Cardinals signed linebacker new trouble has been arrested in California

Associated Press, the authorities said, NFL linebacker Joe - Porter on suspicion of drunken driving and was accused of assaulting a police and arrested in the central and southern California city of Bakersfield was arrested.

California Highway Patrol said the 33-year-old player in Saturday at a fast food parking lot early on and police confrontation. Potter declined to provide his driver's license and was asked to leave the car at the time of his windows shook. Police said when the police prepared to open his door, when Porter hit the hand of the police. Porter ultimately comply with the orders of the car and the hands behind his back, he and a passenger car was arrested along with.

The 11-year veteran playing recently, and Brazil's Arizona Cardinals. He has also played for Pittsburgh and Miami.


Another NFL coach for three teams also have been identified candidate

Another NFL coach for three teams also have been identified candidate, without exception, are the assistant coach did not coach experience.

Miami Dolphins team took only 11 months, nearly hit a 0-16 record in Cam Cameron) dismissal, appointment Cowboys assistant head coach Tony Sparano as head coach. It is disclosed that the contract is four years, the annual salary at between 250-2700000 U.S. dollars. He will be the Dolphins in the history of the 7th head coach. Dolphins from 1970 to 1995 25 years, only one coach, is the famous Don Shula.

Falcons coach Bobby Petrino did not even resign, step away on one end of the season. Falcons appointment has never been a head coach of the Jaguars defensive coach Mike Smith as head coach. Contract about four years, the total value of 8 million to 10 million dollars. He is well known for tough defense of the Jaguar team hero. He was also was the 35th Super Bowl Ravens defensive forward line assistant coach.

Ravens fired head coach for winning the Super Bowl, after more than Rick, but also recruited and never worked as defensive line coach of the Hawks assistant coach after head coach John Harbaugh. Ravens originally wanted to hire Cowboys offensive coach Jason Garrett, but Garrett repeatedly weighed and decided to remain in jeans, cowboy boss by crows because the offer to their pay and upgrade him to assistant coach. Crow next best thing, the selection of Haba Ge.


Packers beat Raiders

Raiders 7, Packers 38

Although there is no suspense in this battle, but the Packers score means are unique. SWAT team members Blackman a person who twice reached the end zone (video), one was abandoned in the first quarter kick back 57 yards for touchdowns to attack, once the third quarter in the Raiders end zone to grab lose the ball, homeopathic touchdowns. The other is that the ground offensive Packers won the 179 yards, running back Grant, 29 red 156 yards and 1 touchdown sprint six yards. Packers apparently drill ground offensive, in the cold climate of the ground offensive to do exercises.

Giants 16, Eagles 13

Giants made six straight away. Each time they have played at the Hawks game inextricably, recently met four times, two extra-time, two penalty shoot-out. Lay again with Burress in accordance with the touchdown. Although the outside to take over Burress since soon after the start in September ankle injury, did not participate in team training, but still able to frequently touchdowns, has 10 touchdowns for the giant's leading scorer. Giant has almost certainly made the first National League wild card. Under the current rating may be related to the Southern District of piracy in the playoffs hit.


Philadelphia Eagles one-year agreement with the defense Jiujiang

Restricted free agent linebacker Achim - Jordan and the team signed a one-year contract next season, will return to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jordan, 10 times last season for the Hawks starting lineup, with 82 interceptions and two steals. He started in 2008, middle of the season as starting defensive team until last season because of knee injury in 4 weeks.

With the Will - Witherspoon being released, Jordan may be back in the Hawks a weak position as a starting linebacker role.

6 feet 1 inch, 230-pound Jordan in 2007 from James Madison University as rookie free agent to join the Hawks.


Jets to take over temporarily from outside the legal case

New York Jets team is to take over Bulei Long - John Edwards in the absence of training for the day Tuesday, rushed to Cleveland to participate in the trial, for "disturbing the public order act" misdemeanor has no objection to the proceedings, have applied for bail after the return to training ground.

Edwards said: "Now that things have gone, I can temporarily forget it, I can wholeheartedly into Jets training, I am happy that now I can easily play." As the accused in the October 5 beaten outside a bar in Cleveland NBA star LeBron - James, a friend of Edwards in November was charged with misdemeanor assault, pleaded not guilty when he has made. Is not to defend the judge gave him a 180-day waiting period and a fine of 1000 U.S. dollars, and his release on bail not be activated (inactive), means that he does not report to the officials, the daily whereabouts, so Edwards is no longer worry about the rest of season, he said: "The decision let me free, the case will not allow me distracted, they wait for a ruling on some, in fact, is equivalent to an end, and now I can put 100 percent into the future of the game."

NFL players will follow a code of conduct to assess the behavior of Edwards, but Edwards by the federal penalties for non-optimistic, because he had no criminal record, he said: "After 180 days of probation, if I have no other bad behavior, it will not be misdemeanor penalty, Roger - Goodell will also make corresponding decisions, no matter what he decides, I support, and now he did not say anything, so I can continue to play. "Edwards had originally thought that they can be exempt on the court, but the Monday night, suddenly received a notice, you must appear in court the next day, so he was aboard the plane at 6 am went to Cleveland, the afternoon to fly back, and finally be able to catch up with the second day of training. Since being traded to the Jets since the Edwards advance the ball 35 times 541 yards and four touchdowns in the victory over the Tigers game, he caught the ball two times only to advance 15 yards.


Seattle Seahawks defensive end with the signing tap

This week, Seattle Seahawks and defensive end Daryl - tap contract, and and the starting security Wei-De Weng - Grant termination, which is the new coach Peter - Carroll and general manager, John - Schneider on the ball team continues to transform part of it. Monday's earlier Hou, took over the Seahawks and the outer Rouville - Martin signed a one-year contract, and the front end - Chris Baker signed a multi-year contract.

Tap in the second round of 2006 draft was selected Seahawks last year, he played 16 games, 49 second intercept, 2.5 sack and one forced off the ball. Hawks in the sea the effectiveness of four seasons he was a total of 18 times sack. In his Twitter account on the tap to say "have a job I like to do really is a gift of God. Always thank my opportunity."

Seattle 3 season, Grant is starting all 48 games, and his 144 consecutive games started. Grant has 78 times last season, an interception and three steals. Grant, 31-year-old next season should be four million U.S. dollars salary.


NFL labor agreement on sensitive issues Answers

To help fans better understand the NFL labor agreement and the collective bargaining process, "Sports Illustrated" magazine published an article in the form of questions and answers explain some of the issues related to labor agreements.

Q: What time will not be renewed after the expiry of collective agreement?

A: March 2011

Q: The 2011 draft still do?

A: There are

Q: What is the current labor agreement, "last season, a year"?

A: "Last season, a year" refers to the collective agreement in the last year of non-renewal of the existing labor agreement, then the final year is 2010 season, this year, beginning March 5.
Q: The so-called "last season year" and other "season," The there and different?

A: The main difference is in the "last season," The salary cap is not, and no other additional terms and free agent players incomes.

Q: The active player's well-being "last season," The effects you?

A: The player's benefits may be reduced, the players union have agreed to the season in the final years, the club can not afford a number of welfare projects, such as re-employment guarantee, the players pensions, severance pay and performance bonuses. All the clubs last season for the above project in the total spent 300 million 25 million U.S. dollars, an average of more than 10 million U.S. dollars per team.

Q: The welfare of retired players will be affected?

A: NFL president, Roger - Goodell has written to the NFL Retired Players Association executive director, said that in the last year, will not reduce the pension and disability benefits, from the autumn of 2007 onwards, NFL bosses also promised will not reduce this part of the expenditure, but also will not reduce the 88 planned inputs.

Note: The plan refers to the 88 team owners to pay annually up to 88,000 U.S. dollars per capita, as the brain can not take care of themselves with the care costs of retired players.

Q: 2010 How will the non-restricted free agent?

A: The salary cap in a season, if a player played in four years or more after the end of the contract will automatically become non-restricted free agent, in the last years of a season, a player must be playing in six years to become non - Restricted free agent, non-restricted free agent can sign with any other team, rather than any compensation to the original effect of the team.


Cleveland Browns and Anderson termination

Cleveland Browns on trade from Seattle to substitute the day after quarterback Seneca Wallace, the team gave up on Tuesday that All-Star who had a quarterback - Derek - Anderson.

Anderson came out 29 touchdowns passes and led the team created a 10 team wins six negative history records, he was elected in 2007, the All-Star team. However, since then, his promising career into a corner. The start of last season, he lost the starting position, replaced by Brady - Quinn, which he later returned to the starting lineup once again relegated to the bench. When Quinn is injured, he returned to starting position, and the Cleveland Browns won the last two games.

Anderson, now 26-year-old played in the Cleveland Browns team five seasons, he was in 2005 Baltimore Ravens selected, then traded to the Cleveland Browns. Anderson on March 19 should be given a list of two million U.S. dollars prize money, his salary in 2010 will reach 7.45 million U.S. dollars, a heavy economic burden Cleveland Browns decided to give his reasons. "I want to thank Derek for his in the past five years, the contribution for the Cleveland Browns," coach Eric Mangini said in a statement, "We asked him to do everything he did, coaching such a a competitive player is a pleasant thing. I wish him every success in the coming days. "

In 2007, Anderson, 3,787 yards passing in his 29 passing, 17 second pass on the outside to take over Bulei Long - John Edwards, this has been taken over outside the Cleveland Browns last season was sold to New York Jets. Has the strongest arm, as one of the NFL players, Anderson never failed to repeat his 2007's success. In the last season of seven games, Anderson completed only 182 passes in 81 times (passing success rate 45%) totaled 888 yards, including three touchdowns passing, and 10 steals. October 11 last year, the Buffalo, strong winds, Anderson 17 passes, only two were successful and a total of 23 yards, but the Cleveland Browns finally to 6-3 victory over the Buffalo Bill Team . Anderson's 42.1 rating is extremely bad points, starting at the Anderson Brown race record of 3 wins 4 losses. Regardless of his own struggles and those from the Cleveland Browns fans like the constant criticism of Quinn, Anderson had never complained before, remains one of the leaders as a team inside.

Last year, December 20, Quinn leg injuries, after that, Anderson return to the starter, and have achieved victory in the final two games, Cleveland Brown, a four-game winning streak ended the final game, which also saved mandji to dump to Nepal.

Anderson is likely to soon join another team. His 6-foot 6-inch height, he was young, and his strong arm, a rare enough to make NFL general managers salivate. He also had a 34 times starting experience.

For the Cleveland Browns, their quarterback for choosing the direction is unclear. Quinn failed to meet expectations; Wallace, this with the Cleveland Browns President Mike - Holmgren worked in the Seahawks players, he has a good all-round skills, but they do not see in him to the future prospects. Holmgren said last week that the team is trying to find the one quarterback, but did not made it clear that this is where the election means that the free agent or through a trade. Cleveland Browns in April's draft, there will be 11 in options, the club is likely to pick out a good player and cultivate those.


Saints "Rodeo" and write a Super Bowl Disciples

In the soul-stirring the 44th Super Bowl, the Saints team 31-17 overwhelming Colts great advantage, in addition to MVP Brisbane, the array in a number of outstanding members of generals, let us look back on their brilliant performance.

Quarterback: Drew - Brisbane

39 passes 32 successful, distance 288 yards, two touchdowns, the data very well, taking into account his audience is very precise and stable pass, especially after the three passes are not in place only three times, did not give a small Colts defensive team a second chance with Peyton - Manning the right place honors gained the upper hand.

Kick player: Garrett - Hartley

The three kicks three field kick, but also from 46 yards, respectively, 44 yards and 47 yards, and he scored in the regular season, the longest free-kick just 38 yards, showing that the Super Bowl for the second year of him, is indeed a milestone of success.

Kok Wei: Tracy - Porter

The second-graders will certainly be able to enter All-Star Game, he was the ball has a special sense of smell, one eye on the insight into Manning's intention, after running away with backcourt steals completely locked the Saints victory.

Running back: Pierre - Thomas

To reach double-digit this year, all of his ball games, Saints have not lost, today is no exception, he ran 15 times with the ball in 85 yards, as in the final performance of the League of Nations, as he used a beautiful The counterattack began to dive touchdowns declared.

Linebacker: Jonathan - Verma

His line of defense in the Saints play the role of the fire brigade, where the need arises where the foreign take over of harassment is also very effective in this field, he contributed seven times Tackle or block.

Outside to take over: Max - Colston

Once upon a time, as long as he can get the ball means that the first attack, this game he showed tough, although no touchdowns, but the ball a distance of 83 yards, the highest-oriented team.
Outer took over: Reims - Moore

Although the team pick the players down on the list, but there are wild lily spring, in two minutes with additional minutes, he was out of bounds in the upcoming difficult situation, looking at the ball touchdowns to help the Saints seven points ahead, the pressure completely throw to the Colts.


Two-time NFL All-Star side front signed with the Jaguar team

Jacksonville Jaguars team last season with the veteran, rookie, the former first-round draft pick and some players did not participate on the opponent's quarterback hopes to create an ongoing assault. Even if there are different schemes, a variety of offensive and some new faces, but to create an effective impact on opponents quarterback situation and did not happen. Jaguar team last season and 14 sack performance was the lowest in team history, but also NFL history 15 low.

Boss Wayne - Weaver, general manager Jean - Smith and coach Jack - Del Rio have vowed to re-defense, they know that if you can not give more pressure on opponent's quarterback is not much chance to enter teams the playoffs. They may have been two-time All-Star Aaron - Chapman who found a solution. The 30-year-old defensive end signed Sunday and the Jaguar team, giving the market the smaller teams in the blitz quarterback plight of links provides a first-class help. Jacksonville this week by signing Kassem - Osgood has also helped improve the strength of SWAT team. Team in the free agent market opened last Friday before the eye on Chapman. Jaguar team hopes to sign a Chapman team or the former Tennessee defensive end Kyle - Vanden - Bosque, but the latter, and Detroit signed a four-year deal worth 26 million contract.

Although Chapman's left knee has a torn cruciate ligament injury, but he more than Vanden - Bosque little one year old, and despite the 2009 season, he only played nine games, but the sack than the number of Vanden -- more than half of Vicente del Bosque. Chapman's signing also gives former first-round pick Derrick - Harvey and the second-round pick Quentin - Geluofusi a strong signal, survival of the fittest, the two people in the past two seasons are trying hard.


Spanish art to the French school football

"Un autremonde", this phrase translates to "another world" means, which is yesterday, the famous French sports newspaper "L'Equipe" the cover headline. In this heading is one of Spain's David Villa scored the first goal after the celebration photos. In the "Equipe" It seems that this comes from Valencia striker is a key figure in the game: "This is a highly efficient player, he has a superb technology to help lead the European champions."

"Equipe", including the text, wrote: "Spain is worth a stroll in France, confirmed them as the best football team in today's world identity. In fact, the Spanish team just need to keep passing, while the French team half of the players are Spanish ass behind the non-transport. "

In addition, to the player's score in the best-selling French sports newspaper for the Spanish team had six players hit 7 points (out of 10 points) or more, they are: Ramos, Pique, Alonso, Busquets, Cesc Fabregas and Iniesta. Only Harvey and Silva's performance was criticized. The former is because he did not play a decisive role in that past, while the latter is due to poor performance. Contrast is that the "Equipe" on Domenech's France team made a fierce criticism: "They have no worth mentioning the performance of both had no talent, no fighting spirit." Striker played for Barcelona Henry is one of the lowest scores of the players, he has only been played three minutes. "We also need to be patient to wait for Henry to prepare for the World Cup," the report commented.

Another newspaper "Le Parisien" pointed out: "The French team was an indisputably authentic Spanish team to beat." Newspaper sharply criticized the French team's performance: "Spain is like playing in the San Zhao step, The French team is not entirely a whole. "

France, told reporters that Domenech's team in the competition for midfield defeated difficult for them to accurately pass the ball, allowing a skilled Spaniards are free to play. "Le Parisien" will be played in Real Madrid's Lash performance as one of the best players: "Lars is the only one outstanding performance midfielder, who is also the only first half had shot player. He also a very strong desire to win. "

"20 minutes" is entitled: "We need to find the World Cup team." Newspaper added: "This time, little children dressed in white, adults dressed in blue." (2008-2009 season, Evra had Manchester United and Arsenal's Champions League after the audacity to say that their teams are and 11 kids playing a game.)

"Spain to the French a lesson in the art of football", which is the French "Le Monde" in the title. The paper praised in a report that Spain was "an artistic peak in the team, whether it is in controlling the rhythm in terms of efficiency or true." "Le Monde" also reported that the electronic version of the French team's defeat even in the National Assembly, has repercussions. Reported that the French "UMP" Ge Nuote representatives of the National Assembly yesterday to the French sports minister submitted a written motion, proposed the immediate lifting of the French team coach Raymond Domenech's job. Ge Nuote in his book "Domenech's head" in a blog again referred to this issue, he said that the French team's performance "very absurd," while all this is none other Domenech.