Kuo is not the first one to play with the fans

The whole process conducted more than two minutes, but the fans seemed fascinated, and just shoot the final 25 seconds of the part. In fact, pass the ball until Kuo was also the first sign for them one by one, show approachable side. Kuo performance of high-profile this season, other than race has become a focus of the movement, and he displayed such as Ichiro Suzuki as the spirit, so fans have a memorable afternoon.

9 sailors last month, the Yankees at home and war, a Long fly ball for the pick and female fans Shiqin Na (Aris Skinner) collided with and the idol out of bounds due to "accidental" touch, Shi Qinna just happy to fast crazy!

In fact, Kuo is not the first one to play with the fans, the players in transmission, 2008 Dodge Park Chan-ho still, they capriciously and the audience with music, the video was posted online.