Zhezhi home run was No. 16 this season

Zhezhi home run was No. 16 this season, Love in the Sai Fuke section 62, tied the sailors before the second baseman Brett. Boone records. Bluff has seven career slam home run. Blue Jays said they and the sailors explored before, intends to close the transaction in exchange for Davis before, but sailors refused the deal. "I have not thought about how that incident, but my wife has been seven months pregnant, she considered that matter." Ruff said, "She considered more than I do. She is now assured. I-year-old son said Dad, we do not have to be traded. I thought, boy, how we are trading is going on? we do not fly where to go. "sailor manager said he did not know really almost lost this score maker. "I know we all know his value, the loss of such players will be a huge loss," Rui Geman said, "as he and Bell Cui. The two men are my favorite team. Unless someone great efforts, be possible to put them away from us. "They are all in this game created a lot of scoring. Bell Choi from Twins relief pitcher hands hit doubles, and Jose Lopez hit ‧ right field after a base hit to tie the game back to home plate.