Bet the storm sweeping blow to the senior officials

Since Nan Yong, Yang Yimin, "trouble" after the printing of a variety of rumors have been flying, and even high-ranking officials with the General Administration of being "double regulations" message. While this news is true remains to be determined, but certain is that this storm is much more than football gambling sweep against the pure football circles, a number of past and football related, even if the circle is now out of football people are likely under investigation, including some former senior officials of FIFA.

It is reported that the football betting storm swept to the current situation, relevant departments have been contrary to the prior expected, that is, after lengthy investigation, reports found that the personnel involved have been more and more, and even beyond their imagine. Developments to the present, has had some changes in the initial situation, initially left off as long as the respect of all involved, but because there were too many people involved can only be a temporary change in direction, we have now entered a "and encounter great "stage, which is only the handling of the" big fish "many" small fish "is all the record.

It is precisely because more and more big fish, but there a lot of "fish" is currently not in football circles, or just because football was on, which also allow the extension of the storm football constantly expanding. Especially in the Nan Yong, Yang Yimin, after being taken to assist in investigation, in addition to football insiders, a number of outsiders who are under investigation.
The latest news is that an individual before the Football Association officials, but also the original part of the Football Association officials above mid-level cadres have been included in the survey among some of the details from the point of view, the storm away from the closing stages there is a certain distance.

Nan Yong, Yang Yimin, Zhang Jian-Qiang three people "disappeared" the day the news hit the newspapers, Xue Li, Lin Xiaohua brought together middle-level Football Association opened an internal meeting. At that meeting, in addition to a clear Nan Yong, Yang Yimin original division of labor by Xue Li, Lin Xiaohua commitment, Xue Li also proposed, without any special emergency official, the recent mid-level and inter-departmental football staff are not the best leave Beijing. Look, this seems to top out in the Football Association after a temporary measure - turbulent times, preferably in situ standby, but soon, Football Association officials realized that there may be further steps Nan Yong, Yang Yimin's lead. Late last year, Cui Dalin, once an internal meeting at the Football Association to raise, in preparation for the full council, Nan Yong abroad in the near future on the other. In retrospect, since then, Nan Yong's actions are actually already under control. Kunitari expedition to Vietnam, temporary reassignment Lin Xiaohua supervise operations, it is precisely because of the Nan Yong has not walk.