DST will spend one billion U.S. dollars investment in social networking sites start-ups

According to "Business Week" website reported that Russia is Russia's Yuri Milner investor Digital Sky Technologies, DST's co-founder. As early as in early 2009, when he was on four areas of search social media worth investing goals. But Milner did not wait for Facebook to coming to request their investment, he flew directly to the United States, California Palo Alto, with the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in direct talks. In the negotiations, DST commitment of funds to 200 million U.S. dollars investment in Facebook, and obtain nearly 2% stake in Facebook. Milner about 75% of the time are used for business travel, he said: "I made a big investment, and individuals must meet in person."

Milner, 47 years old, he is expected to be in the next five years, in the same way right companies to invest. DST is headquartered in Moscow, in December last year, the lead on social gaming sites provide an investment in Zynga. Milner In an interview with "Business Week" in an interview, said, DST also plans to more than social networking sites to global enterprises to invest one billion U.S. dollars venture, major investments located outside of Russia. He said: "We will closely observe the world's 50 furniture companies with potential investment opportunities." He is expected to announce this year at least before the middle of an investment. He said: "I hope to see DST to become an important area of global Internet investment company."

DST plans to have set up large-scale social media companies to obtain small stake. These large media companies are at the initial stake sale process. To invest at this stage, usually the price than the valuation of early-stage investments is higher, which makes these start-ups do not have to bear the pressure of a listed company. Zynga CEO Mark Pincus, said: "For any network enterprise, if it is developed to a certain size, intends to bring in more investors, rather than listing available for sale, then Milner is a natural choice. Milner right social awareness of the game is very deep, which is very good for achieving the goals. "In December last year, DST lead to Zynga provide 1.8 billion dollars. Other investors include venture capital funds Andreessen Horowitz, of the Fund by the Internet pioneer Marc Andreessen, co-founded.