Home of the Rockies in the 13 Bureau of the big counter-offensive

National League wild card students struggle, to fight in Los Angeles with the Padres Council under section 13, 2 points behind to start a large counterattack force, Harold Day (Matt Holliday) shot tied points, and then back to winning points to help Rockies 9 ︰ reverse the air walking Padres 8, made the National League wild card status, and advanced to the playoffs.

Life in this game, two teams trying to make itself, aroused and so after the 9 regular Board 6 for the two sides tied at 6, to 13 Jushang Ban, the first priest to break the deadlock, the first name of batter Gilles ( Brian Giles) was recommended for admission, and then play the Harston (Scott Hairston), either from the Rocky 9 pitcher Julio (Jorge Julio) and win their two home runs and RBIs, 6 for 8 to obtain a leading cleric.

Home of the Rockies in the 13 Bureau of the big counter-offensive, the first hitter Kazuo Matsui hit a two-base hits in the middle of direction, then Troy Tulowitzki also hit a two-base hits, helping the team recovered a sub- , Harold Day (Matt Holliday) hit a 3-base hits in right field direction, the number of recovery than an 8 ︰ 8 tie, in the absence of out, third base was the case, Halton (Todd Helton) four balls have been deliberately send the turn of Carlow (Jamey Carroll) hit his first ball hit the right side of the fly balls, 3 bases on the red back to home plate wearing Kazakh music score, the end of this 13 Board, up to four and a half hours The life and death struggle, the clergy eliminated.