People without fear or defensive line play was only 2.18 of the Cardinals ace Wright

Temporarily National League ERA champions of the St. Louis Cardinals Weienlaite (Adam Wainwright), actually in the Cardinals and Washington Nationals in a series of war last fall down! Although only the Board voted 5 Wright soared 7K, but also hit in six hits, including Moss (Michael Morse) shot a total of 2 points dropped 4 points, but the Cardinals hit line is restricted by the National pitcher only 2 points of attack, so Wright is not only Kutun defeat, but also for the defense rate Wang throne.

People without fear or defensive line play was only 2.18 of the Cardinals ace Wright, 2 Bureau in Dunn (Adam Dunn), Moss and pitcher Renan (John Lannan), under the series 3 hits and scored 2 points, while Wright After the first 3 innings by Morse to send Dunn home run attack and then fell 2 points, leaving the starting 4 5 Board lost a lost battle pitching performance.


Tony Pena 9 Bureau of ending the Orioles still let fly

Before the Battle command sweeping 11K, Jackson soared today to double-digit strikeouts, a career for the first time not only to create this initiative, is the former ace Javier Vazquez from the White Sox since the team first time the history of 3 years.

Tony Pena 9 Bureau of ending the Orioles still let fly, take over the task of reaching shutout.

Jackson not only amazing, White Sox 14, hit double Grand humiliating opponents, Alex Rios is the very highlight of playing online, 4 legs under the safety cover for fast soared back to score Juan Pierre, 8 Pierre cooperation with the Bureau has a pleasant, two-point shot icing on the cake , single-field three hits, three RBIs to create a heavy blow.

Jackson relied on strong cast, Rios hit Hao, White Sox 5 series suspension of the game losing streak. War low of 16 to 11 defeat of socks (69 wins 58 lost) to the top of the AL Central, a half games behind the Twins 3.

New York Yankees (25) to 11 to 5 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays

Yesterday, the New York Yankees (25) to 11 to 5 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays, though, and Blue Jays also fired today, 8 security, but the offensive is not consistent, with authority on good pitching and the other two home runs, including fire and closing 3 to 6 defeat, one win and 2 losses to lose this series. The Tampa Bay Rays also lost to the Los Angeles Angels 3 to 12, currently in the AL East and the Yankees shared top spot.

Wales (Vernon Wells) 4 at bats 3 hits, 4 RBIs coming down, only a thin base hit to complete the full blow, winning the team hero. Bureau of knocking his first 3 Paragraph 1 sub-base hits, 3 Bureau of H 2 min gun, 4 Bureau of the infield and then hit play, so Hill (Aaron Hill) back to home plate scoring.

Blue Jays Cecil (Brett Cecil) starting 8 7 Security Council was knocked just because Tan Musi (Marcus Thames) 2 points gun lost 2 points, and cast a 5k and two walks, but fortunately Terminator Greg (Kevin Gregg ) under the bases loaded in the 9 pm to get rid of Gelandesen (Curtis Granderson), to help Cecil hold 11 wins this season, also won his 29th save.


Run into the AL Central cellar of the Indians

Run into the AL Central cellar of the Indians, the Yankees today (27) appears to underestimate the enemy, until 8 on a stick until Curtis Granderson from the two sub-gun war situation reversed, 3 to 2 win over opponents, Lien Chan, the first three were pulled hold the event.

Began at the Yankees, Jake Westbrook but do not know, "Grateful," Diamond played line into "temporary hit line", the first fight I paid the full term expires, until the 4th Board was opened by a solo shot Nick Swisher Hu, after breaking power, Westbrook gradually "concessions", 5 on walks Jorge Posada, Granderson then knocked security, but fortunately the autumn shoulder strong character development to keep power, forward pass second base to want to steal the Granderson grief.

Indians also relied on a long break the egg, Travis Hafner 2 Board has taken the lead in the right field off firecrackers, Jason Donald 6 doubles start next is just pipe the next bar fight was assassinated due to base running mistake, so that Michael Brantley infielder choose to stay alone in first base, but supplemented Choo hit a double to escort the Indians back into a Leibao points ahead.


Gini can not wait to return to the court

St. Louis Cardinals relief pitcher Gini (Josh Kinney) Tommy John surgery in the Activity End and after rehabilitation has been prepared to participate in spring training, started his new season.

Gini in 2006, Major League, 21 games that year, voted 25 Council voted, 22 strikeouts, 3.24 ERA last year for injuries and rehabilitation, leading to the whole bathing season, and now he is still elbow bone chips But he said: "I have one hundred percent healed, bone fragments have no effect on me, now I have started receiving and passing exercises, every day will lose 150 feet away, next week I will increase to 180 feet."

Gini can not wait to return to the court, he is expected to stand in the February vote on the mound practicing in mid-March spring training exhibition game played in an official pitch. Gini in 2006 was an indispensable array Cardinals relief pitcher, if he can board the board this year, the successful season, the Cardinals bullpen could add combat capability.


New York Yankees at Tampa Bay next month to launch a new season in spring training

New York Yankees at Tampa Bay next month to launch a new season in spring training, in addition to the original list of 40 people were logged in, this year they are not invited to the list of 26 players to participate, hoping to find treasure.

The Yankees this year, new faces, new Zongjiao Tou Qiao Ladi (Joe Girardi) prepare for the big move to recruit brave fighters and look forward to leading the Yankees to play this year with new vitality.

In addition to the list of 40 players, the Yankees also invited nine pitchers, five catchers, five infielder, outfielder 7 to participate in spring training, which also includes the players the Yankees skillet Green (Nick Green) and Rui Sina (Darrell Rasner), They hope to return to the stage Yankees, spring training this year, players will compete among one another more.


Maguire accumulated 583 career home runs

Tommy Strong Hall of Fame this year, losing again break through the barrier, only got 158 votes, 29.1% of the vote obtained in the percentage of votes for all candidates ranked seventh. In addition more attention should be subject to the former Cardinals home run king Maguire, his second this year, won the candidacy, the only in the doping affair, the only off 128 votes or 23.6%, ranked ninth, did not favored by the review.

Maguire accumulated 583 career home runs, ranking ninth in major league history, in 1998 he and former Cubs home run king Sosa home run race show, all the way fierce battle to the ball end of the quarter, Maguire finally a record 70 total bases, 66 homers power Kesuo Sha, Major League history to become the most classic memories.

Unexpectedly, Maguire was the former Athletics slugger Quincey Ke (Jose Canseco) published a book named injected drugs, Maguire attended the 2005 State Reform Committee hearing to clarify he did not use steroids, even so, the image is damaged, only votes from the Hall of Fame this year, progress in the single digits over last year can be seen.


New York Yankees vice president Hank (Hank Steinbrenner) has just concluded a long holiday to return to work

New York Yankees vice president Hank (Hank Steinbrenner) has just concluded a long holiday to return to work, his first goal in the New Year is buttoned Santana (Johan Santana) in trade cases, exert its utmost determination to show.

Hank said the U.S. media today, the Yankees have made the best trading conditions, he believes the Twins will not make the final choice in the Yankees before, go to trade with another team.

Hank is still English, but with reservations, and the Yankees declined to release the ultimate bargaining chip. Yankees rumors may be from Hughes (Phil Hughes) and Kennedy (Ian Kennedy) selected from one of two rookies, plus outfielder Miguel Cabrera (Melky Cabrera) or pitcher Marquez (Jeff Marquez), and a Yankees minor league pitcher, as Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) was "not for sale."

Hank unwilling to pay more to explain, he only said: "Only the Yankees could make the Twins and Santana made the most satisfactory conditions." Media reports, two Cy Young Award pitcher Santana Lion's opening, will present six-year 100 million 20 million U.S. dollars contract, these conditions are not all teams can pay, let the rich and powerful Yankees filter out some competitors.

Yankees principal rival is none other than the greater New York area belong to the Mets, the Mets made a 5-for-1 conditions, including pitcher Peifo Rui (Mike Pelfrey), pitcher Humber (Philip Humber), Mu Victoria (Kevin Mulvey), outfielder Gomez (Carlos Gomez) and Martinez (Fernando Martinez), are young and potential players.

As for the Mets last year's rate of 2 percent against 80, to create a single-season record of 78 stolen bases shortstop Reyes, the rumor may be "coded" trading partners, but the Mets general manager Minaya (Omar Minaya) denied said that Reyes is the team "for sale", he will not trade Reyes for Santana brought.

It is reported that the Red Sox to join the ranks of Santana robbed the purpose of Tang Hunshui force the Yankees to pay a higher price, but Hank think this is nonsense. "Although this is good to get Santana De things, even if Mo Zhengqu to Ye does not matter, Yinweihenduo Bu Xiwangshiqu Hughes, Yankees fans, even with Xian situation, the next two to three years, the Yankees team will train the best pitcher Chu, Jin Nianzhe awarded young pitcher also makes people something to look forward. "


MLB Major League Baseball players today published a survey of steroid use

MLB Major League Baseball players today published a survey of steroid use, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and many other superstars have all been named, which for the baseball culture of rampant doping allegations undoubtedly sharp, the players union on to challenge this White House is also eager to learn details of the report.

Mitchell's report for two months since some of the players on the field use of drugs to enhance the performance of speculation come to an end, that baseball is widespread use of synthetic steroids have been more than a decade.

Reported that all 30 major league teams have the players to use this muscle enhancer.

Players union accused the main Xi Feier Mitchell with the report's approach and questioned the credibility of the source content, and wonder why the union has not received advance copy of the report.


U.S. Justice Department officials said today that Major League Baseball (MLB) home run king Barry Bonds used steroids as alleged in the case of the in

U.S. Justice Department officials said today that Major League Baseball (MLB) home run king Barry Bonds used steroids as alleged in the case of the investigation, lying to investigators, U.S. federal grand jury for alleged perjury and obstruction of justice charges to prosecute.
Bonds belongs in the San Francisco Giants said in a statement: "Today is a sad day for many years, Bonds is an important member of the team, but also the most gifted of his time one of baseball players."

"These are serious allegations, since the judicial process has begun, we look forward to this matter can be resolved in court."

40-year-old Bonds will be on Dec. 7 to plead, the court may in the 2008 trial.

If all were convicted, Bonds could face up to three years in prison.

Bonds's lawyer Rui Enzi, said the authorities have long tried to catch Bonds, but he was curious, what is before them now is not evidence.

Jury continues to investigate allegations of tax evasion against Bonds, but Bonds did not sue to those charges.

Federal judge today ordered the release of long-time Bonds trainer, because the Bay Area Laboratory (BALCO) case the Anderson jail.


Yankees 13, in time for the masters of catcher pshada

Torre (Joe Torre) leave the player exodus detonation wave, the Yankees have finally reached a preliminary "bleeding" action.

Yankees 13, in time for the masters of catcher pshada (Jorge Posada) into the free market prior to the four-year 52.4 million dollar cost of "interception" success, in-house under a panic situation, the stabilization factor, let pshada Beyond Tiger Luodelizi (Ivan Rodriguez) and the Red Sox Jason Varitek (Jason Varitek), to an average of 13.1 million salary to become the highest paid major league catcher.

Although the renewal message has not been confirmed Yankees baseball, but I am on the 11th pshada has hinted that the media has entered contract negotiations with the Yankees the "final stage", the U.S. media have disclosed this information, such as pshada on the New Testament through the physical examination that take effect.

Pshada, 36, 13-year professional baseball career, all dedicated to the Yankees, AL-Star team selected five times, last quarter called pshada personal records, 3 into the 38 team against the highest rate of home, 5 percent hit rate of 43 long and 4 into 26 of the base rate for both career highs.


Can not wait to return to Boston to celebrate the Red Sox in 29

Compared to a wait of 86 years to get rid of "Babe Ruth curse", this time the Red Sox are separated by only 3 years to once again dominate the World Series.

Can not wait to return to Boston to celebrate the Red Sox in 29, fourth at the World Championship battle is not dragging its feet, relying on Derek Lowe (Mike Lowell), Kai Outi (Bobby Kielty) solo shot two rounds of cheering, and the patron saint of Popper Peng ( Jonathan Papelbon) won the series 3 games, led the successful rescue to 4:3 gas to go Rocky, won the World Series four straight Gold Cup.

After sweeping the Cardinals 4-0 in 2004, the Red Sox once again the National League Championship, "winding up", down a total of four wars, the Red Sox in the scores to 29:10 Tongzai Rocky overwhelming advantage, not a little luck to win.

Also 7 wins, Rocky, Red Sox, has a different situation, Rocky to the National League wild card status, seven game winning streak reach the World Series, the first challenge of the highest momentum in team history the Red Sox poured a bucket of cold water been, Bong "Impossible is Nothing "as a standard of the Red Sox, American League Championship Series backwardness from 1:3 to open the" mission impossible ", a seven-game winning streak end with a perfect champion.

Only 22-year-old Lester Red Sox (Jon Lester) to replace the injured "Butterfly Ball Master" Weikefeide (Tim Wakefield) start registration plate, the first time in his career postseason start, Lester shows ranking officer , pitched 5.2 hit in the Council only three scattered hits and scoreless for the Red Sox victory laid the foundation.

Although the home crowd blessing, Rocky still behave like "lame", the audience all the way backward, the playoffs feel "frozen" the Atkins (Garrett Atkins) has finally returned to God, Hideki Okajima from the left hand and win outfield two points guns, Rocky chase into 3:4 only down one, unfortunately the last half Bureau Popper Pen 154 km under the speed of the ball returning empty-handed repression, helplessly watching the Red Sox to open the site in their own champagne.


Matsui has been a 5-year with his teammates loose (soil reaction) Daisuke

Matsui has been a 5-year with his teammates loose (soil reaction) Daisuke, Yokohama period is well-known college stars of tomorrow, into the Seibu after pitcher Wang, strikeout king size countless awards, most Americans impressed Mo had won the Classic last year, MVP, let the Red Sox took out more than 100 million U.S. dollars of the price, it successfully recruited.

Matsui older than the flow, and pine (soil reaction) in major league spring training stage of the blowing of the "magic ball" whirlwind rookie season pay out rate of 15 wins and 12 lost 4.40 defensive report card, the seventh American League Championship Series War steady performance, it is an important contributor to the success of the Red Sox reversed.

Four years on, this time Matsui, pine (soil reaction) is no longer wearing the blue shirt Seibu Lions, but belong to the Rocky, Red Sox, and to the World Series in their own master, clash , let sock full of variables Angeles strange atmosphere of war added.