New York Yankees vice president Hank (Hank Steinbrenner) has just concluded a long holiday to return to work

New York Yankees vice president Hank (Hank Steinbrenner) has just concluded a long holiday to return to work, his first goal in the New Year is buttoned Santana (Johan Santana) in trade cases, exert its utmost determination to show.

Hank said the U.S. media today, the Yankees have made the best trading conditions, he believes the Twins will not make the final choice in the Yankees before, go to trade with another team.

Hank is still English, but with reservations, and the Yankees declined to release the ultimate bargaining chip. Yankees rumors may be from Hughes (Phil Hughes) and Kennedy (Ian Kennedy) selected from one of two rookies, plus outfielder Miguel Cabrera (Melky Cabrera) or pitcher Marquez (Jeff Marquez), and a Yankees minor league pitcher, as Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) was "not for sale."

Hank unwilling to pay more to explain, he only said: "Only the Yankees could make the Twins and Santana made the most satisfactory conditions." Media reports, two Cy Young Award pitcher Santana Lion's opening, will present six-year 100 million 20 million U.S. dollars contract, these conditions are not all teams can pay, let the rich and powerful Yankees filter out some competitors.

Yankees principal rival is none other than the greater New York area belong to the Mets, the Mets made a 5-for-1 conditions, including pitcher Peifo Rui (Mike Pelfrey), pitcher Humber (Philip Humber), Mu Victoria (Kevin Mulvey), outfielder Gomez (Carlos Gomez) and Martinez (Fernando Martinez), are young and potential players.

As for the Mets last year's rate of 2 percent against 80, to create a single-season record of 78 stolen bases shortstop Reyes, the rumor may be "coded" trading partners, but the Mets general manager Minaya (Omar Minaya) denied said that Reyes is the team "for sale", he will not trade Reyes for Santana brought.

It is reported that the Red Sox to join the ranks of Santana robbed the purpose of Tang Hunshui force the Yankees to pay a higher price, but Hank think this is nonsense. "Although this is good to get Santana De things, even if Mo Zhengqu to Ye does not matter, Yinweihenduo Bu Xiwangshiqu Hughes, Yankees fans, even with Xian situation, the next two to three years, the Yankees team will train the best pitcher Chu, Jin Nianzhe awarded young pitcher also makes people something to look forward. "