Although the Yankees this season and the "performers" Scan on the nation's biggest city

Although the Yankees this season and the "performers" Scan on the nation's biggest city, crack ultra-popular topic, continuing on the 15th, according to the New York Post reported that 77-year-old Yankees owner (George Steinbrenner) wants to phase retreated behind the scenes, the two sons took over the family business.

Yankees 17, Tampa, Florida will be base camp (Tampa) meeting held in baseball, the old history of the succession of foster full participation of the two sons also will coach will decide Torre (Joe Torre) fate of, no matter how the media upon to take over candidates, the Yankees president, Lee (Randy Levine) that when the said: "The final decision on this matter is still the hands of George, who said to amount to nothing."

George Steinbrenner to 8.7 million U.S. dollars in 1973 from CBS (CBS) bought the Yankees franchise, according to Forbes magazine in 2007 the latest statistics, the Yankees reached 100 million market value of 20 million U.S. dollars, growing over 13 times, ranking the highest major league, the future succession of Hank, Hall, two brothers have been in the initial distinction, Hank will be responsible for team management services, Hall to oversee the 2009 opening of the new stadium will be the main construction.

In addition to the office and whether Torre, the Yankees starting pitcher base, Clemens (Roger Clemens), Mussina (Mike Mussina) advanced age and look how to arrange the next quarter starting pitching will also be meeting to discuss pellet The focus, "small bosses" even behind the super rookie Hank Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) transferred to start, "Joba into the rotation on the circle concerned, I am quite insistent!" Hank said.