Cliff Lee 2 games in a row at least 10K

Cliff Lee 2 games in a row at least 10K, no wins wins four dead and help the Rangers scored an unprecedented American League Championship, the Rangers next goal is the Yankees, and the 9-game losing streak to the playoffs a shame the snow.

1996,1998,1999 Rangers in the playoffs, but after winning the first battle in 1996 and subsequently lost all 9 of war, and opponents are the Yankees.

Looking at the major league playoffs, only the Twins even tragic than Rangers in 2004, after the Yankees beat the district playoff opener was out of 3 games losing streak, after which the playoffs, including 3 times this year, is fighting 9 to ink. So far a total of 4 times in 2004 playoffs, the Twins lost and 1 win in 12 straight games of 12 stages, of which 9 came from the Yankees lost.

American League Championship will be the Saturday (16) broke out, Lee will break only 3 days in the case of registration plate remains unclear, if the Rangers let Lee normal rest on his behalf until next Tuesday (19th) the first 3 war, that is, 5 days off before playing, which is really in terms of Rangers is a big variable.

Early and sweep the Twins, the Yankees do it is to Yat for the next hard-fought battle, and the old one-sided results carefully to right, starting the first 3 kit is still a CC Sabathia, Andy Pettitte, Phil Hughes, AJ Burnett 4 launch war , just made the cut are still eligible for the assessment of Rangers.