Packers beat Raiders

Raiders 7, Packers 38

Although there is no suspense in this battle, but the Packers score means are unique. SWAT team members Blackman a person who twice reached the end zone (video), one was abandoned in the first quarter kick back 57 yards for touchdowns to attack, once the third quarter in the Raiders end zone to grab lose the ball, homeopathic touchdowns. The other is that the ground offensive Packers won the 179 yards, running back Grant, 29 red 156 yards and 1 touchdown sprint six yards. Packers apparently drill ground offensive, in the cold climate of the ground offensive to do exercises.

Giants 16, Eagles 13

Giants made six straight away. Each time they have played at the Hawks game inextricably, recently met four times, two extra-time, two penalty shoot-out. Lay again with Burress in accordance with the touchdown. Although the outside to take over Burress since soon after the start in September ankle injury, did not participate in team training, but still able to frequently touchdowns, has 10 touchdowns for the giant's leading scorer. Giant has almost certainly made the first National League wild card. Under the current rating may be related to the Southern District of piracy in the playoffs hit.