American League Championship Series today (16) open play

The Yankees have several left to lay hands on the Rangers pitching staff in some adjustments to increase the two left-hander to the bullpen, to strengthen the "diamond wire," the pressing force.

American League Championship Series today (16) open play, the Rangers play special forces left for the Yankees lineup on the arrangements for the names appear in the Division Series with the list, but did not get chance to play right-hander Dustin Nippert and the infielder Esteban German out of the Championship Series list to empty out the location of the two left-hander Clay Rapada left and Michael Kirkman.

For such a schedule, the Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said: "We think this is the best arrangement. Each choice will bring different results, but these players can make up less than the remaining part of football, and to allow head coach have more flexibility in using the bullpen. "