Former U.S. Intelligence Director to talk about Chinese "hackers" said the strength of the world's sixth

The United States, "Huffington Post" Web site published on the 7th of the former U.S. intelligence director, Mike McConnell interview, talking about "Chinese hacker" and how China is committed to the development of network warfare.

In the interview, Post reporter Gader began by asking, "Scanning U.S. defense systems and commercial computer networks, hackers, 90% came from China, this statement is true?" McConnell replied: "I dare not say 90%, but these people are determined to be the strongest. I think the strongest area of the world in the network should be considered the United States, followed by the United Kingdom, Israel and France. The next tier is China. "

Gader also questions about China's Internet attacks, "behind the" problem "is the Chinese government or the People's Liberation Army?" McConnell said, "China's intelligence-gathering work is organized. But just as in the U.S., between the different bureaucratic tasks in the implementation of the network also has to compete. In China, there are thousands of people a long time engaged in intelligence gathering, many people use at work in innovative ways. "

Mike McConnell said that "China understands the weakness of U.S. strategy is to network weakness. I believe they try to have a piece of the site. Chinese people to see the 'Desert Storm' operation was very shocked. They saw the United States implemented the use of computer technology, precision strike capacity. We have to vote in 1000 during World War II bomb in order to effectively destroy targets in the Vietnam War to a few hundred pieces, and now only need one ... ... concluded that the Chinese people to fight against the United States must be to destroy our satellites and into our Internet capabilities. for the defense of China, the Chinese people feel the need to equalize the advantages of the United States in this regard. "