2010 Cloud computing is maturing

Technology trends in 2010 forecast, IDC, Gartener research companies are invariably cloud computing will be listed in the first place, which is more on the cloud computing IDC put forward their own insights.

In the past three years, the main focus on continuing to build cloud computing cloud computing platform that provides sophisticated cloud services and innovative patterns of consumption started, and in 2010 for the development of cloud computing will be a very important year.
Cloud computing in 2010 will focus on building enterprise-class cloud computing platform, different from the traditional cloud computing services, the platform demands cloud computing providers have better security, availability, manageability. IDC noted that in 2010 will focus on seven aspects of cloud computing to expand: to build a strategic cloud platform, a new cloud computing platform for public, private cloud emergence and popularity of private clouds for different versions of the emergence of the rapid development of public cloud, Cloud for the provision of services (public cloud / private clouds) the corresponding cloud management products, to be called cloud computing accessories, as well as to expand its cloud services API sales channels.

Cloud computing providers in 2010 will be a heated competition. For example: salesforce.com's Force.com, Microsoft Azure, Google's App and other products will be the next 20 years, the most strategic of cloud computing products. Various manufacturers are trying to capture a slice from the cloud computing market. IDC expects the market in 2010, there will be more manufacturers to join the cloud. Including IBM, Oracle has made it clear that he would build cloud computing platform. Google through the acquisition, to create more suitable for enterprise platform for cloud computing solutions. Cloud computing infrastructure as a leader, Amazon, Google is expected to develop the corresponding cloud computing application platform. In addition, there are a number of other cloud computing potential market entrants, including IT service providers and telecommunications companies.

2010 will be the private cloud to expand their one-year. Cloud computing will mainly focus on security, availability and actual deployment to expand. 2010, several major IT vendors will be announced to provide enterprise-class cloud services to private. This result is not surprising, because after IDC survey, the vast majority of enterprises are recognized within the enterprise to establish their own private cloud. In addition, cloud computing, including infrastructure, platform and integrated with related applications, requiring companies with relevant strategic partners to cooperate.