In the past, if the referee group together to discuss

In the past, if the referee group together to discuss, they will follow the decision of the majority decision, if it is 2:2 level, stick to the original decision. Now, if the 2:2 level, they will look at instant replay. "If the 2:2 level, we will look at the replay, if the replay shows the results are very clear and convincing, we have to sentence according to this." Dehms said. But if there is a referee for the decision unclear, the referee will have the right to uphold the original verdict. "If there referee, I know the ball pin in the sideline at the end, I am certain, I heard and saw, and definitely is the case, then I will believe my referee upheld," said Dehms , "out of bounds, home runs, to maintain the original sentence. This is our work. I will not let managers, coaches or players bother me, I will believe my referee. if he was sure that is no doubt that we will insist, will not even go to with the replay. " cheap mlb jerseys

Although most of Dehms believe the linesman was correct, but he also knows conviction was not perfect. "Referees are human beings like everyone else," he said, "Sometimes I could not tell. Players could not tell." Referee want 100% correct judgments, with the introduction of television, you can see them most of the time is correct. However, the erroneous ruling is a long home run problem, the referee for help no problem. "That's it, we can solve this problem, we can make use of other tools," has a 24-year career Tim referee said, "If we are wrong, can be corrected. As a referee, our goal is to make judgments are correct, and do not affect the results of the competition. This is a decision tool to help us, if it can help us to correct our mistakes, that is really great. "