Dodge is just not fun winning

As Kahn has been at the 5th Buddha Board Examination (Rafael Furcal), Martin (Russell Martin), Maloney and James Blake (Casey Blake) 4 hits and attacks with loss of 3 points, Kahn start just spent 100 balls 5 Board were knocked out seven hits, while striking out 6 times though, but also threw four balls and walked three times lost 4 points to become lost investment. Although Beirui Er 9 Board under 1 minute with Yang Chunmian recovered, but the win while chasing a giant Quemei or in 2 to 4 to swallow defeat, so that home runs helplessly as "Celebration" fireworks Dodge 2 game winning streak.

Dodge is just not fun winning, because they will plummet in a Bureau of star left fielder Manny Ramirez array, Manny Council on the base running in a strained hamstring tendon when there is no return to the scene after exit on. Slugger Manny Ramirez was injured Gengrang coaches worried, "first, whether or not to participate in All-Star Game, to be concerned about the current pressing problem is he can not be a race tomorrow." Dodgers trainer Kandy (Stan Conte) said.