Torre (Joe Torre) and the New York Yankees broke up

2007 quarters, Torre (Joe Torre) and the New York Yankees broke up, but also because in 2009 a book with the general manager Cashman (Brian Cashman) reduced the relationship between the freezing point. Quarters may retire this year, Torre, Yankee Stadium today to participate in return for the late George big boss (George Steinbrenner) erected a monument in Monument Park ceremony, and Cashman embrace aside all the pains and sorrows past.

Yankees in July this year the death of the boss erected a monument ceremony held today at home as scheduled, which in addition to the fans, then the team down with opponents outside of the Tampa Bay Rays in the field, the former head coach, is Rendao Qi Zong Jiaotou Torre also in person to participate and express the gratitude George passed away the big boss, "10 years of cooperation, which is hard to avoid when the disagreement, but if not he given the chance, I do not have space to bring up the cause." As in 2009 and Cashman Center under the Department of knot, also retired on the eve of Torre has a good ending.