ALCS embrace two wins and one negative edge of the Cleveland Indians

ALCS embrace two wins and one negative edge of the Cleveland Indians, home again today against the Boston Red Sox, relying on Blake's solo shot to open the fifth situation, the Indian Bureau to fight line explosion, with seven points, the final clean up of seven to three the Red Sox, just one win can qualify for Major League Baseball MLB World Series.

Two teams battle to the fifth Jushang Ban than a few still remain in the zero to zero, the first of five in the second half playing against Blake, the woman from the Red Sox starting pitcher Weikefeier the hands of bombers for the next points, followed by Ghoti Ruiz then pounded a hit to drive seven offensive.

Pei tower icing on the cake if the Indians add another home run, 44 000 spectators into a frenzied home.


Although the Yankees this season and the "performers" Scan on the nation's biggest city

Although the Yankees this season and the "performers" Scan on the nation's biggest city, crack ultra-popular topic, continuing on the 15th, according to the New York Post reported that 77-year-old Yankees owner (George Steinbrenner) wants to phase retreated behind the scenes, the two sons took over the family business.

Yankees 17, Tampa, Florida will be base camp (Tampa) meeting held in baseball, the old history of the succession of foster full participation of the two sons also will coach will decide Torre (Joe Torre) fate of, no matter how the media upon to take over candidates, the Yankees president, Lee (Randy Levine) that when the said: "The final decision on this matter is still the hands of George, who said to amount to nothing."

George Steinbrenner to 8.7 million U.S. dollars in 1973 from CBS (CBS) bought the Yankees franchise, according to Forbes magazine in 2007 the latest statistics, the Yankees reached 100 million market value of 20 million U.S. dollars, growing over 13 times, ranking the highest major league, the future succession of Hank, Hall, two brothers have been in the initial distinction, Hank will be responsible for team management services, Hall to oversee the 2009 opening of the new stadium will be the main construction.

In addition to the office and whether Torre, the Yankees starting pitcher base, Clemens (Roger Clemens), Mussina (Mike Mussina) advanced age and look how to arrange the next quarter starting pitching will also be meeting to discuss pellet The focus, "small bosses" even behind the super rookie Hank Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) transferred to start, "Joba into the rotation on the circle concerned, I am quite insistent!" Hank said.


2003 Asian Championships on the stability of South Korea's key battle start

When the Yankees series, the third war relying Damon (Johnny Damon) reverse the victory of God to a bar after the temporary decisions Torre reshuffling the fourth war, from Chien-Ming Wang has 17 years of seniority to replace veteran Mike Mussina (Mike Mussina) registration plate first issued, if the regular season record from the point of view, there is nothing wrong scheduling, and construction of earners had risen to 155 km the day fastest of the ball, only to rest three days has proved no problem, but this time kicked Torre's confidence iron, after all, Wang, Major League place a third-grader, the pressure must-win playoff experience on the people not yet mature in terms of Afghanistan, is a bit heavy, for the Yankees and the construction of earners pay a painful price.

2003 Asian Championships on the stability of South Korea's key battle start, and the 2004 Athens Olympic Games against Japan's diamond power play line, the first three quarters to a major league career, winning a total of 46 wins, Wang has been the strength of many people's endorsement But, as agent, Jia-yuan said: "The baseball is wins or loses, the construction class is doing his best." fans certainly will not abandon the Wang, but the heart even more fervently wishes that the building through the play against Indiana, Aberdeen people, "baptism", the energy in the resistance to stress and the mentality has improved, and then from the regular season's "trump card" transformed into the playoffs, "Kings", a real ACE.

Fall is the process of success is the final destination, a full quarter of Wang's dedication and efforts to bring Taiwanese fans unlimited moved, and the glory, when our "Taiwan" was returned to Taiwan, the other mean for your applause.


Have no way out of the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB) New York Yankees

Have no way out of the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB) New York Yankees, returned to the arena today, the third first-round playoff battle against fire Fortunately, the recovery team, hit 11 hits, including Damon under the lead of five The third RBI home run, and closing the Yankees beat the Indians with eight to four, the series war series at one to two behind, and tomorrow will continue to fight in the Yankees home for the fourth.

Although the fourth war, starting pitcher, the Yankees veteran Mike Mussina is still scheduled, but "no tomorrow" under the pressure, Yankees manager Joe Torre is also considering the "Taiwan Light" Wang advance registration plate, a fourth War of the starting pitcher, and Indians were scheduled to Patrizi.


Single major league record 20 wins pitcher Wang of Becket

Major League Baseball (MLB) regular season game pitcher Wang Becket, in the American League playoffs is still eye-catching performance in the first round, Boston Red Sox today for his start against the Los Angeles Angels, a non-Sisi Qiu, the audience was only scattered four hits and hit the spectacular performance of the four zero shutout Angels, Red Sox grabbed the playoffs for the first win.

Single major league record 20 wins pitcher Wang of Becket, the last appearance in the playoffs was in 2003, when the effect of the Florida Marlins in the World Series final, he also assisted the team in a shutout win over the New York Yankees , won the championship.

Angel of the audience captive Becket power, although the first bar Figgins on the first Board first fight I hit a base hit, then relying on advancing to third on two ground balls, but it is also the only time the audience captured three angels base. Becket then hold its ground, with 19 seats to solve Angels batters hit, which I first played with 15 balls strike, the audience threw 108 balls, with 83 is the strike, whirlwind out of eight strikeouts, no 4 bad.

20-year-old Becket career start four times previously on the Angels, two wins without defeat, defense rate = 点 16.


Home of the Rockies in the 13 Bureau of the big counter-offensive

National League wild card students struggle, to fight in Los Angeles with the Padres Council under section 13, 2 points behind to start a large counterattack force, Harold Day (Matt Holliday) shot tied points, and then back to winning points to help Rockies 9 ︰ reverse the air walking Padres 8, made the National League wild card status, and advanced to the playoffs.

Life in this game, two teams trying to make itself, aroused and so after the 9 regular Board 6 for the two sides tied at 6, to 13 Jushang Ban, the first priest to break the deadlock, the first name of batter Gilles ( Brian Giles) was recommended for admission, and then play the Harston (Scott Hairston), either from the Rocky 9 pitcher Julio (Jorge Julio) and win their two home runs and RBIs, 6 for 8 to obtain a leading cleric.

Home of the Rockies in the 13 Bureau of the big counter-offensive, the first hitter Kazuo Matsui hit a two-base hits in the middle of direction, then Troy Tulowitzki also hit a two-base hits, helping the team recovered a sub- , Harold Day (Matt Holliday) hit a 3-base hits in right field direction, the number of recovery than an 8 ︰ 8 tie, in the absence of out, third base was the case, Halton (Todd Helton) four balls have been deliberately send the turn of Carlow (Jamey Carroll) hit his first ball hit the right side of the fly balls, 3 bases on the red back to home plate wearing Kazakh music score, the end of this 13 Board, up to four and a half hours The life and death struggle, the clergy eliminated.


This is Bonds (Barry Bonds) in the home's testimonial

The Pavey Padres (Jake Peavy) Recent good, to help teams to 11:3 Giants win, he plays on the Giants 11, have 10 wins, 19 wins won smoothly.

27, Taipei time, the U.S. post a total of three pitchers to reach the milestone of 19 wins, were the Yankees of fans, the Indians ComforSpin that (Fausto Carmona), and Pavey.

This is Bonds (Barry Bonds) in the home's testimonial, but the number of active home run king hit 3 0 hits, even so, the audience was warm applause for his support, 43-year-old Bonds baseball 22 season career, 15 years spent in the Giants.


This weekend belongs to Becket (Josh Beckett),

This weekend belongs to Becket (Josh Beckett), the Red Sox ace right-hander in the team most needed him to come forward, today (22) pitched six Council, sent eight strikeouts, gave up four hits, lost 1 point, to help the Red Sox beat the Devil Rays, 8-1, suspended four game losing streak, also won the individual first 20 games this season.

Becket a start, the ball problems, 2 walks, and was Young (Delmon Young) hit a two-base hits, lost 1 point, but he then stabilized strikeouts off Gomes (Jonny Gomes) successfully resolve crisis. 6 Board concluded that his number has reached 113 with the ball and the ball end break, during which he threw eight strikeouts and 10 people in the fight to solve the seats, and then rely on Conservative reliever together, and fire support team-mate, full hit nine hits, including three home runs, scored 8 points.

"A lot of different people to do a lot of hard work, and large and small in the season to win the game," won 20 games in Becket to victory thanks to all people, "If I stood here, and can take away all the glory, I can not do a lot of people, I do not even know their names, from their wearing clothes since the Boston Red Sox, both coaches, trainers or players, they are in my behind in many hard work. "


Stephen Strasburg today (10) finally got his teammates fire support

Stephen Strasburg today (10) finally got his teammates fire support, the Washington Nationals beat the San Francisco Giants pitching line from hand pounded 13 hits and scored eight points, including Adam Dunn contribution to the single market Pom and closing people to beat the Giants 8 to 1 , Strasburg won the first three wins this season.

Strasburg start the last 4 games pitched 24.1 Board, ERA 2.59, but did not get the win also Kutun 2 losses due to the lack of teammates on fire support, the first 3 games, scored only 1 point the national total, 4 field Although people scored 6 points, but four points only capture the last two Board.

Strasburg another good performance today, starting 6 Board Biao 1 out of 8 strikeouts four bad, only gave up three hits, only one start by Andres Torres blasted home runs in the first fight I lost points.

At 1 under the National Bureau of relying Roger Bernadina's base hit, tied with a giant defensive mistakes. 4, under Council, Dunn blasted solo shot ahead of the students.

Under 6 Board, Dunn hit a double, followed by national elections to the two walks in 2 out bases loaded after the capture of the last weak fly ball to right field Wil Nieves back 2 points.


A Short History of experts Hom Cui Keqiang stressed the current cast is really only 4 games starting the rookie

A Short History of experts Hom Cui Keqiang stressed the current cast is really only 4 games starting the rookie, but his strength and light is let alone, "What is Star Game? Is to meet the fans are not the visual senses, as the main activities of you, Who would not want to see him with the Kitt (Derek Jeter) and A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) and other big players duel, even I want to see, let alone the fans, so wrong with that! "Hom Patrick also suggested that if the fear of affecting other Outstanding players eligible, as he put the "2010 All-Star Game last vote" list.

But in the past 10 All-Star Game, it is against the Hall of Fame star Morgan insisted that open season to date performance of wonderful players, and now also qualify in the small historical facts, "I know he'll lose, the next most likely is a great huge investment, but we can not ignore other people. "Morgan even before the Major League strikeout king Li Chade (JR Richard) as an example," I have seen JR pitching, he is more whirlwind debut plate of 15 Old Mr. Chang K, but At that time no one has hope that his All-Star. "

Li Chade for the 1970 Houston Astros ace of strong investment, not only the speed of the ball as fast as 100 miles, sliding the ball more had risen to 98 miles, or even two consecutive years had soared out beyond the 300 strikeout performance, but in in July 1980 because of neglect arms, shoulders, back and eye discomfort, sudden stroke before the competition, the Alliance was forced from the bye. Gradually recovered in the later, Li Chade find no life but the focus was once on the streets, to find faith until after the really settle down, now in the church as a pastor's work.


Rocky 1AAsheville Tourists Guosheng An today in the South Atlantic League All-Star Game appearance cast a Board

Red Sox 2A Portland Sea Dogs Team Jiang Zhixian 3 at bats today, no hits, batting average 2 percent of 15, Lin Zhexuan 4 hit number 1 hits, batting average 2 percent 54; sailor 2A West Tenn Diamond Jaxx Team Luo Guohui four at bats without hits, batting average 2 as 38; Red Sox short-1A Lowell Spinners team playing Chan Ka-kui 4 number 1 hits, batting average 2 percent; Arizona League Athletics (AZL Athletics) Pan Zhifang three at bats did not hit.

Arizona League Cubs (AZL Cubs) beat Chen Pin-Jie 4 number 1 hits today, Exposing Security Council back-2 was shot four hits and lost 3 points, was reversed, swallow defeat to vote.

Rocky 1AAsheville Tourists Guosheng An today in the South Atlantic League All-Star Game appearance cast a Board, is not got hits do not lose points; Indians 2A Akron Aeros Li Zhenchang 0.2 Board voted two hits were hit lost 2 points, are responsible for loss, ERA 5.21; Red League Billings Mustangs advanced new son Kai Chiu relay 2.2 Board was hit three hits, did not lose points.


Dodge is just not fun winning

As Kahn has been at the 5th Buddha Board Examination (Rafael Furcal), Martin (Russell Martin), Maloney and James Blake (Casey Blake) 4 hits and attacks with loss of 3 points, Kahn start just spent 100 balls 5 Board were knocked out seven hits, while striking out 6 times though, but also threw four balls and walked three times lost 4 points to become lost investment. Although Beirui Er 9 Board under 1 minute with Yang Chunmian recovered, but the win while chasing a giant Quemei or in 2 to 4 to swallow defeat, so that home runs helplessly as "Celebration" fireworks Dodge 2 game winning streak.

Dodge is just not fun winning, because they will plummet in a Bureau of star left fielder Manny Ramirez array, Manny Council on the base running in a strained hamstring tendon when there is no return to the scene after exit on. Slugger Manny Ramirez was injured Gengrang coaches worried, "first, whether or not to participate in All-Star Game, to be concerned about the current pressing problem is he can not be a race tomorrow." Dodgers trainer Kandy (Stan Conte) said.


Lin Xikang season this year, starting from a minimum of 4.2 Board

Lin Xikang season this year, starting from a minimum of 4.2 Board, on May 26 to face the national team, only to face the Red Sox voted 3 innings, also tied the shortest start of his career innings, suspended last start three straight.

Rest brilliant performance, finished 9-for-Office are only scattered five hits and win, lose 1 point, and 9 strikeouts, won 9 of the successful win, but the catcher Martinez (Victor Martinez) was a foul tip hit batters in the foot, hurt his left thumb, is not yet determined whether a race the next race.


The first time in his career vs. the Yankees beat luxury line

The first time in his career vs. the Yankees beat luxury line, Kuo undaunted, Relay 1.2 Board scoreless, but also K swap Kit with A-Rod, Dodge City pulled one back to 9:4, Kuo 12th of the season Following the success of an income.

As asked whether he expected All-Star, Kuo said: "I do not care, I can only worry about the next day ready, if it can be wonderful."

Yankees 6, Council on the capture of one, second base, turn to captain and birthday Kit, Dodge pushed ahead Kuo, Torre said: "We put on him earlier than usual, I think the Yankees meet the anterior bar times, Guo is the most suited. "

Kitt on the left to vote against this season as high as 3 in 27, Torre said: "We dare to vote against left-Kit with the situation is not very common, but I believe Kuo, we can be so used, he showed very well."