Can not wait to return to Boston to celebrate the Red Sox in 29

Compared to a wait of 86 years to get rid of "Babe Ruth curse", this time the Red Sox are separated by only 3 years to once again dominate the World Series.

Can not wait to return to Boston to celebrate the Red Sox in 29, fourth at the World Championship battle is not dragging its feet, relying on Derek Lowe (Mike Lowell), Kai Outi (Bobby Kielty) solo shot two rounds of cheering, and the patron saint of Popper Peng ( Jonathan Papelbon) won the series 3 games, led the successful rescue to 4:3 gas to go Rocky, won the World Series four straight Gold Cup.

After sweeping the Cardinals 4-0 in 2004, the Red Sox once again the National League Championship, "winding up", down a total of four wars, the Red Sox in the scores to 29:10 Tongzai Rocky overwhelming advantage, not a little luck to win.

Also 7 wins, Rocky, Red Sox, has a different situation, Rocky to the National League wild card status, seven game winning streak reach the World Series, the first challenge of the highest momentum in team history the Red Sox poured a bucket of cold water been, Bong "Impossible is Nothing "as a standard of the Red Sox, American League Championship Series backwardness from 1:3 to open the" mission impossible ", a seven-game winning streak end with a perfect champion.

Only 22-year-old Lester Red Sox (Jon Lester) to replace the injured "Butterfly Ball Master" Weikefeide (Tim Wakefield) start registration plate, the first time in his career postseason start, Lester shows ranking officer , pitched 5.2 hit in the Council only three scattered hits and scoreless for the Red Sox victory laid the foundation.

Although the home crowd blessing, Rocky still behave like "lame", the audience all the way backward, the playoffs feel "frozen" the Atkins (Garrett Atkins) has finally returned to God, Hideki Okajima from the left hand and win outfield two points guns, Rocky chase into 3:4 only down one, unfortunately the last half Bureau Popper Pen 154 km under the speed of the ball returning empty-handed repression, helplessly watching the Red Sox to open the site in their own champagne.