Run into the AL Central cellar of the Indians

Run into the AL Central cellar of the Indians, the Yankees today (27) appears to underestimate the enemy, until 8 on a stick until Curtis Granderson from the two sub-gun war situation reversed, 3 to 2 win over opponents, Lien Chan, the first three were pulled hold the event.

Began at the Yankees, Jake Westbrook but do not know, "Grateful," Diamond played line into "temporary hit line", the first fight I paid the full term expires, until the 4th Board was opened by a solo shot Nick Swisher Hu, after breaking power, Westbrook gradually "concessions", 5 on walks Jorge Posada, Granderson then knocked security, but fortunately the autumn shoulder strong character development to keep power, forward pass second base to want to steal the Granderson grief.

Indians also relied on a long break the egg, Travis Hafner 2 Board has taken the lead in the right field off firecrackers, Jason Donald 6 doubles start next is just pipe the next bar fight was assassinated due to base running mistake, so that Michael Brantley infielder choose to stay alone in first base, but supplemented Choo hit a double to escort the Indians back into a Leibao points ahead.