Gini can not wait to return to the court

St. Louis Cardinals relief pitcher Gini (Josh Kinney) Tommy John surgery in the Activity End and after rehabilitation has been prepared to participate in spring training, started his new season.

Gini in 2006, Major League, 21 games that year, voted 25 Council voted, 22 strikeouts, 3.24 ERA last year for injuries and rehabilitation, leading to the whole bathing season, and now he is still elbow bone chips But he said: "I have one hundred percent healed, bone fragments have no effect on me, now I have started receiving and passing exercises, every day will lose 150 feet away, next week I will increase to 180 feet."

Gini can not wait to return to the court, he is expected to stand in the February vote on the mound practicing in mid-March spring training exhibition game played in an official pitch. Gini in 2006 was an indispensable array Cardinals relief pitcher, if he can board the board this year, the successful season, the Cardinals bullpen could add combat capability.