8, 92 Bureau of Athletics Adds scored 4 points

The key game in seven Jushang Ban, Athletics Crosby (Bobby Crosby) start with Rangers relief pitcher Ghiman (Franklyn German) hand and win their doubles, and Ellis (Mark Ellis) a base An accounting for a scoring, third base, activist style all their own to launch a successful double steal, security slid into home plate Crosby scored more than 7 points ahead of number, followed by Sweeney (Ryan Sweeney) and then knocked an RBI fly sacrifice, laid the basis for victory.

8, 92 Bureau of Athletics Adds scored 4 points, including Barton (Daric Barton) 2-run homer, the game's winning pitcher was messed up the rescue has picked a lucky win Kaxi La (Santiago Casilla 2 wins 0 lose), losing the war, was Tudjman (1 win and 1 loss).