Red hide the fast quarter ultimate weapon

"Cuban Fireball man" Aroldis Chapman really non either substance debut plate on the emission of up to 103 miles (166 kilometers) of "speed ball" to help Reds finally to 8 to 4 victory over the Brewers, leading the National League Central throne sit the more the more stable.

Red hide the fast quarter ultimate weapon, and finally today (1) debut, although home attracted only 19,218 spectators entering, but the audience is the most fortunate, because they are witnesses to the "Cuban Fireball Male "Major League debut plate, and Chapman know the importance of breaking the table with a triple-digit fastball to satisfy the fans on site, so that we see ecstatic.

8 Council on the Chapman played the first batter to face Jonathan Lucroy, career came first pitch ball to 98 miles (158 kilometers), but did not make the fans wait too long, the strength left to vote on the third ball Hurricane to 103 miles, so that the audience cheering became even greater.