Weight loss like this is a waste of time

To focus only on weight-loss effect, pay no attention to security. Most people judge the standard weight-loss products is a good or bad can reduce the number of only 4% of the people mentioned in security issues. Experts pointed out: to lose weight should first consider the safety, security is guaranteed only under the premise makes sense to lose weight.

Seven thin soup

Merchant claimed: on the 7th thin soup containing a large number of cellulose, vitamins, can effectively reduce cholesterol, break down fat, smooth stomach and lifting the body toxins. This soup needs to drink more than 10 times on the 1st, you can lose weight on the 7th consecutive 4 to 5 kg.

User Feedback: feel good to see those dishes nausea, vomiting Wen Daona a taste more! The first day also supports, approaching the first 3 days, the chest dull, unclear eyes to see things. Personal opinions, in fact, on the 7th thin soup is not soup, but low in calories, and easily replaced with cabbage, celery, tofu, eat straight week will be thin.

Truth Big Jie Mi: on the 7th of the basic composition of thin soup cooked cabbage soup. To drink 10 bowls a day even if only a small intake of calories.

Desktop fitness massager

Merchant claimed: both diet and no exercise, "fitness massager" is the ability to make the body "movement" of the machine, through the lead body vibration, "Let the body fat movement began, consumption of calories, the elimination of excess accumulation of body fat."
User feedback: I think that stuff on the campaigns do not have much use, but added the role of high nausea. The principle is not understood the "rejection fat," but stir the stomach, so you eat nothing at digestion and absorption, in order to achieve weight loss. Therefore, immediately after a meal the best results.

Truth Big Jie Mi: the so-called fitness massager should be renamed as the waist vibrating massage machine. When you are finished after exercise, or to sit a long time, you can take up vibration massage for a while. This massage machine can relax the waist, buttocks and thigh muscles, promote blood circulation. However, as the body did not initiate the movement, do not consume energy and fat, for weight loss does not make any difference. If useful, it should be more effective full-body massage chair. Even more frightening is that - high-frequency vibration that may affect spinal health.

"Row" type of weight-loss drug

Merchant claimed: to stimulate the central nervous system, reduce the intake, inhibit weight loss diet to achieve the purpose.

User feedback: an old classmate recommended a Paiduyangyan capsules to me, saying it was catharsis, but also weight loss. Started a few days to be effective, but later discovered that more and more black faces, like a piece of black gauze cage feeling. Later, a Chinese relatives met me, and surprise, warning me that the liver is a problem, not the normal black and that the body of toxins accumulate in the liver. He advised me not to abuse the medication, and is a three-drug, to rule constipation is very simple, as long as they drink every morning before eating a bowl of plain boiled water on the trip, and half an hour eat breakfast. I throw away all medicines, according to his means to do pretty well, and his face had resumed. I am very glad that only one month, or they may result in extremely serious consequences, rather than a matter of a few hundred dollars.

Truth Big Jie Mi: authentic Chinese Weight Loss view is that "people should make up thin, do not diarrhea thin man was hungry, thin." Any person who by the nursed back to fill thin energy, get sick easily; and diarrhea with drugs tend to thin the liver and kidney were injured, some of which one will be born seriously ill due to liver and kidney failure and even death. Macerate the popularity of virtual blood deficiency, severe liver and kidney are susceptible to inflammation.