Sophos warned that an attack against the social networking site users in the explosive growth

According to computer security firm Sophos this week released a "social security", the report warned that spammers and hackers is growing online social network users targeted. For social networks such as Facebook and Twitter user's junk e-mail messages and malicious software, the number of explosive growth.

Sophos senior technology consultant Graham Cluley said that social networks and their millions of users must do more to protect themselves to avoid being an organized network of criminals attack and avoid becoming identity theft, conspiracy, fraud and malicious attacks on victims.

Cluley said that, Facebook is the largest social networking sites. In the largest orchard, you will find more bad apples. The fact is that Facebook's security team in their efforts to deal with security threats on its Web site. Managing only 350 million users is not an easy thing.

Sophos's report found that 57% of the online social network users in the virtual community have received spam. This ratio when compared with the previous year, an increase of 70.6%. 36% of the respondents said they received the software worms, viruses or other types of malicious software. This ratio, compared with 12 months ago, an increase of 69.8%.

Sophos's report also pointed out that 49% of enterprises do not restrict employee access to Facebook Web site. This ratio, compared with a year ago, an increase of 13%. The irony is that the relaxation in business activities of employees to access social networking time, Facebook Web site malware, spam, phishing attacks and identity theft and other threats has increased.