The United States will press China's market liberalization

Senator First, launch an attack on China

Local time, February 3, Obama to the Senate Democratic Policy Committee members deliver a speech at the central theme of the speech delivered before the State of the Union with the same thread: Main talk about the economy. The current U.S. unemployment rate remains high, the fiscal deficit hitting record, so deal with economic problems, and create job opportunities to become Obama's most important task.

The body of the speech, Obama did not mention China. In his speech, question and answer session after the end of long ago switched from Republican to Democratic Senator Arlen Specter came first to ask Obama, and he's with the Chinese. Specter first criticized China a pass, saying it does not comply accession to the World Trade Organization commitments, manipulating the RMB exchange rate against the United States dumping. He asked whether Obama supported the adoption of legal means to resolve trade disputes between China, both in the United States courts or international courts, because the existing trade dispute settlement decision time is very long. In addition, he also asked whether Obama should be amended or even repealed reached with China trade treaty.

Will put pressure on China's market liberalization

For Arlen Specter, Obama first said it does not favor the abolition of the trade with China have reached an agreement, he considered that the main problem now is not out in a variety of trade agreements per se, but rather their implementation, so the United States to to do is to strengthen the implementation of these agreements. Obama also by the United States in September last year, China launched special safeguard tire case as an example, saying that to do so despite the international criticism, but it is good for America. The case is in itself shows that the U.S. safeguard the future will take seriously the implementation of trade agreements. China's tire exports to the U.S. the United States to implement special protective measures have been part of trade protectionist practices, but because it can save some jobs in the United States, which received backing Obama.

In addition, Obama also said that China would exert greater pressure for the open market. Obama has said that the next five years before the United States, exports should double, to reach this point the Chinese market is very important. Obama said: "I believe America's future hinges on the export of U.S. manufactured goods around the world, while China is becoming one of the largest market for American goods in Asia is also, so the United States closed its market is also not correct. If we are right Asia's exports even if only one percentage point increase, it also means being able to create hundreds of thousands or even millions of jobs, it is easy to do. "