2010 Cloud computing is maturing

Technology trends in 2010 forecast, IDC, Gartener research companies are invariably cloud computing will be listed in the first place, which is more on the cloud computing IDC put forward their own insights.

In the past three years, the main focus on continuing to build cloud computing cloud computing platform that provides sophisticated cloud services and innovative patterns of consumption started, and in 2010 for the development of cloud computing will be a very important year.
Cloud computing in 2010 will focus on building enterprise-class cloud computing platform, different from the traditional cloud computing services, the platform demands cloud computing providers have better security, availability, manageability. IDC noted that in 2010 will focus on seven aspects of cloud computing to expand: to build a strategic cloud platform, a new cloud computing platform for public, private cloud emergence and popularity of private clouds for different versions of the emergence of the rapid development of public cloud, Cloud for the provision of services (public cloud / private clouds) the corresponding cloud management products, to be called cloud computing accessories, as well as to expand its cloud services API sales channels.

Cloud computing providers in 2010 will be a heated competition. For example: salesforce.com's Force.com, Microsoft Azure, Google's App and other products will be the next 20 years, the most strategic of cloud computing products. Various manufacturers are trying to capture a slice from the cloud computing market. IDC expects the market in 2010, there will be more manufacturers to join the cloud. Including IBM, Oracle has made it clear that he would build cloud computing platform. Google through the acquisition, to create more suitable for enterprise platform for cloud computing solutions. Cloud computing infrastructure as a leader, Amazon, Google is expected to develop the corresponding cloud computing application platform. In addition, there are a number of other cloud computing potential market entrants, including IT service providers and telecommunications companies.

2010 will be the private cloud to expand their one-year. Cloud computing will mainly focus on security, availability and actual deployment to expand. 2010, several major IT vendors will be announced to provide enterprise-class cloud services to private. This result is not surprising, because after IDC survey, the vast majority of enterprises are recognized within the enterprise to establish their own private cloud. In addition, cloud computing, including infrastructure, platform and integrated with related applications, requiring companies with relevant strategic partners to cooperate.


Buzz platform appears to track popular content Buzrr imitation Tweetmeme

A Swede for the just-released near Google Buzz created a popular Web site to track the contents of Buzrr, the industry said that although the site is still very simple, but still has some potential for development.

Buzrr website is operated by the Swedish founder of Dennis Hettema marketing technology companies, the site now features not complete, there is no classification and no function of the content description, but under the New Buzz column filled with a lot of spam. He Tema said: "We are addressing a large number of problems."

Around Twitter and the start-up founded by Tweetmeme also have the same problem, but has now grown into a Tweetmeme admirable small companies. To industry sources, Google Buzz there is great potential for development, so Buzzr also deserves attention.

Tweetmeme and Buzzr as its function is to collect a specific site of the most popular content. The popular content is not just interesting, it can also gathered from large numbers of users. If Buzzr can accurately collect Google Buzz's most popular content, then it is possible to obtain a large number of users, and use the data to do some interesting attempt. In addition, Buzzr also draws on Tweetmeme a feature of the site provides a direct sharing of content to Buzz features.

To industry sources, Google Buzz is one of the most subversive feature of its open data standards, people will be able to focus it has developed many services and applications.


The world's most expensive domain name sex.com super 14 million U.S. dollars will be auctioned

Two years ago, Sex.com domain name has been a U.S. company bought 14 million U.S. dollars, the highest transaction price domain name record. But the domain name will once again be auctioned next month, starting at 100 million U.S. dollars.

The buyers are the United States in 2006 in Boston engaged in adult entertainment company Escom. But now it seems the company since the purchase of domain names to carry a huge debt burden. In the tender notices in the transfer of Sex.com's, Escom said that he had the domain objects as collateral to apply for loans, because the company could not repay the loan DOM Partners, only the transfer of domain names.

Sex.com Domain Auction starts at one million U.S. dollars, Escom said that those who wish to participate must submit a one million U.S. dollars of bank deposits to prove.

Media analysts believe that the domain name can bring huge traffic, perhaps value for money. Sex.com is currently part of PG-13 level site content, including stories, video, Shop, classified information. It is worth mentioning that, in the Google search "sex", Sex.com does not appear in the first result page.

Sex.com is perhaps in the history of "story up" the domain name, around which the domain name since there were several lawsuits, the domain name has also become the protagonist of two books.

According to reports, Sex.com first registered person named Gary Kremen, he registered the domain name in 1994. And in 2006 transferred to Escom.

Top ten most expensive domain name in history, in addition to Sex.com, other were Fund.com (financial Web site, the transaction price of 10 million U.S. dollars); Porn.com (adult sites, 9.5 million U.S. dollars); Business.com ( Finance website, 7.5 million U.S. dollars); Diamonds.com (jewelry network, 7.5 million U.S. dollars); Beer.com (male entertainment sites, seven million U.S. dollars); Casino.com (gambling sites, 5.5 million U.S. dollars); Toyes.com ( Toys website, 5.1 million U.S. dollars); AsSeenOnTv.com (e-commerce, five million U.S. dollars); Korea.com (telecommunications company information websites, 500 million).


Google said the foreign media attacks on China for the victims of two schools or with the

Yesterday, several media, citing U.S. "New York Times" reported that investigators had been tracking that for hacking Google's IP address from the Shanghai Jiaotong University and Shandong Lan Xiang advanced technical schools. Shanghai Jiao Tong University yesterday that response from the authorities concerned, said the school has never supported hacking, they also learned the news from the media are conducting investigations to verify; Lan Xiang technical school stakeholders claimed "have no knowledge." But insiders said that third-party IP address of theft by hackers to attack the usual means of attack to determine the culprit is not reliable.

Foreign media: The school may also be victims of

Foreign media quoted an anonymous source as saying that by positioning survey shows that the source of hacker attacks can be traced back to the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, as well as a vocational training schools - Shandong Lan Xiang advanced technical schools. According to the sources, the attack against Google may be as early as April 2009 had started even earlier than previously anticipated. They also found that hackers use Microsoft's IE Web browser vulnerabilities. The report also "disclosure", Blue Cheung technical schools have a special computer skills taught foreign teachers.

Foreign media have also recognized, however, determine the location of attack was launched in fact quite difficult. In many cases, located in different countries, many sets of computer equipment will be used as intermediate links in the attack, hackers use virus program, or other techniques to the directives imposed on other locations in the frequently targeted. "Wall Street Journal" quoted chief security technology officer, Bruce BTGroup Shi Cina saying now know is that the computer involved in the attack, but this result does not mean the attack begins here, now do not know that some people are When sitting in front of this computer related charges.


DST will spend one billion U.S. dollars investment in social networking sites start-ups

According to "Business Week" website reported that Russia is Russia's Yuri Milner investor Digital Sky Technologies, DST's co-founder. As early as in early 2009, when he was on four areas of search social media worth investing goals. But Milner did not wait for Facebook to coming to request their investment, he flew directly to the United States, California Palo Alto, with the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in direct talks. In the negotiations, DST commitment of funds to 200 million U.S. dollars investment in Facebook, and obtain nearly 2% stake in Facebook. Milner about 75% of the time are used for business travel, he said: "I made a big investment, and individuals must meet in person."

Milner, 47 years old, he is expected to be in the next five years, in the same way right companies to invest. DST is headquartered in Moscow, in December last year, the lead on social gaming sites provide an investment in Zynga. Milner In an interview with "Business Week" in an interview, said, DST also plans to more than social networking sites to global enterprises to invest one billion U.S. dollars venture, major investments located outside of Russia. He said: "We will closely observe the world's 50 furniture companies with potential investment opportunities." He is expected to announce this year at least before the middle of an investment. He said: "I hope to see DST to become an important area of global Internet investment company."

DST plans to have set up large-scale social media companies to obtain small stake. These large media companies are at the initial stake sale process. To invest at this stage, usually the price than the valuation of early-stage investments is higher, which makes these start-ups do not have to bear the pressure of a listed company. Zynga CEO Mark Pincus, said: "For any network enterprise, if it is developed to a certain size, intends to bring in more investors, rather than listing available for sale, then Milner is a natural choice. Milner right social awareness of the game is very deep, which is very good for achieving the goals. "In December last year, DST lead to Zynga provide 1.8 billion dollars. Other investors include venture capital funds Andreessen Horowitz, of the Fund by the Internet pioneer Marc Andreessen, co-founded.


The United States and the European Union unconditionally approved by Microsoft Yahoo's search business co-operation

According to foreign media reports, the U.S. antitrust regulators and the European Commission Thursday approved a Microsoft-Yahoo search unconditional cooperation agreement.

EU regulators said the merger will be conducive to road challenge Google's leading position in Europe, in a statement said: "The first phase of the European Commission's market survey shows that the scale is to become an important competitor in search advertising business is an important determining factor. "

Microsoft and Yahoo said the two companies have plans to begin implementation in June last year, reached a cooperation agreement, its content is mainly Microsoft's will should be Yahoo's search engine, but Yahoo will use Microsoft's search advertising technology for the management of the two companies search advertising sales. In addition, Microsoft will, within five years after the agreement is in force Yahoo to pay the profits generated from the Microsoft Web site for 88%. The two companies in the United States this year is expected to be completed before the end of integration, while a global scale will be completed by 2012.

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz said in a news conference that the agreement will make the company more focused on "innovative search experience"; Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer added that the alliance between the two will provide consumers with "more choice, a better value and greater innovation. "

The European Commission survey found that advertisers and online publishers hope that the agreement will expand Microsoft, in order to confront with Google, the Internet search and search advertising to increase competition.

The European Commission said that Microsoft and Google's Internet search and search advertising business in Europe is very limited, both market share and not more than 10%, so the agreement will not be a serious obstacle to European competition. While Google holds more than 90% of the share.

Google in 2008, due to pressure from the United States abandoned the administration of justice between the advertising agreement with Yahoo, Microsoft has also expressed opposition to the agreement.

According to market research firm comScore data provided by the United States in December last year, a total of 14.7 billion core searches, 66% were carried out using Google, but Yahoo and Microsoft will be the sum of only 28%.

Microsoft, Yahoo's co-operation agreement has been in Australia, Brazil and Canada, approved by the competent authorities, but still by the United States and the EU can be effective. The two companies will continue to work with South Korea, China Taiwan and Japanese authorities to seek regulatory approval.


Former U.S. Intelligence Director to talk about Chinese "hackers" said the strength of the world's sixth

The United States, "Huffington Post" Web site published on the 7th of the former U.S. intelligence director, Mike McConnell interview, talking about "Chinese hacker" and how China is committed to the development of network warfare.

In the interview, Post reporter Gader began by asking, "Scanning U.S. defense systems and commercial computer networks, hackers, 90% came from China, this statement is true?" McConnell replied: "I dare not say 90%, but these people are determined to be the strongest. I think the strongest area of the world in the network should be considered the United States, followed by the United Kingdom, Israel and France. The next tier is China. "

Gader also questions about China's Internet attacks, "behind the" problem "is the Chinese government or the People's Liberation Army?" McConnell said, "China's intelligence-gathering work is organized. But just as in the U.S., between the different bureaucratic tasks in the implementation of the network also has to compete. In China, there are thousands of people a long time engaged in intelligence gathering, many people use at work in innovative ways. "

Mike McConnell said that "China understands the weakness of U.S. strategy is to network weakness. I believe they try to have a piece of the site. Chinese people to see the 'Desert Storm' operation was very shocked. They saw the United States implemented the use of computer technology, precision strike capacity. We have to vote in 1000 during World War II bomb in order to effectively destroy targets in the Vietnam War to a few hundred pieces, and now only need one ... ... concluded that the Chinese people to fight against the United States must be to destroy our satellites and into our Internet capabilities. for the defense of China, the Chinese people feel the need to equalize the advantages of the United States in this regard. "


Affect the SEO effect of four factors

For most sites, the majority of traffic comes from search engines, but SEO is the work done for search engines. SEO as a long-term work, many details are related to the final optimization results. Effects affect the SEO There are four basic factors, while the stability of the server is the one essential piece of.

The following affect the SEO of the four basic elements:

First, the stability of web server

As the most basic elements of SEO, web server or otherwise directly related to the stability of the station's credit evaluation of Baidu. Web server instability causing the website to be opened, which led to Baidu is a direct consequence of the evaluation points lower. Fortunately, once or twice, if the spiders can not crawl over several sites, they would think that this station is a waste station, stop snapshot is still good, the worst case, but also a direct k stations.

Second, the amount of content updates and the original rate of

In addition to server stability, the amount of content updates and the original rate is also very important a factor. Owners, according to a presentation on its Web site has been taking 70% of the pseudo-original +25% original + some collection policies, and adhere to 2,3 days, updated frequently. Strengthened after the original rate, into a pseudo-Original +60% 40% original, Baidu included rates on the rise.

3, high-quality external links

The outer chain is a good traffic and rankings based ah. Increased outside the chain of software is the best way to write text of a good soft-Man can bring numerous reproduced outside the chain, and a long and effective. High-quality soft paper, both to ensure the outer chain, can also exchange ideas with others, is a very good choice.

4, high-weighted Link

An industry-related and highly weighted than 10 outside the Link chain, the exchange of Link Do not look pr value, and more importantly, the amount of websites and web pages included update frequency, search for Friends of the chain links can be added when the group issued at the forum software, and directly on Baidu look for related sites.


The Japanese side acknowledged the Nanjing Massacre and other serious crimes

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu's 2, said that Sino-Japanese joint historical research, members from both sides on the history of Sino-Japanese relations conducted in-depth study and discussion, some consensus was reached. "

The Japanese side members acknowledged that the Japanese militarists against China's aggression war against China for the Chinese people recognize the great damage caused by recognition of the Nanjing Massacre and other serious crimes." Jiang Yu at a regular press conference when answering relevant questions, said.

He also pointed out that there are differences between the two sides, the two sides issued a paper written by the members of their own, reflecting the author's point of view.

Sino-Japan joint history study was launched in December 2006 by the Academy of Social Sciences and the Japan International Institute of Modern History Institute of the implementation.


The United States will press China's market liberalization

Senator First, launch an attack on China

Local time, February 3, Obama to the Senate Democratic Policy Committee members deliver a speech at the central theme of the speech delivered before the State of the Union with the same thread: Main talk about the economy. The current U.S. unemployment rate remains high, the fiscal deficit hitting record, so deal with economic problems, and create job opportunities to become Obama's most important task.

The body of the speech, Obama did not mention China. In his speech, question and answer session after the end of long ago switched from Republican to Democratic Senator Arlen Specter came first to ask Obama, and he's with the Chinese. Specter first criticized China a pass, saying it does not comply accession to the World Trade Organization commitments, manipulating the RMB exchange rate against the United States dumping. He asked whether Obama supported the adoption of legal means to resolve trade disputes between China, both in the United States courts or international courts, because the existing trade dispute settlement decision time is very long. In addition, he also asked whether Obama should be amended or even repealed reached with China trade treaty.

Will put pressure on China's market liberalization

For Arlen Specter, Obama first said it does not favor the abolition of the trade with China have reached an agreement, he considered that the main problem now is not out in a variety of trade agreements per se, but rather their implementation, so the United States to to do is to strengthen the implementation of these agreements. Obama also by the United States in September last year, China launched special safeguard tire case as an example, saying that to do so despite the international criticism, but it is good for America. The case is in itself shows that the U.S. safeguard the future will take seriously the implementation of trade agreements. China's tire exports to the U.S. the United States to implement special protective measures have been part of trade protectionist practices, but because it can save some jobs in the United States, which received backing Obama.

In addition, Obama also said that China would exert greater pressure for the open market. Obama has said that the next five years before the United States, exports should double, to reach this point the Chinese market is very important. Obama said: "I believe America's future hinges on the export of U.S. manufactured goods around the world, while China is becoming one of the largest market for American goods in Asia is also, so the United States closed its market is also not correct. If we are right Asia's exports even if only one percentage point increase, it also means being able to create hundreds of thousands or even millions of jobs, it is easy to do. "


Oracle, Sun hardware and software product strategy era has been clear

Oracle released right after the acquisition of Sun's products promise. Oracle said it would actively promote the open source MySQL database development, rather than his own devices. Oracle also announced the Sun hardware and other software development plans.

According to Oracle's chief architect, Edward Screven introduced the community, Oracle also plans to continue to invest in and maintain the independence of OpenOffice.org, and will also launch a single cloud is similar to Google Docs productivity suite. Currently, Sun's OpenOffice has always been a strong challenger to Microsoft Office.

Prior to that, because of commercial database products and Oracle conflict, many users worried that Oracle will be phased out MySQL. With the open source MySQL because it had the ideas and concepts in finding a place in the database field, and, to some extent, constitutes a threat to Oracle. MySQL close to the unit, users are most worried about is that Oracle will have its "frozen" together.

Also, Oracle has always been like the integration of the acquired company's products and technology, after the acquisition of People Soft is a typical example, even though Oracle retains the People Soft (PeopleSoft) is a trademark, but little is known about this company's business PeopleSoft's hard to feel the presence. This also led to delay in pre-European Union trade through Oracle's acquisition of Sun review of the main reasons.

To this end, Oracle had to make limited concessions, in December 2009, Oracle has made 10 specific commitments in order to support the continued development of MySQL. Oracle says the next three years, invest at least 72 million U.S. dollars for the development of MySQL, and continue to publish this open-source software, the latest technology R & D achievements. In the next five years to allow other technology vendors in their products to continue to authorize the use of MySQL.

Now, the European Union through mergers and acquisitions review, Oracle said it would continue to MySQL in the independent sales force, while increasing the MySQL code, support, and with other Oracle applications compatibility. Screven in the open-source software department is responsible for MySQL, OpenOffice.org and other open-source open-source applications.

A live webcast of the Wednesday conference was held, Screven, and other Oracle officials said Oracle's acquisition of Sun's many first-class technology, will enable the combined company to provide "complete, open, integrated" system. "Oracle and Sun after the merger of the IBM is a huge challenge. In addition, the combined Oracle-Sun is still the largest corporate supporter of open source technologies." Screven so commented.

Oracle also announced Wednesday a conference on a number of other software and technology development plan.

Java: Oracle plans to "expand and strengthen the scope of Java," Java platform, while achieving the integration and streamlining. Specifically, is the introduction of desktop computers for the Standard Edition of Java client 7, at the same time offer a mobile version of Java ME, it is compatible with the desktop version to reduce the programmer's work.

Oracle officials have pledged to make Web site developers to easily use JavaScript. These moves will help to grow Java developer community, the objective is to achieve 10 million people.

OpenOffice.org: Screven, said, OpenOffice.org will serve as a separate business unit to manage, Sun in the development and support team will be maintained. Oracle will continue to support the free OpenOffice.org community. However, Oracle also plans to launch the Oracle cloud office software suite, Oracle has developed the software for some time. OpenOffice.org supports the original StarOffice, but has not been mentioned, this is the original and IBM compete for a product.

Solaris: This is the Sun in 2005, announced the open-source server operating system. Oracle said it plans to increase investment in Solaris, with the aim of thousands of CPU threads to run simultaneously and deal with several TB of memory.

Linux: Oracle support for Red Hat Linux, and has deployed thousands of users to Linux, Oracle committed to continue to invest in Linux and Solaris.

As for the Oracle server such as the shortage of hardware, Oracle officials said it would continue to invest in Sun's UltraSparc processors, multi-threaded and used in Niagara servers, as well as developed based on Fujitsu's Sparc64 processor, M-series family of servers. In addition, Oracle will continue to develop and sell Sun's x64 servers, it uses from Intel and AMD processors.

Oracle on Sun hardware will be closed at its later, the two sides will also combine the advantages of the original introduction of integrated products, such as a database dedicated machine. Will Oracle database and Sun's e-mail combined and optimized. To this end, said IDC analyst, Oracle to integrate the advantages of both sides, we could make hardware and software work better at the same time help as soon as possible products to market.

As Oracle and Sun merger approval process to wait for some time delay, IBM, HP and other companies during this time frantically to draw the original Sun's customers to switch to camp, so Oracle announced new planning and commitment, they need as soon as possible the confidence to bring old customers into competitors to prevent them.

Next, Oracle said it will continue to target industries such as retail and telecommunications customers, providing them with integrated hardware and software integration solutions, while continuing to sell general-purpose servers.


Sophos warned that an attack against the social networking site users in the explosive growth

According to computer security firm Sophos this week released a "social security", the report warned that spammers and hackers is growing online social network users targeted. For social networks such as Facebook and Twitter user's junk e-mail messages and malicious software, the number of explosive growth.

Sophos senior technology consultant Graham Cluley said that social networks and their millions of users must do more to protect themselves to avoid being an organized network of criminals attack and avoid becoming identity theft, conspiracy, fraud and malicious attacks on victims.

Cluley said that, Facebook is the largest social networking sites. In the largest orchard, you will find more bad apples. The fact is that Facebook's security team in their efforts to deal with security threats on its Web site. Managing only 350 million users is not an easy thing.

Sophos's report found that 57% of the online social network users in the virtual community have received spam. This ratio when compared with the previous year, an increase of 70.6%. 36% of the respondents said they received the software worms, viruses or other types of malicious software. This ratio, compared with 12 months ago, an increase of 69.8%.

Sophos's report also pointed out that 49% of enterprises do not restrict employee access to Facebook Web site. This ratio, compared with a year ago, an increase of 13%. The irony is that the relaxation in business activities of employees to access social networking time, Facebook Web site malware, spam, phishing attacks and identity theft and other threats has increased.