Los Angeles Dodgers today at home against the Boston Red Sox

Los Angeles Dodgers today at home against the Boston Red Sox, Dodgers center fielder Kemp (Matt Kemp) in a second half bombardment Board Red Sox starting pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka win their winning 3-base hit, and closing Dodge Red Sox to 4-0 shutout.

As the Dodgers infielder numerous wounded soldiers, guerrilla keep the Clansmen and Villager has been replaced injured veteran today, Kent (Jeff Kent) as the starting second baseman, did not make mistakes fairly competent performance, while some also play in the fight against his In the first half of play bureau, on the hands from Daisuke Matsuzaka hit a base hit, and this is the game Dodge hits the last one, then also took the opportunity to steal the second base, Clansmen and Villager hit number 1 today, 3 hits, the current counter- rate of 2 into 11, maybe second base or third base is his primary this year in major league fielding position.

Red Sox the whole game only to hit three hits Dodgers are Daisuke Matsuzaka was knocked out and he pitched 3 innings despite sending five strikeouts but walked three times is fatal to the game and let him 3 Bureau took 70 balls and then exit, then none were hit 4 hit any pitcher.