Affect the SEO effect of four factors

For most sites, the majority of traffic comes from search engines, but SEO is the work done for search engines. SEO as a long-term work, many details are related to the final optimization results. Effects affect the SEO There are four basic factors, while the stability of the server is the one essential piece of.

The following affect the SEO of the four basic elements:

First, the stability of web server

As the most basic elements of SEO, web server or otherwise directly related to the stability of the station's credit evaluation of Baidu. Web server instability causing the website to be opened, which led to Baidu is a direct consequence of the evaluation points lower. Fortunately, once or twice, if the spiders can not crawl over several sites, they would think that this station is a waste station, stop snapshot is still good, the worst case, but also a direct k stations.

Second, the amount of content updates and the original rate of

In addition to server stability, the amount of content updates and the original rate is also very important a factor. Owners, according to a presentation on its Web site has been taking 70% of the pseudo-original +25% original + some collection policies, and adhere to 2,3 days, updated frequently. Strengthened after the original rate, into a pseudo-Original +60% 40% original, Baidu included rates on the rise.

3, high-quality external links

The outer chain is a good traffic and rankings based ah. Increased outside the chain of software is the best way to write text of a good soft-Man can bring numerous reproduced outside the chain, and a long and effective. High-quality soft paper, both to ensure the outer chain, can also exchange ideas with others, is a very good choice.

4, high-weighted Link

An industry-related and highly weighted than 10 outside the Link chain, the exchange of Link Do not look pr value, and more importantly, the amount of websites and web pages included update frequency, search for Friends of the chain links can be added when the group issued at the forum software, and directly on Baidu look for related sites.