Although he completed the task on 8 and 9 but was Kelly on the promise

Although he completed the task on 8 and 9 but was Kelly on the promise (Ryan Kalish) and Hall (Bill Hall) knock hits, and they continue to push forward with the speed, the last sacrifice fly ahead by more than a few, leading the Yankees not only lost , also become backward, Rivera was also recorded on a rescue failed.

And 9 under the ocean Jikan Nuo (Robinson Cano) then score the equalizer, but unfortunately not back again offensive. 10, the Glenn Anderson (Curtis Granderson) and Gu Dena (Brett Gardner) are on base, followed by Derek Jeter (Derek Jeter) was intentionally walked, forming the bases loaded. While the Red Sox catch a first scoreless outs, but Hideki Okajima threw goodbye Quedui Miranda walks, the Yankees avoid being swept at home, hard won victory.

Today the two sides have missed the Terminator, Rivera swallow rescue failed the 5th season, it is September the 3rd, and the Piper (Jonathan Papelbon) is the 8th season rescue failed.


St. Louis Cardinals strong cast Wainwright (Adam Wainwright) 25

St. Louis Cardinals strong cast Wainwright (Adam Wainwright) 25, Taiwan time registration plate against the Chicago Cubs force, starting 6 Board, only lost 1 points to lead the Cardinals to 7:1 victory, won 20 games Wainwright wins, but also the first three major league win this season 20 wins pitcher, grabbed the opportunity to the throne of the National League Cy Young Award.

Cardinals Craig (Allen Craig) on a Board, slamming left field three-run homer for the Cardinals the victory lay a foundation, the audience hit nine hits, but the firepower concentrated in the former Bureau grabbed all 4 Field 7 points; the Cubs offensive dispersed audience, although six hits, but only by a Manny Ramirez (Aramis Ramirez) at 2 under Board knocked from the hands of Wainwright's solo shot, scored the only points.


Torre (Joe Torre) and the New York Yankees broke up

2007 quarters, Torre (Joe Torre) and the New York Yankees broke up, but also because in 2009 a book with the general manager Cashman (Brian Cashman) reduced the relationship between the freezing point. Quarters may retire this year, Torre, Yankee Stadium today to participate in return for the late George big boss (George Steinbrenner) erected a monument in Monument Park ceremony, and Cashman embrace aside all the pains and sorrows past.

Yankees in July this year the death of the boss erected a monument ceremony held today at home as scheduled, which in addition to the fans, then the team down with opponents outside of the Tampa Bay Rays in the field, the former head coach, is Rendao Qi Zong Jiaotou Torre also in person to participate and express the gratitude George passed away the big boss, "10 years of cooperation, which is hard to avoid when the disagreement, but if not he given the chance, I do not have space to bring up the cause." As in 2009 and Cashman Center under the Department of knot, also retired on the eve of Torre has a good ending.


The win for the Yankees in the American League East

Major League Baseball MLB New York Yankees (Yankees), today Corntown stadium (Camden Yards) 11 to 3 win over the host Baltimore Orioles (Orioles), Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia) 20 wins to become the first pitcher this season.

The win for the Yankees in the American League East, continue to half-game ahead of Tampa Bay Rays (Rays).

Shabaxiya 7 strikeouts four batters in the Council, was knocked seven hits, losing 3 points, 1 walks. This is the first time he won 20 games a season.

Yankees fired a total of 13 hits today, Gelandesen (CurtisGranderson) and Cannone (Robinson Cano) were belted a 3 points and 2-run homer.


The Twins once again display its power wire at this time in taking advantage of five other pitchers for walks

The Twins once again display its power wire at this time in taking advantage of five other pitchers for walks on a fielder's fielding errors with the first to Cundall (Michael Cuddyer)'s sacrifice fly back to 1 minute, and then rely on the two sub-Yonge lay the foundation gun wins, 2 to 6 to widen the gap with the White Sox.

Unexpectedly, another Pavano situation, under the sixth inning was Boxinsiji (AJ Pierzynski) and Ramirez (Alexei Ramirez) has hit solo shot, put on "Back-to-back", was again under the bar with batters hit the base hit, so that coaches can not watch the Twins for his fate.

But taking over the rescue could not stop the bleeding and then off points in due course, making the Twin Cities and remaining 1-point lead; Fortunately, the Twins bullpen to stabilize the station even if the foot, plus the nine innings, and Cundall and Tuo Bote (Matt Tolbert) timely wave, helping the Twins swept the White Sox to win 8 to 5 nearly 12 games out of 11 race wins; and Pavano are lucky to win 17 games (11 lost), the current defense rate of 3.60.


Padres to win this crucial game

Padres to win this crucial game, bullpen also picked out with a starting pitcher Luebeck (Cory Luebke) 4.2 Board voted only to be pounded 10 hits and lost 4 points off the stage, five relief pitcher to lead to the Terminator Bell (Heath Bell), he does not live up, won 41 games this season successful rescue, the rescue were also broken for two consecutive quarters Bell 40.

Los Angeles cleric blocked the 10 game winning streak, but also for themselves in the National League West to keep the position, the current leader of the giant second half, while the third Rockies, is 2.5 games behind the Padres margin of victory.


For the first 9 points of a gap between the losing battle to the dissatisfaction

Fenway Park staged a "fireworks show," Red Sox wanton and five home runs in the audience, not only blown up by 11 to 5 light, leaving Tim Wakefield for the Red Sox won a victory in the history of the oldest pitcher to vote.

For the first 9 points of a gap between the losing battle to the dissatisfaction, the Red Sox game on in this vent them altogether, the whole 5 red to prevent gouging, which Marco Scutaro individuals to contribute to double-bang, while Adrian Beltre, David Ortiz and Victor Martinez and so also have strong long-range firepower to fight demonstration, making a guest of light was too confusing H, and fans entering the ballpark of the landlord is joy.

Continuation of the previous war crazy knock 14 points of touch, light in a start there are scores of revenue, Evan Longoria knocked in the first Board sacrifice fly that lays 1 minute, BJ Upton is swept out in two Council on 3 guns Help light shines in Boston once, but the visitors never thought about, happy hours soon past.


Lester Red Sox starting to cast 6 Board 10 strikeouts three times four or bad

Although the Bureau of the light 7, taking advantage of the Red Sox bullpen after Lester exit the confusion and put more than pinch meritorious deeds to three hits and three walks scored 3 points, it is still difficult to catch up with the Red Sox. Red Sox 7, under Board Adds 1 point, and closing on a 12 to 5 victory.

Lester Red Sox starting to cast 6 Board 10 strikeouts three times four or bad, gave up four hits and lost 2 points, scored 16 wins this season, he has voted for 3 times, starting out 10K. Starting pitcher Jeff Niemann light cast only lost 6 points to 1.2 Board exit, swallow defeat this season 10.

22-year-old Kalish played the game the number 3 hit 2 hits, plus one walks. He hit three home runs in his career, of which two are slam cannon. The previous single-season slam gun belted two Red Sox rookie, is the 1992 Bob Zupcic.


Kuo is not the first one to play with the fans

The whole process conducted more than two minutes, but the fans seemed fascinated, and just shoot the final 25 seconds of the part. In fact, pass the ball until Kuo was also the first sign for them one by one, show approachable side. Kuo performance of high-profile this season, other than race has become a focus of the movement, and he displayed such as Ichiro Suzuki as the spirit, so fans have a memorable afternoon.

9 sailors last month, the Yankees at home and war, a Long fly ball for the pick and female fans Shiqin Na (Aris Skinner) collided with and the idol out of bounds due to "accidental" touch, Shi Qinna just happy to fast crazy!

In fact, Kuo is not the first one to play with the fans, the players in transmission, 2008 Dodge Park Chan-ho still, they capriciously and the audience with music, the video was posted online.


Red hide the fast quarter ultimate weapon

"Cuban Fireball man" Aroldis Chapman really non either substance debut plate on the emission of up to 103 miles (166 kilometers) of "speed ball" to help Reds finally to 8 to 4 victory over the Brewers, leading the National League Central throne sit the more the more stable.

Red hide the fast quarter ultimate weapon, and finally today (1) debut, although home attracted only 19,218 spectators entering, but the audience is the most fortunate, because they are witnesses to the "Cuban Fireball Male "Major League debut plate, and Chapman know the importance of breaking the table with a triple-digit fastball to satisfy the fans on site, so that we see ecstatic.

8 Council on the Chapman played the first batter to face Jonathan Lucroy, career came first pitch ball to 98 miles (158 kilometers), but did not make the fans wait too long, the strength left to vote on the third ball Hurricane to 103 miles, so that the audience cheering became even greater.