Google said the foreign media attacks on China for the victims of two schools or with the

Yesterday, several media, citing U.S. "New York Times" reported that investigators had been tracking that for hacking Google's IP address from the Shanghai Jiaotong University and Shandong Lan Xiang advanced technical schools. Shanghai Jiao Tong University yesterday that response from the authorities concerned, said the school has never supported hacking, they also learned the news from the media are conducting investigations to verify; Lan Xiang technical school stakeholders claimed "have no knowledge." But insiders said that third-party IP address of theft by hackers to attack the usual means of attack to determine the culprit is not reliable.

Foreign media: The school may also be victims of

Foreign media quoted an anonymous source as saying that by positioning survey shows that the source of hacker attacks can be traced back to the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, as well as a vocational training schools - Shandong Lan Xiang advanced technical schools. According to the sources, the attack against Google may be as early as April 2009 had started even earlier than previously anticipated. They also found that hackers use Microsoft's IE Web browser vulnerabilities. The report also "disclosure", Blue Cheung technical schools have a special computer skills taught foreign teachers.

Foreign media have also recognized, however, determine the location of attack was launched in fact quite difficult. In many cases, located in different countries, many sets of computer equipment will be used as intermediate links in the attack, hackers use virus program, or other techniques to the directives imposed on other locations in the frequently targeted. "Wall Street Journal" quoted chief security technology officer, Bruce BTGroup Shi Cina saying now know is that the computer involved in the attack, but this result does not mean the attack begins here, now do not know that some people are When sitting in front of this computer related charges.