Maguire accumulated 583 career home runs

Tommy Strong Hall of Fame this year, losing again break through the barrier, only got 158 votes, 29.1% of the vote obtained in the percentage of votes for all candidates ranked seventh. In addition more attention should be subject to the former Cardinals home run king Maguire, his second this year, won the candidacy, the only in the doping affair, the only off 128 votes or 23.6%, ranked ninth, did not favored by the review.

Maguire accumulated 583 career home runs, ranking ninth in major league history, in 1998 he and former Cubs home run king Sosa home run race show, all the way fierce battle to the ball end of the quarter, Maguire finally a record 70 total bases, 66 homers power Kesuo Sha, Major League history to become the most classic memories.

Unexpectedly, Maguire was the former Athletics slugger Quincey Ke (Jose Canseco) published a book named injected drugs, Maguire attended the 2005 State Reform Committee hearing to clarify he did not use steroids, even so, the image is damaged, only votes from the Hall of Fame this year, progress in the single digits over last year can be seen.