also very effective in this field, he contributed seven times Tackle or block.

Outside to take over: Max - Colston

Once upon a time, as long as he can get the ball means that the first attack, this game he showed tough, although no touchdowns, but the ball a distance of 83 yards, the highest-oriented team.
Outer took over: Reims - Moore

Although the team pick the players down on the list, but there are wild lily spring, in two minutes with additional minutes, he was out of bounds in the upcoming difficult situation, looking at the ball touchdowns to help the Saints seven points ahead, the pressure completely throw to the Colts.