Olsen back on the court this year

Olsen back on the court this year, though, but the season or because of a shoulder injury and missed 2 months of the time, as Olsen other times the performance of the season is not very good, for a total of 17 games, 15 games out of the race was starting, 4 wins out of 8 vote defeat, 5.56 ERA, performance worse than the Marlins period.

As for English, another lefty, although the down to 3A, but he will become a free agent. English opening quarter of this year, had to get into the national list of 25 people, and as a cow corner, but the lefty in the game 7 game 7 of the farm owner to vote, after losing 3 points to 3A at the end of April he was sent to .

English as a cow is still in the 3A pitcher out of the race in 16 games pitched 2 wins and 1 defeat, 5.03 ERA results, but in the end of July because of left elbow during surgery, so the announcement ahead of the season for reimbursement.