Yankees 13, in time for the masters of catcher pshada

Torre (Joe Torre) leave the player exodus detonation wave, the Yankees have finally reached a preliminary "bleeding" action.

Yankees 13, in time for the masters of catcher pshada (Jorge Posada) into the free market prior to the four-year 52.4 million dollar cost of "interception" success, in-house under a panic situation, the stabilization factor, let pshada Beyond Tiger Luodelizi (Ivan Rodriguez) and the Red Sox Jason Varitek (Jason Varitek), to an average of 13.1 million salary to become the highest paid major league catcher.

Although the renewal message has not been confirmed Yankees baseball, but I am on the 11th pshada has hinted that the media has entered contract negotiations with the Yankees the "final stage", the U.S. media have disclosed this information, such as pshada on the New Testament through the physical examination that take effect.

Pshada, 36, 13-year professional baseball career, all dedicated to the Yankees, AL-Star team selected five times, last quarter called pshada personal records, 3 into the 38 team against the highest rate of home, 5 percent hit rate of 43 long and 4 into 26 of the base rate for both career highs.