Saints "Rodeo" and write a Super Bowl Disciples

In the soul-stirring the 44th Super Bowl, the Saints team 31-17 overwhelming Colts great advantage, in addition to MVP Brisbane, the array in a number of outstanding members of generals, let us look back on their brilliant performance.

Quarterback: Drew - Brisbane

39 passes 32 successful, distance 288 yards, two touchdowns, the data very well, taking into account his audience is very precise and stable pass, especially after the three passes are not in place only three times, did not give a small Colts defensive team a second chance with Peyton - Manning the right place honors gained the upper hand.

Kick player: Garrett - Hartley

The three kicks three field kick, but also from 46 yards, respectively, 44 yards and 47 yards, and he scored in the regular season, the longest free-kick just 38 yards, showing that the Super Bowl for the second year of him, is indeed a milestone of success.

Kok Wei: Tracy - Porter

The second-graders will certainly be able to enter All-Star Game, he was the ball has a special sense of smell, one eye on the insight into Manning's intention, after running away with backcourt steals completely locked the Saints victory.

Running back: Pierre - Thomas

To reach double-digit this year, all of his ball games, Saints have not lost, today is no exception, he ran 15 times with the ball in 85 yards, as in the final performance of the League of Nations, as he used a beautiful The counterattack began to dive touchdowns declared.

Linebacker: Jonathan - Verma

His line of defense in the Saints play the role of the fire brigade, where the need arises where the foreign take over of harassment is also very effective in this field, he contributed seven times Tackle or block.

Outside to take over: Max - Colston

Once upon a time, as long as he can get the ball means that the first attack, this game he showed tough, although no touchdowns, but the ball a distance of 83 yards, the highest-oriented team.
Outer took over: Reims - Moore

Although the team pick the players down on the list, but there are wild lily spring, in two minutes with additional minutes, he was out of bounds in the upcoming difficult situation, looking at the ball touchdowns to help the Saints seven points ahead, the pressure completely throw to the Colts.