Alliance's official website reported that old-school charity tournament in Houston this week

New York Yankees busy representations "Romantic Swordsman" Cliff Lee (Cliff Lee), "the son of New York," Jeter (Derek Jeter) and the "patron saint" Rivera (Mariano Rivera) contract to, voted to send the left provided Special (Andy Pettitte) yet to decide to retire or continue to work hard next year. But the old school has made clear that, if the decision not to retire next year will be to determine the last 1 year of his career because he wanted more time with the baby stay with three sons.

According to the Alliance's official website reported that old-school charity tournament in Houston this week, when the trend next year, said he has not decided, there is no set timetable, but he stressed that if the play, then next year, it sure would be his career the last 1 year.

"I am now careful evaluation, it is important to listen to the voices from the heart, after all my 10 years in baseball all the effort, the feeling of family has been neglected too much, I hope to spend more time with them." Pettitte said.


National League winners: Catcher - Atlanta Braves McCann

That army award, the tiger old coach Li Lan said: "I think this year he was the best hitter the league, winning deserved." Cabrera hit rate of 3 percent this quarter, 28, 38 runs, 126 RBI, won the AL RBI king.

National League winners: Catcher - Atlanta Braves McCann (Brian McCann) (4), first baseman - St. Louis Cardinals "Resident person" Pujols (Albert Pujols) (6), second baseman - Marlins ugra (1), third baseman - National Xinma Man (Ryan Zimmerman) (2), shortstop - Los Angeles El Toro Wieruszewski (1), outfielder - Rocky Gonzalez (1), Milwaukee Brown Brewers (Ryan Braun) (3), Cardinals Halladay (Matt Halladay) (4), pitcher - Brewers Gula Duo (Yovani Gallardo) (1).


Olsen back on the court this year

Olsen back on the court this year, though, but the season or because of a shoulder injury and missed 2 months of the time, as Olsen other times the performance of the season is not very good, for a total of 17 games, 15 games out of the race was starting, 4 wins out of 8 vote defeat, 5.56 ERA, performance worse than the Marlins period.

As for English, another lefty, although the down to 3A, but he will become a free agent. English opening quarter of this year, had to get into the national list of 25 people, and as a cow corner, but the lefty in the game 7 game 7 of the farm owner to vote, after losing 3 points to 3A at the end of April he was sent to .

English as a cow is still in the 3A pitcher out of the race in 16 games pitched 2 wins and 1 defeat, 5.03 ERA results, but in the end of July because of left elbow during surgery, so the announcement ahead of the season for reimbursement.


MLB World Series third, back to the Texas Rangers at home

MLB World Series third, back to the Texas Rangers at home, sweeping away the haze of 2 games before the losing streak, relying on two key home runs made, defeat the San Francisco Giants, whistle pulled one back for 4-2; in 7 4 wins series race war, chasing wins, 2 to 1 defeat, which is the Rangers into the military 50 years, the first World Series victory.

Live broadcast: "American League champion Texas Rangers." This is the Rangers 50 years, conducted the first World Series at home, 2 away before the Rangers game losing streak, not the same back home, half of 2 Board, 2 out captured one, third base, turn to 9 bar rookie first baseman Mitch Moreland hit, Morerland belted three-run homer, 3-0 lead, the audience rose to applaud the fans landlords, poor first 2 games against the Rangers, Find a home seems to feel, strong rods have to attack. Slugger Josh Hamilton, 5 Council under fire again, this solo homer for the Rangers leading 4-0, the fans more excited about receiving the ball, win the American League Championship MVP, Hamilton, is also out of the fight against bad the first 2 the haze, to show fight fire. Rangers starter Colby Lewis, can effectively block a giant hit, the first 6 minutes without conceding a Council, only 7 and 8 Top of Board, were the giant's Cody Ross and Andres Torres, hit a solo full of all base hit, Lewis pitched 7.2 Bureau, only lost 2 points, win the game, the playoffs this year, record of 3 wins 0 lose. 9 Top of the Terminator Neftali Feliz bye strikeouts, and closing the Rangers to a 4-2 win over Giants, former U.S. President George W. Bush was the Rangers boss, also witnessed the first team in the history of the World Series victory, the Rangers record also level the wins, 2 lost 1.