"Yankee Time" is the Torre and the United States

"Yankee Time" is the Torre and the United States, "Sports Illustrated" columnist Tom Verducci together with for, not published before the uproar noisy, many Yankees players have also come out even behind, the major said catcher Jorge Posada , "Torre in my eyes like a dad, I do not think he has anything wrong." and stayed 8 years of huge investment Yankees Mike Mussina also think that Torre's new book will not have A- Rod, or have any impact between teammates.

In addition, the general manager Cashman said, "I have good feelings between Torre and will not be reported and misunderstood." And the tribute to Joe Torre is a legendary coach, too many contributions for the Yankees. Many former players and partners and have even behind, the Yankees showed Torre in charge to arms over the past period, and the players to create very deep feelings.