2003 Asian Championships on the stability of South Korea's key battle start

When the Yankees series, the third war relying Damon (Johnny Damon) reverse the victory of God to a bar after the temporary decisions Torre reshuffling the fourth war, from Chien-Ming Wang has 17 years of seniority to replace veteran Mike Mussina (Mike Mussina) registration plate first issued, if the regular season record from the point of view, there is nothing wrong scheduling, and construction of earners had risen to 155 km the day fastest of the ball, only to rest three days has proved no problem, but this time kicked Torre's confidence iron, after all, Wang, Major League place a third-grader, the pressure must-win playoff experience on the people not yet mature in terms of Afghanistan, is a bit heavy, for the Yankees and the construction of earners pay a painful price.

2003 Asian Championships on the stability of South Korea's key battle start, and the 2004 Athens Olympic Games against Japan's diamond power play line, the first three quarters to a major league career, winning a total of 46 wins, Wang has been the strength of many people's endorsement But, as agent, Jia-yuan said: "The baseball is wins or loses, the construction class is doing his best." fans certainly will not abandon the Wang, but the heart even more fervently wishes that the building through the play against Indiana, Aberdeen people, "baptism", the energy in the resistance to stress and the mentality has improved, and then from the regular season's "trump card" transformed into the playoffs, "Kings", a real ACE.

Fall is the process of success is the final destination, a full quarter of Wang's dedication and efforts to bring Taiwanese fans unlimited moved, and the glory, when our "Taiwan" was returned to Taiwan, the other mean for your applause.