Warm-up performance actually does not matter how kind

Warm-up performance actually does not matter how kind, but if like Santana (Johan Santana) such "big coffee", the standard is not the same as before the New York Mets in spring training only took 6 years 100 000 000 3, 1000 7 million left to sign the Cy Young vote.

Last year, Santana was a home run in the Twin Cities have problem of excessively high frequency, and today at home against the Metropolitan St. Louis Cardinals, a Tung-Ju Shangban was expected from the veteran Gonzalez (Juan Gonzalez ) belted 3 home runs, the Cardinals are also 5-4 win over the city wrapped up.

When the game is Santana on the mound when the station, on-site fans shouted his name, his every move could bring the fans emotions, unfortunately performance is not satisfactory to the fans.