Google G3 uniform price of 2780

Would like to ask what is now the most popular smart phone system, in addition to iPhone, the necessary number of the Android system. And Google phone is now the market is becoming increasingly high popularity, coupled with the support of a number of handset manufacturers, Android's hot pop naturally it normal. As a market, Google is currently acclaimed G3 week brought good news for everyone You Ji. But now on the G3's offer as long as 2780 yuan, but also three color uniform price, which for those who like pink G3's female friend is a very good shot in terms of timing. On this machine like a friend, you might consider down the.

HTC Hero carrying a 3.2 inches screen with a resolution of 320 × 480 pixels, its touch screen, fingerprint-resistant. Hero at the same time the camera will be upgraded to 500 million pixels, so that greatly enhanced entertainment features and supports Micro SDHC memory card expansion, and wireless high-speed WiFi configuration, built-in Google Maps and other rich applications. Configuration, HTC Hero uses Qualcomm's MSM7200A 528MHz processor, this point is not much different from the previous processor, the memory capacity of 288MB RAM and 512 MB ROM, provides a quad-band GSM and HSPA network support, with the standard 3.5mm diameter with a headset. Overall performance is strong.

Android operating system as the third member, Hero in performance compared to the previous two machines or is there an upgrade, especially the 5 million pixel camera, so that it greatly enhanced entertainment features, while built-in 3.5mm headphone port , which is also music lovers, you can choose to enjoy a better headset Hero inside the music. The Hero is currently re-price adjustment, three color uniform quoted at 2780 yuan, like friends can focus the next.