Single major league record 20 wins pitcher Wang of Becket

Major League Baseball (MLB) regular season game pitcher Wang Becket, in the American League playoffs is still eye-catching performance in the first round, Boston Red Sox today for his start against the Los Angeles Angels, a non-Sisi Qiu, the audience was only scattered four hits and hit the spectacular performance of the four zero shutout Angels, Red Sox grabbed the playoffs for the first win.

Single major league record 20 wins pitcher Wang of Becket, the last appearance in the playoffs was in 2003, when the effect of the Florida Marlins in the World Series final, he also assisted the team in a shutout win over the New York Yankees , won the championship.

Angel of the audience captive Becket power, although the first bar Figgins on the first Board first fight I hit a base hit, then relying on advancing to third on two ground balls, but it is also the only time the audience captured three angels base. Becket then hold its ground, with 19 seats to solve Angels batters hit, which I first played with 15 balls strike, the audience threw 108 balls, with 83 is the strike, whirlwind out of eight strikeouts, no 4 bad.

20-year-old Becket career start four times previously on the Angels, two wins without defeat, defense rate = 点 16.