Oracle, Sun hardware and software product strategy era has been clear

Oracle released right after the acquisition of Sun's products promise. Oracle said it would actively promote the open source MySQL database development, rather than his own devices. Oracle also announced the Sun hardware and other software development plans.

According to Oracle's chief architect, Edward Screven introduced the community, Oracle also plans to continue to invest in and maintain the independence of OpenOffice.org, and will also launch a single cloud is similar to Google Docs productivity suite. Currently, Sun's OpenOffice has always been a strong challenger to Microsoft Office.

Prior to that, because of commercial database products and Oracle conflict, many users worried that Oracle will be phased out MySQL. With the open source MySQL because it had the ideas and concepts in finding a place in the database field, and, to some extent, constitutes a threat to Oracle. MySQL close to the unit, users are most worried about is that Oracle will have its "frozen" together.

Also, Oracle has always been like the integration of the acquired company's products and technology, after the acquisition of People Soft is a typical example, even though Oracle retains the People Soft (PeopleSoft) is a trademark, but little is known about this company's business PeopleSoft's hard to feel the presence. This also led to delay in pre-European Union trade through Oracle's acquisition of Sun review of the main reasons.

To this end, Oracle had to make limited concessions, in December 2009, Oracle has made 10 specific commitments in order to support the continued development of MySQL. Oracle says the next three years, invest at least 72 million U.S. dollars for the development of MySQL, and continue to publish this open-source software, the latest technology R & D achievements. In the next five years to allow other technology vendors in their products to continue to authorize the use of MySQL.

Now, the European Union through mergers and acquisitions review, Oracle said it would continue to MySQL in the independent sales force, while increasing the MySQL code, support, and with other Oracle applications compatibility. Screven in the open-source software department is responsible for MySQL, OpenOffice.org and other open-source open-source applications.

A live webcast of the Wednesday conference was held, Screven, and other Oracle officials said Oracle's acquisition of Sun's many first-class technology, will enable the combined company to provide "complete, open, integrated" system. "Oracle and Sun after the merger of the IBM is a huge challenge. In addition, the combined Oracle-Sun is still the largest corporate supporter of open source technologies." Screven so commented.

Oracle also announced Wednesday a conference on a number of other software and technology development plan.

Java: Oracle plans to "expand and strengthen the scope of Java," Java platform, while achieving the integration and streamlining. Specifically, is the introduction of desktop computers for the Standard Edition of Java client 7, at the same time offer a mobile version of Java ME, it is compatible with the desktop version to reduce the programmer's work.

Oracle officials have pledged to make Web site developers to easily use JavaScript. These moves will help to grow Java developer community, the objective is to achieve 10 million people.

OpenOffice.org: Screven, said, OpenOffice.org will serve as a separate business unit to manage, Sun in the development and support team will be maintained. Oracle will continue to support the free OpenOffice.org community. However, Oracle also plans to launch the Oracle cloud office software suite, Oracle has developed the software for some time. OpenOffice.org supports the original StarOffice, but has not been mentioned, this is the original and IBM compete for a product.

Solaris: This is the Sun in 2005, announced the open-source server operating system. Oracle said it plans to increase investment in Solaris, with the aim of thousands of CPU threads to run simultaneously and deal with several TB of memory.

Linux: Oracle support for Red Hat Linux, and has deployed thousands of users to Linux, Oracle committed to continue to invest in Linux and Solaris.

As for the Oracle server such as the shortage of hardware, Oracle officials said it would continue to invest in Sun's UltraSparc processors, multi-threaded and used in Niagara servers, as well as developed based on Fujitsu's Sparc64 processor, M-series family of servers. In addition, Oracle will continue to develop and sell Sun's x64 servers, it uses from Intel and AMD processors.

Oracle on Sun hardware will be closed at its later, the two sides will also combine the advantages of the original introduction of integrated products, such as a database dedicated machine. Will Oracle database and Sun's e-mail combined and optimized. To this end, said IDC analyst, Oracle to integrate the advantages of both sides, we could make hardware and software work better at the same time help as soon as possible products to market.

As Oracle and Sun merger approval process to wait for some time delay, IBM, HP and other companies during this time frantically to draw the original Sun's customers to switch to camp, so Oracle announced new planning and commitment, they need as soon as possible the confidence to bring old customers into competitors to prevent them.

Next, Oracle said it will continue to target industries such as retail and telecommunications customers, providing them with integrated hardware and software integration solutions, while continuing to sell general-purpose servers.