Strong cast Pettitte New York Yankees (Andy Pettitte) whenever the last two years to end the season

Strong cast Pettitte New York Yankees (Andy Pettitte) whenever the last two years to end the season, then the message loud and clear thinking about retirement, this season is no exception. The "New York Post" columnist Xue Germain (Joel Sherman) that, while not that old school jersey hanging over the meaning of quarters, but in an interview revealing the intention to bid farewell to the number of pitches in this.

"New York Post," that, although the Yankees side said that Pettitte did not hear the news considering retirement, but yesterday's interview after the game, how many can sniff in the offseason like to bid farewell to old-school flavor of course. Xue Coleman noted that the past Pettitte topic of retirement has always been to "talk about after discussions with his family first" response to the media yesterday, but unexpectedly abnormal, "When I sat in the lounge after the exit, I began to think something I love this team, where team-mate. "

Xue Coleman said, in recent years, like old school spread the news of retirement, usually do not mind, "because I do not know the probability, Pettitte will eventually because the bonds of friendship and money, give up the idea of retirement, but after Yesterday's interview, see his face, hear his response, I'm not so sure, perhaps he really determined to not be shaken. "

Pettitte in 2008, quarters, and the conditions for renewal until the evil empire by the end of January 2009 was finalized, signed a one year 5.5 million dollar price tag (up to 450 million dollars with another incentive clauses), and then became the Yankees in the quarter World Series title won one of the key hero, so he immediately early December last year, and the evil empire 11,750,000 dollars a year to renew the contract.


American League Championship Series today (16) open play

The Yankees have several left to lay hands on the Rangers pitching staff in some adjustments to increase the two left-hander to the bullpen, to strengthen the "diamond wire," the pressing force.

American League Championship Series today (16) open play, the Rangers play special forces left for the Yankees lineup on the arrangements for the names appear in the Division Series with the list, but did not get chance to play right-hander Dustin Nippert and the infielder Esteban German out of the Championship Series list to empty out the location of the two left-hander Clay Rapada left and Michael Kirkman.

For such a schedule, the Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said: "We think this is the best arrangement. Each choice will bring different results, but these players can make up less than the remaining part of football, and to allow head coach have more flexibility in using the bullpen. "


Cliff Lee 2 games in a row at least 10K

Cliff Lee 2 games in a row at least 10K, no wins wins four dead and help the Rangers scored an unprecedented American League Championship, the Rangers next goal is the Yankees, and the 9-game losing streak to the playoffs a shame the snow.

1996,1998,1999 Rangers in the playoffs, but after winning the first battle in 1996 and subsequently lost all 9 of war, and opponents are the Yankees.

Looking at the major league playoffs, only the Twins even tragic than Rangers in 2004, after the Yankees beat the district playoff opener was out of 3 games losing streak, after which the playoffs, including 3 times this year, is fighting 9 to ink. So far a total of 4 times in 2004 playoffs, the Twins lost and 1 win in 12 straight games of 12 stages, of which 9 came from the Yankees lost.

American League Championship will be the Saturday (16) broke out, Lee will break only 3 days in the case of registration plate remains unclear, if the Rangers let Lee normal rest on his behalf until next Tuesday (19th) the first 3 war, that is, 5 days off before playing, which is really in terms of Rangers is a big variable.

Early and sweep the Twins, the Yankees do it is to Yat for the next hard-fought battle, and the old one-sided results carefully to right, starting the first 3 kit is still a CC Sabathia, Andy Pettitte, Phil Hughes, AJ Burnett 4 launch war , just made the cut are still eligible for the assessment of Rangers.


Hamels Overall the number of 119 ball with the ball

Reds full field of 44 599 fans, today (11) is a heartbreaking day for the third war Phillies starting pitcher Cole Hamels throws a shutout victory in complete, the rate of 2 to 0, the Phillies swept the Reds, become the National League's first advance to the second round of the team.

Hamels Overall the number of 119 ball with the ball, including 82 strikes, only to Reds hit five scattered hits, and the other has soared from nine strikeouts, though not with the content of Big Brother Roy Halladay in the first war-free than hits, but close enough for the Phillies.

Brilliant starting pitching, the Phillies lineup is also the first game to play, hits and Placido Polanco on second base rod, two out after Ryan Howard hit a supplemented, Jayson Werth then hit a grounder guerrilla direction, Reds had won a Gold Glove shortstop Orlando Cabrera bad happened, so Polanco easily back to the first points.


The second key battle in the Second Board under the old-school to let the Twins caught scoring opportunities

Strong career playoff wins up to vote Pettitte (Andy Pettitte) really deserved reputation, continued today in the New York Yankees led the Minnesota Twins vs. guest, pitched 7 game only to lose 2 points in eye-catching performance of the entire mad with wire knocked 12 hits in the fire, so evil empire whistle to defeat the Twins 5 to 2, 2 to 0 successfully grabbed the first round of the license to listen to advantage.

The second key battle in the Second Board under the old-school to let the Twins caught scoring opportunities, was Yonge (Delmon Young) and (Jim Thome) series of knock out hits, and then by Valencia (Danny Valencia) fired a sacrifice fly back to the runners, so the team behind the first two cities to 0 to 1. Fortunately, in four innings, the Yankees rely on Glenn Anderson (Curtis Granderson) reaching base hit open offensive, then pull Xue Tucker (Mark Teixeira) and A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) than the number of tied together at once.

The last of five, Berkman (Lance Berkman) from the "before" people bitterly Pavano (Carl Pavano) knocked the hands of a solo shot in mind, not only very happy the Yankees top, but also to help the team down to 2 to 1 ahead of the Twins. Although Pettitte in the sixth inning, the mistake was Hudson (Orlando Hudson) Hui Qiao counter was a solo shot, and being chased into a 2 to 2 tie situation.