Stephen Strasburg today (10) finally got his teammates fire support

Stephen Strasburg today (10) finally got his teammates fire support, the Washington Nationals beat the San Francisco Giants pitching line from hand pounded 13 hits and scored eight points, including Adam Dunn contribution to the single market Pom and closing people to beat the Giants 8 to 1 , Strasburg won the first three wins this season.

Strasburg start the last 4 games pitched 24.1 Board, ERA 2.59, but did not get the win also Kutun 2 losses due to the lack of teammates on fire support, the first 3 games, scored only 1 point the national total, 4 field Although people scored 6 points, but four points only capture the last two Board.

Strasburg another good performance today, starting 6 Board Biao 1 out of 8 strikeouts four bad, only gave up three hits, only one start by Andres Torres blasted home runs in the first fight I lost points.

At 1 under the National Bureau of relying Roger Bernadina's base hit, tied with a giant defensive mistakes. 4, under Council, Dunn blasted solo shot ahead of the students.

Under 6 Board, Dunn hit a double, followed by national elections to the two walks in 2 out bases loaded after the capture of the last weak fly ball to right field Wil Nieves back 2 points.