Jets to take over temporarily from outside the legal case

New York Jets team is to take over Bulei Long - John Edwards in the absence of training for the day Tuesday, rushed to Cleveland to participate in the trial, for "disturbing the public order act" misdemeanor has no objection to the proceedings, have applied for bail after the return to training ground.

Edwards said: "Now that things have gone, I can temporarily forget it, I can wholeheartedly into Jets training, I am happy that now I can easily play." As the accused in the October 5 beaten outside a bar in Cleveland NBA star LeBron - James, a friend of Edwards in November was charged with misdemeanor assault, pleaded not guilty when he has made. Is not to defend the judge gave him a 180-day waiting period and a fine of 1000 U.S. dollars, and his release on bail not be activated (inactive), means that he does not report to the officials, the daily whereabouts, so Edwards is no longer worry about the rest of season, he said: "The decision let me free, the case will not allow me distracted, they wait for a ruling on some, in fact, is equivalent to an end, and now I can put 100 percent into the future of the game."

NFL players will follow a code of conduct to assess the behavior of Edwards, but Edwards by the federal penalties for non-optimistic, because he had no criminal record, he said: "After 180 days of probation, if I have no other bad behavior, it will not be misdemeanor penalty, Roger - Goodell will also make corresponding decisions, no matter what he decides, I support, and now he did not say anything, so I can continue to play. "Edwards had originally thought that they can be exempt on the court, but the Monday night, suddenly received a notice, you must appear in court the next day, so he was aboard the plane at 6 am went to Cleveland, the afternoon to fly back, and finally be able to catch up with the second day of training. Since being traded to the Jets since the Edwards advance the ball 35 times 541 yards and four touchdowns in the victory over the Tigers game, he caught the ball two times only to advance 15 yards.