Hamels Overall the number of 119 ball with the ball

Reds full field of 44 599 fans, today (11) is a heartbreaking day for the third war Phillies starting pitcher Cole Hamels throws a shutout victory in complete, the rate of 2 to 0, the Phillies swept the Reds, become the National League's first advance to the second round of the team.

Hamels Overall the number of 119 ball with the ball, including 82 strikes, only to Reds hit five scattered hits, and the other has soared from nine strikeouts, though not with the content of Big Brother Roy Halladay in the first war-free than hits, but close enough for the Phillies.

Brilliant starting pitching, the Phillies lineup is also the first game to play, hits and Placido Polanco on second base rod, two out after Ryan Howard hit a supplemented, Jayson Werth then hit a grounder guerrilla direction, Reds had won a Gold Glove shortstop Orlando Cabrera bad happened, so Polanco easily back to the first points.