NFL labor agreement on sensitive issues Answers

To help fans better understand the NFL labor agreement and the collective bargaining process, "Sports Illustrated" magazine published an article in the form of questions and answers explain some of the issues related to labor agreements.

Q: What time will not be renewed after the expiry of collective agreement?

A: March 2011

Q: The 2011 draft still do?

A: There are

Q: What is the current labor agreement, "last season, a year"?

A: "Last season, a year" refers to the collective agreement in the last year of non-renewal of the existing labor agreement, then the final year is 2010 season, this year, beginning March 5.
Q: The so-called "last season year" and other "season," The there and different?

A: The main difference is in the "last season," The salary cap is not, and no other additional terms and free agent players incomes.

Q: The active player's well-being "last season," The effects you?

A: The player's benefits may be reduced, the players union have agreed to the season in the final years, the club can not afford a number of welfare projects, such as re-employment guarantee, the players pensions, severance pay and performance bonuses. All the clubs last season for the above project in the total spent 300 million 25 million U.S. dollars, an average of more than 10 million U.S. dollars per team.

Q: The welfare of retired players will be affected?

A: NFL president, Roger - Goodell has written to the NFL Retired Players Association executive director, said that in the last year, will not reduce the pension and disability benefits, from the autumn of 2007 onwards, NFL bosses also promised will not reduce this part of the expenditure, but also will not reduce the 88 planned inputs.

Note: The plan refers to the 88 team owners to pay annually up to 88,000 U.S. dollars per capita, as the brain can not take care of themselves with the care costs of retired players.

Q: 2010 How will the non-restricted free agent?

A: The salary cap in a season, if a player played in four years or more after the end of the contract will automatically become non-restricted free agent, in the last years of a season, a player must be playing in six years to become non - Restricted free agent, non-restricted free agent can sign with any other team, rather than any compensation to the original effect of the team.