Spanish art to the French school football

"Un autremonde", this phrase translates to "another world" means, which is yesterday, the famous French sports newspaper "L'Equipe" the cover headline. In this heading is one of Spain's David Villa scored the first goal after the celebration photos. In the "Equipe" It seems that this comes from Valencia striker is a key figure in the game: "This is a highly efficient player, he has a superb technology to help lead the European champions."

"Equipe", including the text, wrote: "Spain is worth a stroll in France, confirmed them as the best football team in today's world identity. In fact, the Spanish team just need to keep passing, while the French team half of the players are Spanish ass behind the non-transport. "

In addition, to the player's score in the best-selling French sports newspaper for the Spanish team had six players hit 7 points (out of 10 points) or more, they are: Ramos, Pique, Alonso, Busquets, Cesc Fabregas and Iniesta. Only Harvey and Silva's performance was criticized. The former is because he did not play a decisive role in that past, while the latter is due to poor performance. Contrast is that the "Equipe" on Domenech's France team made a fierce criticism: "They have no worth mentioning the performance of both had no talent, no fighting spirit." Striker played for Barcelona Henry is one of the lowest scores of the players, he has only been played three minutes. "We also need to be patient to wait for Henry to prepare for the World Cup," the report commented.

Another newspaper "Le Parisien" pointed out: "The French team was an indisputably authentic Spanish team to beat." Newspaper sharply criticized the French team's performance: "Spain is like playing in the San Zhao step, The French team is not entirely a whole. "

France, told reporters that Domenech's team in the competition for midfield defeated difficult for them to accurately pass the ball, allowing a skilled Spaniards are free to play. "Le Parisien" will be played in Real Madrid's Lash performance as one of the best players: "Lars is the only one outstanding performance midfielder, who is also the only first half had shot player. He also a very strong desire to win. "

"20 minutes" is entitled: "We need to find the World Cup team." Newspaper added: "This time, little children dressed in white, adults dressed in blue." (2008-2009 season, Evra had Manchester United and Arsenal's Champions League after the audacity to say that their teams are and 11 kids playing a game.)

"Spain to the French a lesson in the art of football", which is the French "Le Monde" in the title. The paper praised in a report that Spain was "an artistic peak in the team, whether it is in controlling the rhythm in terms of efficiency or true." "Le Monde" also reported that the electronic version of the French team's defeat even in the National Assembly, has repercussions. Reported that the French "UMP" Ge Nuote representatives of the National Assembly yesterday to the French sports minister submitted a written motion, proposed the immediate lifting of the French team coach Raymond Domenech's job. Ge Nuote in his book "Domenech's head" in a blog again referred to this issue, he said that the French team's performance "very absurd," while all this is none other Domenech.