Two-time NFL All-Star side front signed with the Jaguar team

Jacksonville Jaguars team last season with the veteran, rookie, the former first-round draft pick and some players did not participate on the opponent's quarterback hopes to create an ongoing assault. Even if there are different schemes, a variety of offensive and some new faces, but to create an effective impact on opponents quarterback situation and did not happen. Jaguar team last season and 14 sack performance was the lowest in team history, but also NFL history 15 low.

Boss Wayne - Weaver, general manager Jean - Smith and coach Jack - Del Rio have vowed to re-defense, they know that if you can not give more pressure on opponent's quarterback is not much chance to enter teams the playoffs. They may have been two-time All-Star Aaron - Chapman who found a solution. The 30-year-old defensive end signed Sunday and the Jaguar team, giving the market the smaller teams in the blitz quarterback plight of links provides a first-class help. Jacksonville this week by signing Kassem - Osgood has also helped improve the strength of SWAT team. Team in the free agent market opened last Friday before the eye on Chapman. Jaguar team hopes to sign a Chapman team or the former Tennessee defensive end Kyle - Vanden - Bosque, but the latter, and Detroit signed a four-year deal worth 26 million contract.

Although Chapman's left knee has a torn cruciate ligament injury, but he more than Vanden - Bosque little one year old, and despite the 2009 season, he only played nine games, but the sack than the number of Vanden -- more than half of Vicente del Bosque. Chapman's signing also gives former first-round pick Derrick - Harvey and the second-round pick Quentin - Geluofusi a strong signal, survival of the fittest, the two people in the past two seasons are trying hard.